It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 68

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Translator: WuWang

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Chapter 68: The Etiquette of the Young Girl Who Serves the God (5)


“Well, Monkey, what’s wrong with you today?”


When Xu Shenxing came to the classroom, he found Monkey lying in the last row of seats of the class like a lifeless corpse.


By the way, Monkey  had been in such a bad condition but still didn’t play truant, in a sense, you could say that this guy was very earnest…


“I don’t know…”


The four-eyed monitor looked helpless. He said, “Since yesterday he came back to the dormitory, he had acted like that. No matter if it was introducing new girls to him or inviting him to go to the Internet cafe to play games, neither could provoke his interest. We can do nothing…”


The four-eyed monitor said in an anxious tone. He was really concerned about his roommates.


“He looks like a dead fish. It is like ‘Finally, I found my beloved goddess and the goddess was unexpectedly amiable and willing to have a talk with me. However, before I showed my love to her, I found she had had a boyfriend, then I found the man wasn’t her boyfriend so I let out a sigh of relief, then she told me that they were husband and wife.’”


Xu Shenxing sighed, then said casually.




“Wow, wow! Monkey is spitting blood!”


“Medic! Medic!”


“We don’t have this career in our class committee…”


“Wait, brother, don’t die!”


“You promised me you would download 40G blue movies for me. You can’t die before that!”


“His breathing stopped already… No way, it seems we have to give him artificial respiration.”


As soon as the voice said this, the students in the class were suddenly intimidated into utter silence.








“Don’t give up, you guys! You can save me!” Monkey yelled, with tears running down his face.


The riot continued until lunch break.


Xu Shenxing had classes this afternoon so he didn’t go back to Sakura apartment. Originally, to spend the least amount of money to eat the best food was always one of the greatest pleasures in his life. So, it wasn’t an unacceptable thing if he couldn’t go back to the apartment.


“Don’t you think it’s too quiet in the corridor today?” The four-eyed monitor tidied up the textbooks and muttered, “Is Chang Xiaoxian passing by here?”


If it was that terrific beauty passing through here, the silence could be explained.


“Maybe other classes have already finished their class,” Xu Shenxing said without giving an affirmative or negative answer.


The next moment, the classroom door opened, revealing the red and white clothes outside the door.


For a while, all the students in the classroom fell silent. The next second, they put their heads together and spoke in each other’s ears.


“She is a witch!”


“Well, somebody really wears these kind of clothes in real life!”


“Why does it look so perfect on the girl?”


“Great beauty!”


“Is she a student at our university?”


“I don’t think so. I have never seen her before.”


“Is she looking for someone?”


The girl’s eyes swept over the crowd, then gazed at Xu Shenxing, who was twisting his mouth. She showed a bright smile.


“Shenxing Sama, this is the lunch I prepared for you!”


Her words caused a huge mess amongst the students in the classroom.


Before Xu Shenxing figured out the right way to reply to her, Monkey had reined him in his neck, “Was that you? Did Asahi make the Beloved Wife’s Lunch for you?!”


Once he remembered that yesterday he shed blood in his heart but still had to teach the girl how to ingratiate herself with another man, Monkey couldn’t stop the killing intention in his mind.


Of course, it was totally useless to Xu Shenxing.


Xu Shenxing worried about hurting Monkey so he did not dare to struggle. He could only regard Monkey as a monstrous necklace, then he stood up directly.


However, Monkey loosened his hand in the next moment.


“Won’t you come with me?” Xu Shenxing asked curiously.


“No. I don’t want to break my heart again,” Monkey recalled the girl’s serious expression when she listened to his words and took notes. He thought that since she put in so much effort to make the lunch, he shouldn’t destroy her enthusiasm. So, although he felt depressed, he wasn’t really going to get involved with them.


“Well… is it my illusion? I think that girl is watching you two and drooling…” The four-eyed monitor whispered uncertainly.


No, that wasn’t an illusion.


Unfortunately, after staying together a few days, Xu Shenxing had understood that Sakurakouji Asahi was a fujoshi. She had no interest in a normal relationship between men and women…


Thinking of which, Xu Shenxing glanced at Monkey with compassion: What a poor guy! His love had ended before it started… Was that the so-called “Having been defeated before the battle begins”?


——split line——


Xu Shenxing and Sakurakouji casually picked a place to lay the picnic cloth behind the mountain in Jiangjin University, then they sat on the ground, beginning to eat the lunch.


In fairness, the witch girl’s cooking was a bit inferior to Xu Shenxing’s. It tasted very common.


However, the lunch she prepared was a bento. In this view, it was obviously better than Xu Shenxing’s food, because Xu Shenxing only knew how to make Chinese cuisine, which would greatly reduce its taste after it got cold.


The two people silently ate the food. Finally, Xu Shenxing could not help but ask, “Why do you want me to go to Japan? In fact, if you can find some other methods, it isn’t impossible to hold on till the incoming god reaches there.”


The whole thing started two days ago. After kicking the members of Special Victims Unit out of the apartment, Xu Shenxing received Xiao Zhengyi’s phone call. However, it was Xu Feng at the other end of the phone.


Xu Feng told Xu Shenxing their real purpose.


The reason why they wanted Xu Shen to be a mascot – no, the god of the shrine – wasn’t for the sake of good friendship between the two countries, but for the corresponding compensation Japan would pay to them.


The reward was a seal called “Suppress River Seal”. It was a Chinese talisman that was lost because of war. Now, the Suppres River Seal was placed in White Bell Shrine to seal the dried up well – this was the reason why Sakurakouji Asahi was the witch of the shrine, but she could temporarily leave the shrine and come to Jiangjin City.


However, the magic effect of the ownerless talisman was limited, and couldn’t persist for too long a period, so she wanted Xu Shenxing to help her.


Besides, the Suppress River Seal was effective against problems like leaked spirit qi. Xu Feng had had a discussion with his superior. Once they got it, they would place it in Jiangjin City to steady the stream of spirit qi.


This was what made Xu Shenxing feel tangled recently…


If he didn’t go there, he would feel guilty. If he went there, he really didn’t want to put on a woman’s dress…


“Because the next god is still too young and naive… If possible, we are going to let her follow you to learn the behavior and temperament of gods…” whispered the girl.


“Behavior and temperament… but I am no different from ordinary people… Besides, what are the special temperament of gods?” Xu Shenxing asked curiously.


“Well, like always looking down on human beings?”


“Behold! Humans are just wastes! …Something like this?”


“Oh, I like that anime too… [1]”


[1] She meant the anime “Castle in the Sky”.

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so they don’t want a kind hearted god but an arrogant god, huh…. figures . . .


after meeting the God of the Land i just assumed all Gods were just Neets


they all probably are but they need to have a business face or they might lose their job!!!


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Why wouldnt he knows the name of whatever God he took the role of? would it be all like “You is a God! Here be the name bestowed onto you by this magical tablet carved from an empty grenade canister. By the way after its one time use, the remnant can be sold as Trench Art for a quick buck!” Seriously, what God infuses their power into something but forgets the basic “Oh, my name is _____” part?!?

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