It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: The Etiquette of the Young Girl Who Serves the God (4)


“Son, when will you have a girlfriend? I can’t wait to have a daughter-in-law.”


Outside of Jiangjin Train Museum, Monkey’s father, Wu Xingbang, leaned on his wonton snack stand and mumbled to his son who was cleaning the plastic small bowls.


“All right, all right, you don’t have to complain about it,” Monkey waved his hand and said, “I will try it after I graduate from university. I’m busy right now.”


“Hey, you kid, don’t play innocent in front of your dad. You’re so distracted these days, do you think you can hide it? Tell me, which girl have you fallen in love with?”


Monkey’s middle-aged bald father grinned and inquired about his son’s love status.


“No, she was just a passerby. She looked like a superstar, how would she like your son?” said Monkey. Afterwards, he took out a small stool and sat on it.


“How can you declare it a failure before you do it? You’re really not like me. Your mom had a lot of pursuers when we were young, but finally, I was the winner!”


“Winner? You kept saying ‘Goddess of Train’ all day in the past few years… ” Monkey sneered, “Then my mom left you because she was so angry. Then what? You still can’t even get her forgiveness now!”


“What do you know? That’s because your mother is too shy! Once I apologize to her, she’ll come back soon.”


Wu Xingbang blushed. He felt a bit embarrassed, then pushed Monkey away, “Go, go, go! Go to find your dreamy beauty. Don’t bother my business!”


Monkey mumbled, “Aren’t you afraid that I will tell mom what you said?” Then, before his father got angry, he quickly ran away.


The weather was very hot. After running a little way, Monkey was already sweating.




He still couldn’t forget the witch girl whom he had seen before.


However, they were just two strangers. It wasn’t likely that they would meet each other again. Even if they met again, the girl was beautiful like Song Yu, who was known as the queen of the university. It could already be counted as very lucky since an ordinary person like himself could speak a few sentences with her…


He telephoned the monitor, then found that his three roommates were all trying to accost the fresh girls. No one cared about him.


Although it was also a good choice to join (disturb) them, but finally, Monkey decided to go to Internet cafe to play League of Legends, giving them an opportunity to get acquainted with girls…


“After all, I’m so handsome. If I go to there, they won’t have any chance.”


Monkey muttered the words of self comfort, then went into the city park and planned to take a shortcut to the Internet cafe where he used to go.


The autumn wind rustled up countless fallen leaves.


In the yellow and green rain of falling leaves, Monkey met the unforgettable girl again.


She was still wearing the red hakama. At this moment, she was looking up at the sky. Her melancholy expression stabbed Monkey’s heart with sudden pain.


Monkey was shocked by the oil-painting-like beautiful scene. He remained silent for a long time, then came back to the earth. He ground his teeth and walked to her.


“Hey… uh…”


However, when he opened his mouth, he found himself not even knowing what to say at this time.


However, his voice still let Sakurakoji Asahi turn her head back.


She looked at Monkey, then covered her mouth with her hands and said pleasantly, “Ah, you are that kind person who showed me the way!”


When Sakurakoji Asahi just landed from the plane and stepped on the ground of Jiangjin City, she was troubled because she didn’t know where the police station was. Fortunately, after leaving the the airport she met Monkey. He showed her the way so she could smoothly reach the police and found Xu Feng.


That was why Monkey was so impressed with her… If he just happened to see her on the road, he wouldn’t keep her so firmly in his mind.


“You, you still remember me!” Monkey was flattered. His face lit up with a nervous smile.


“Eh. Because there aren’t that many well-meaning people like you in the world,” the girl smiled, then said in a distressed tone, “I don’t know why, but too many men I’ve met lately want to strike up a conversation with me…”


That was because you were so cute!


Monkey yelled in his heart.


“Hum, it looks like you’re in trouble?” He plucked up his courage and tried to keep a straight face, in fear that she would found out his true intention. He pretended to ask casually, “Maybe I can help you. After all, I’ve lived in Jiangjin City since I was a child…”


“Really? That’s great!” said the girl pleasantly.


Then, she asked shyly, “Actually, I’m here to find a boy…”


Monkey heard the breaking sound of his heart.


Wait, take it easy. Maybe they weren’t in that kind of impure heterosexual relationship as he imagined.


He tried to console himself.


“I have been looking forward to go back to Japan with him.”




Monkey tried to suppress his urge to vomit blood.


He already couldn’t … keep cheating himself.


That was understandable. How could such a lovely girl have no boyfriend.


“However, he refused me, and said that he would use money to end our relationship…”


“Hey, what does this mean?! Use money to end their relationship?! Wasn’t that man a scumbag?! (Xu Shenxing, who was working in Shanxian Snacks, sneezed at this moment)


“But anyway, I want him to come back with me!”


Ah… What a lovestruck girl! How dare that man refused such a good girl? The man was really a scumbag! (The shop manager of Shaxian Snacks asked, “Xu Shenxing, do you have a cold? Why are you sneezing so much?”)


“So, if you can, could you give me some advice?” said Asahi by using her awkward Chinese. Her eager eyes gazed at Monkey.


No, no, no, don’t use your sparkling eyes to gaze at me! Calm down, my animal desire!


Somehow, Monkey’s brain turned into Chunibyo mode.


“In fact, about love… you have to enjoy the process…” Monkey tried to console her.


“Ah? Didn’t I make myself clear?” The young girl tilted her head in bewilderment… Her action was surprisingly cute.


“That boy and I aren’t lovers.”




Right, that was right. She was a Japanese, It wasn’t surprising if she didn’t thoroughly understand the Chinese she said and picked the wrong words.


Monkey suddenly refreshed his mood.


Did that mean that there was still a chance for himself?!


No laughing, no laughing, no laughing…


Monkey forced himself to return his expression to normal, then was ready to say something.


However, the girl explained before he opened his mouth.


“We’re closer than lovers (the god and the witch who serves the god).”




They were closer than lovers…


Husband and wife!!! Arrghhhh!!!


Monkey was desperate.


“Ah! Mr. Well-meaning. What’s wrong with you?… Wait, eh? Why are you suddenly crying and shedding blood from your eyes?! Ambulance! Ambulance!”



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Ru Hayate

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Thank you for the chapter ~


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well, that’s because XS’s absorbing them all for himself…


don’t forget xu shenxing is a lolicon ~

Kuru-Kuru Phantasma

I’ve been wondering for the past chapter, why is she called a witch? I think the term priestess is more suitable to call her.


maybe she is a witch? the one who smacking other~ although there is miko who have such ability still perhaps she closer to witch different on task

Really Anymous Person

Hahaha. Thanks for the chapter

Jigoku Shounen

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I’m just waiting for Xu Shenxing to open the seal himself to end things right away.


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Can you change witch to shrine maiden or miko or priestest it erks me everytime i read the word witch who is wearing a hakama

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