It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 70

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Translator: WuWang

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Chapter 70: The Etiquette of the Young Girl Who Serves the God (7)


After class, before other male students surrounded him and questioned him about the relationship between Sakurakouji Asahi and himself (most of them were the students who were still single), Xu Shenxing quickly ran out the classroom and easily got rid of the pursuers and returned to Sakura apartment.


Moli had already gone back home. She was wearing her long-sleeved shirt and lying on the couch and swinging her white legs. She had taken off the hair ribbon from her blonde hair, in that case her golden, shawl-like long hair fell over her shoulders, falling down onto the sofa.


She was humming a nameless animation song and nibbling biscuits and reading a comic book she borrowed from the God of the Land, completely unaware that Xu Shenxing had come back.


“Have you finished your homework?” Xu Shenxing asked with a straight face, then abruptly took the comic book from her hands.


“I will do it tomorrow morning.”


Moli asnswered with her pouted mouth.


“Shouldn’t you already be in school at that time?”


“…Friends, means sharing.”


“Don’t copy other people’s homework. How much do you hate to do your homework?!”


Xu Shenxing retorted.


He thought he should tell Cui Yingying that she should stop spoiling Moli so much…


By the way, when did their relationship become so good? He remembered when Cui Yingying had come to eat dinner at the apartment, he couldn’t even say that they were two normal friends, and after that, Cui Yingying’s memory about the experience where she was kidnapped should have been erased.


While Xu Shenxing recalled all this, Moli stopped sitting like a duck on the sofa and suddenly jumped up trying to take back the comic book from his hand, but he subconsciously dodged her surprise attack.




Moli growled like a puppy, then opened her mouth, and bit Xu Shenxing’s hand.


“Ouch, don’t bite me!”


Xu Shenxing quickly lifted his hand to avoid Moli’s teeth. He walked two steps back, then reluctantly put the comic book on Moli’s head and said, “Well, you can do what you like, but don’t make the teacher call me to school again…”


Moli leveled her two hands to maintain a balance, trying to stop the comic book from falling down from her head.


“Well, eggs… and some leftover meat. Whoa, can the cabbages be eaten?” Xu Shenxing opened the fridge, peeping at its inside. He thought about what could be used to cook dinner and asked, “Oh right, have you taken a bath?”


“Not yet,” Moli felt tired of playing this trick. She took down the comic book from her head, then watched Xu Shenxing checking the stock in the fridge and asked expectantly, “What’s for dinner?”


“Fried rice, probably?” Xu Shenxing said, unsure. He pulled his head out of the fridge and said, “You, go take a bath first.”


“I decline!”


“Declining is futile.”




The girl’s reaction was unexpectedly fierce today. Although, she hadn’t always liked bathing very much.


“Come on, you had a PE lesson today. You must have made your body dirty, otherwise you wouldn’t change your clothes so early.” The girl’s teeth grinding didn’t scare Xu Shenxing. Instead, he struck back with a stronger housewife’s temperament, “If you don’t do what I tell you to do…”


Moli covered her ears on the sofa, making a pose that she wouldn’t hear anything he said anymore.


However, even as she was covering her ears, but just from her physical qualities, she was still an evil overlord, which meant that this behavior couldn’t stop her from hearing what Xu Shenxing was saying.


The girl completely didn’t care about Xu Shenxing’s threat.


If he didn’t allow her to play computer games, she would go to the home of the God of the Land, and rob her computer. If he stopped offering her snacks, she would ask for snacks from Cui Yingying. Even if Xu Shenxing tried to force her to take a bath, if she resisted actively, she thought that she could escape from his hands – unless Xu Shenxing made a decision that he would pay any price to catch her, which would mean that he would finally destroy the earth. Xu Shenxing was poor at searching. In that case, as long as she carefully hid herself…


She could win!


Now, Moli thought that herself was invincible!


The little girl was full of confidence in her resistance plan.


Yes, although she had been defeated by Xu Shenxing, but now, she had far exceeded her past self!


This time, she must…


“I will put a lot of green peppers in every meal you eat.”


“I’m going to go to the bathroom.”


The evil overlord yielded.


