It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 66

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: bollockz

Chapter 66: The Etiquette of the Young Girl Who Serves the God (3)


“Wait a moment,” Xu Shenxing rubbed his eyebrows, “Why must I put on a woman’s dress?”


“It’s written on the third page of the agreement. The land of White Bell Shrine belongs to the Japanese Okura Syndicate. The White Bell Mountain is in the Kanishino Girl’s High School they built,” said Xu Feng, “Since you’re going to go to a girl’s high school, you will certainly put on a woman’s dress!”


Xu Shenxing hurriedly flipped over the copy of the contract to the third page. He saw that the page was filled with introductions about the background of White Bell Shrine which made him feel as if he was reading a shoddy travel guide. At the bottom of those crowded words there was a sentence, “Hence, Party B (Xu Shenxing) should wear women’s dresses and live in the high school.”


Xu Shenxing felt that he had been cheated. It was like reading a gripping story then suddenly finding the author putting an advertisement at the end of the story, then you realize that the whole story was just for the sake of cheating you to read the advertisement.


What a trick it was!


Xu Shenxing thumped his chest and stamped his feet.


“Well, do you want to try the woman’s dress now?” Xu Feng suggested.


“Bah, you dirty dog of the government! I will never yield to you!” Xu Shenxing said indignantly, “If you want me to wear that sort of thing, you need a fleet of Star Destroyers!”


“Don’t be so rude…”


Xu Feng looked helpless.


At this time, Moli, who was being hugged in Xu Shenxing’s arms and hadn’t said anything, suddenly raised her head and said in her unimpassioned tone, “Landlord. Have psychological trauma. To woman’s dress.”


“Ah, Xu Shenxing, have you really ever worn that thing?” Xiao Zhengyi asked in curiosity.


Even Qin Xingyan also curiously gazed at them. Her face didn’t look like a cultivator who was supposed to be impassive and dispassionate to mortals.


However, Xu Shenxing stoutly refused to explain what had happened before.


In fact, it was not a story that needed to be kept secret.


Xu Shenxing was once involved in the Centaur Galaxy star war because of one of his tenants. On the eve of the war, the princess, who was once a tenant of Sakura apartment, was placed under house arrest in an administrative star by a hostile force.


At first, Xu Shenxing was planning to run to rescue her by using violent force directly. However, the princess’s housekeeper thought that it may hurt the princess. Therefore, he suggested that Xu Shenxing should wear a woman’s dress to sneak into the star and rescue the princess secretly without using violent force.


At that time, because it was the first time that Xu Shenxing had been to another planet, he thought that as an alien he should follow the suggestions of the local people. Therefore, he stupidly put on a woman’s dress and went to the administrative star.


But in retrospect, when he saw the “WTF” expression on the housekeeper’s face and the princess’s officers’ unintentional act of trying to escape while they saw him, he should have already been aware of the situation.


As a result, as he just arrived at the planet, he was immediately caught by the local police. After being judged by the galaxy intelligent computer, he was immediately put into prison to enjoy his 10 years and 1 month fixed-term imprisonment.


Incidentally, he was charged for carrying weapons of mass destruction and illegal immigration. He was sentenced to 10 years fixed-term imprisonment due to the former, and was sentenced to 1 month imprisonment due to his act of illegal immigration.


Xu Shenxing blankly stayed in the prison for half a day, then hopelessly broke the wall and escaped from the prison. After that, he rescued the princess just like he had originally planned – by using violent force. Then, he destroyed the entire ground weapons and troops on the planet, vanquished a star fleet on the administrative star and nearby universe domain – including a Titan intergalactic battleship, three Eternal Fortress intergalactic battleships, eight all sorts of frigates. Finally, his action laid the groundwork for the princess’s force to win the war.


After that, Xu Shenxing had realized that he was the least likely MC fit to wear women’s dresses. So he resisted wearing woman’s dress from the bottom of his heart.


“Ah, I’m really curious about that. Don’t be so shy, just share your little secret!” Because this was a rare opportunity to make fun of Xu Shenxing, Xiao Zhengyi teased him without any hesitation.


“Moli, bite him!”