The hero defeated the evil overlord again.


Anyway, Moli took a change of clothes. Her whole person looked pretty downhearted, walking unsteadily to the bathroom.


Suddenly, she ran towards the kitchen as if she thought of something. She tugged at the edge of Xu Shenxing’s clothes, who was going to cut up the cabbages.


“Hot spring. I want to take a hot spring bath.”


“Hot spring?… Why so suddennly? Why do you want it now?” Xu Shenxing handed over the kitchen knife to the spirit ghost floating beside him and commanded the spirit ghost to cut up the cabbages, then he wiped his hands and took off the apron.


“It’s been a while since the last time I took a hot spring bath. I miss the feeling.”


Moli said in brief with a straight face.


“Are you angry, Moli?”


“I was born with a straight face.”




She was lying. He’d seen the girl’s funny facial expressions many times.


However, Xu Shenxing decided not to expose her.


“I see. We stopped going to the hot spring after Qin Xingyan came here. Since you want it, then let’s go to take a hot spring bath.”


As he had said before, there was actually a hot spring in the basement of Sakura apartments.


However, the temperature of the hot spring was very high. If you put an egg in it, you wouldn’t get a hot spring egg but a boiled egg instead.


Besides, it could also provide a natural heating service for Sakura apartment in the winter… although it was summer now. In order to stop the indoor temperature from further rising, he always let Moli use Ward magic to separate it from the apartment in summer…


However, if Moli wanted to remove the Ward, she needed Xu Shenxing to provide her the essential mana. Hence, she had to get Xu Shenxing’s permission if she wanted to take a hot spring bath in summer.


After Qin Xingyan came to Sakura apartment, they had stopped going to the hot spring. After all, if Qin Xingyan didn’t use her taoist power, her physical quality was just a bit higher than ordinary people. She couldn’t bear the temperature of the hot spring in the basement of Sakura apartment.


Today, Qin Xingyan had lots of lessons in the afternoon and had to go to night classes, so she wouldn’t come back early. In that case, Moli recommended they have a hot spring bath.


After the Ward was removed, Xu Shenxing wrapped a bath towel on the lower part of his body and went into the hot spring room, then carefully sank into the boiling hot spring.


Due to his “Polar Protection”, whether it was super low temperature or super high temperature, both couldn’t harm Xu Shenxing. Even though the hot spring was boiling, he only felt that it was “a little bit hot”.


As for Moli, the hot temperature could do nothing to her… You should know that in another world, the bath in her Demon Lord’s Castle was a lava pool…


“Clang clang,” Moli suddenly walked into the bathroom from the outside. Xu Shenxing almost choked and inhaled the boiled water after seeing her.


It wasn’t because he was shocked due to Moli’s appearance. They had once taken a bath together in the past, and it also wasn’t unusual for them to have a hot spring bath together.


It was Moli’s navy blue swimsuit that surprised Xu Shenxing.


“Cough. Where did you get this swimsuit?” He asked curiously.


“I don’t know. It suddenly appeared in my room,” Molly replied honestly.


“It gives me a feeling that I should be very familiar with it, but…”


Xu Shenxing stroked his chin and tried remembering where he had seen this swimsuit recently.


As something was just about to pop into his mind, his phone, which was wrapped in a plastic bag and put beside the hot spring, rang.


The Caller ID showed that it was Xiao Zhengyi.


However, when he answered the phone, he found that it was Xu Feng.


“Why is it you again?… Can’t you just call me on your own phone?”


“I’ve called you via my phone, but I couldn’t get through,” Xu Feng replied reluctantly.


“Ah,I remember now. I’ve added your phone number to my blacklist…”




“Well, well, don’t mind it. Why did you call me? Just to complain that you can’t get through to my phone?” Xu Shenxing quickly asked.


“Oh, I almost forgot… Is the Japanese witch at your home now? “


“Eh? How is that possible?” Xu Shenxing asked back.


“Hmm… That’s not good,” Xu Feng faintly sighed.


“What’s wrong with her?” Xu Shenxing frowned.


“She didn’t go back to the hotel we booked for her, and we also can’t get in touch with her… In short, she is missing.”



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