Xu Shenxing commanded Moli to attack Xiao Zhengyi.


Moli stared at Xiao Zhengyi up and down, then showed an expression of disgust on her face.


It was super effective! Xiao Zhengyi’s heart suffered a great hurt!


“Ordinary people can’t see Japanese gods directly, so they never worry about such things, but you have a body, so we can only use this method. Please try to endure it for a period of time.”


Xu Feng saw Xu Shenxing’s discontent eyes. He immediately explained and passed the buck to his boss.


“Can’t I be a teacher or something like that?” Xu Shenxing asked gloomily.


“The teachers in the high school are all women,” Xu Feng explained, “In fact, they accepted male teachers at first, but after a male teacher eloped with a girl student, the school fired all their male teachers and stopped recruiting any male workers after that…”


Very well, that obscene teacher, I have kept you in my mind.


Xu Shenxing thought with resentment.


“Will you keep your promise? I mean the contract,” Xu Feng asked.


Although Xu Feng didn’t know the clear reason, but he had found that unless something was too difficult to solve, Xu Shenxing would force himself to obey all rules of human society – This was the reason that although he had enough power to enjoy the highest grade of life, he still lived in the dilapidated Sakura apartment and worried about money all day.


Hence, he waited till Xu Shenxing signed the contract, then told him that he needed to put on a woman’s dress.


“The contract says if I break my promise, I have to pay one million as penalty, is it right?” Xu Shenxing read the copy of the contract, then dropped it to the table. “No problem. I’ll do something about it.”


“… ” Xiao Zhengyi was surprised.


From his impressions, Xu Shenxing worshiped money like his life. However, this time, he preferred to pay a fine rather than put on a woman’s dress. What an extent that he resisted to put on a woman’s dress!


“Oh well…” The witch girl, who said nothing and just observed them from the beginning, gingerly lifted a hand. She asked in her unversed Chinese, “Sorry, my Chinese is poor, but, did kamisama (god) refuse my request just now?”


“Yes!” Xu Shenxing quickly answered before Xu Feng tried to say something. He stood up and put Moli on the couch, then said to the witch girl, “If you don’t mind, do you want to eat dinner with me? You can take it as my apology.”




The witch girl looked very disappointed, but still tried to raise her spirits, “Eh, can I continue to seduce you? Kamisama?”


“Can ‘seduce’ be used here?” Xiao Zhengyi whispered, but Xu Feng hit his arm as a warning.


“… As you like,” Xu Shen sighed. He made a gesture to order Moli to put them out of the door, then slowly walked into the kitchen with carrying the stewed meat in his hand.


“What? You only invite the witch girl to have dinner? What a wretched man you are!” As Moli threw them out of the door, Xiao Zhengyi’s voice gradually became lower and lower, and finally disappeared after Moli heavily shut the door.


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Jigoku Shounen

Thanks for the chapter.


He’s an unsalvagable true lolicon god!!
what kind of man do you think he will be!?

Khang Tran Minh

thank for the update

Really Anymous Person

Hahaha. Thanks for the chapter


Thanks for the chapter!


Moli is legal loli.


Although Xu Feng didn’t know the clear reason, but he had found that unless something was too difficult to solve, Xu Shenxing would force himself to obey all rules of human society – This was the reason that although he had enough power to enjoy the highest grade of life, he still lived in the dilapidated Sakura apartment and worried about money all day.

Nono, he’s been offered legal work that follows the rules of human society already, he can also apply as a mercenary type to the government when they need help if he doesn’t want to directly be under them. He can also take way more as payment and they would still pay him, instead of a few dollars for a days work that no one else can solve. There’s a lot of things he can do, but he doesn’t, that’s the most annoying part in this novel. The author thinks that him being poor is really funny even though it isn’t, but I wouldn’t mind that if it wasn’t for the incessant complaining about money and how he’s poor. You can’t simply use someone who can easily earn money with his own rules and ethics as such a character and then claim he can’t help it, he’s just being made out to be a retarded idiot because of it and it pisses me off.


Lol, they really would need a fleet of star destroyers wouldn’t they. And it still wouldn’t be enough…unless he was lying about his escapade from prison. But I don’t see why he would lie about that…

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