It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 71

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: bollockz

Chapter 71: The Etiquette of the Young Girl Who Serves the God (8)


“She is missing?”


Xu Shenxing frowned.


“Yes, She didn’t come back after she went to Jiangjin University. I had asked Xiao Zhengyi and Fang Xiaoqian to look for her, but I’m afraid she’s not so easily found.”




She disappeared after going to Jiangjin University… Did that mean that she disappeared after talking to him?


Xu Shenxing had mixed feelings.


However, he soon calmed down and began to think about what could cause her to go missing.


Finally, he suddenly remembered a weasel-like creature.


Youkai often attacked human beings.


Although there weren’t too many youkai taking humans as food, but sometimes, even some omnivorous youkai would prey on humans in order to obtain human spirituality to help improve their powers.


That was why youkai (especially animal-type youkai) tend to appear as villains in ancient stories.


In addition to this, humans who had spirit abilities were the finest snacks to youkai. In that case, she was very attractive to youkai.


At first, he thought that Xu Feng and himself were enough to keep the order of the supernatural side in this city. Was it possible that there was still some foolhardy youkai daring to hunt human beings?


Xu Shenxing hurriedly described that weasel’s features to Xu Feng.


After falling silent for a few seconds, Xu Feng opened his mouth again, “Because ordinary people didn’t see this, we should rule out the possibility that it was an animal-type youkai. Plus, it can show itself in the daytime, so it should not be an animal ghost. In that case, I think it should be a natural born ‘spirit beast’. I only know one spirit beast fitting your description – ‘wind beaver’. “


“What’s that?” Xu Shenxing frowned and asked, “Can you just get to the point?”


“In short, it is a creature that is difficult to kill, and even if you killed it, once wind entered its mouth, it would revive immediately.”


Was it immortal?… That wasn’t too difficult to deal with.


Xu Shenxing slightly nodded. The immortal beings he had killed by using his holy sword had already been able to form a reinforced company…


“If it’s an ordinary wind beaver, it should not be big trouble. After all, these kind of spirit beasts don’t eat humans. The problem is that there is a very special subfamily of wind beavers. Their bodies are covered with ancient seal-script-like patterns, so they are also known as ‘patterned beavers’. Besides, they are mountain ghost’s servants.”


“Mountain ghost? But I remember that it appeared in the poem ‘The Songs of Chu: The Nine Songs’, and it’s a kind of god and is harmless to human beings.”


“In Chinese literature, it is. However, in Japanese literature, mountain ghost is a youkai that is hard to distinguish as good or evil, and it’s also called ‘mountain beldam’ or ‘mountain spirit’. There’s a possibility that the literature in China and the literature in Japan mixed two different creatures up, but even if that’s true, I don’t think that you can put your heart at rest… Hey, are you still listening?”


Xu Shenxing had hung up the phone. He poked Moli’s head, who was sinking into the hot spring and imitating crabs spitting bubbles. “I’m sorry Moli, but I need your help.”


Moli just ignored Xu Shenxing’s words. She held her knees in her arms, lying down at the bottom of the hot spring.


Is she still at odds with me because of what just happened? Xu Shenxing thought in his heart, then sighed. He got out of the hot spring, ran into his room and quickly put on his clothes.


At the same time, he also took the time to telephone Qin Xingyan who was having an evening class at that time.


After knowing what happened, Qin Xingyan immediately used a deceptive trick to escape from the class, then stepped on her flying sword to fly back to the apartment.


When she got there, Xu Shenxing had put on his clothes. He briefly told her the whole story.


“I see. Because you abandoned the witch girl, she was carried of by a youkai, is that it?”


“Which part of my explanation gives you that impression?”




“Well, I really don’t understand the thinking mode of you disciples of the White-hart Taoist Temple…”


As they talked nonsense, they didn’t stop rushing back to Jiangjin University.


“Wait, since we’re going to the university, why did I need to fly back to Sakura apartment?” As she saw the university again, Qin Xingyan suddenly remembered something.


“It’s too late to complain now. Just help me find her!”


After commanding the spirit ghosts to scatter in all directions to look for the girl, Xu Shenxing ran towards the back of the mountain in the university without hesitation.


“Why did you go to the back of the mountain?” Qin Xingyan asked curiously.


“Because our enemy might be a mountain ghost, so the chance it appears in the mountains is relatively large?” Xu Shenxing answered casually.


“Well, it’s unexpectedly hard to retort.”


The girl was shocked at his words.


“Besides, even if we couldn’t find the mountain ghost, we can also ask the God of the Land for help, right?”


“I can imagine what kind of a cry the God of the Land would yell…”


Unfortunately, both of Xu Shenxing’s plans failed.


They didn’t find any traces of a mountain ghost on the mountain, and the God of the Land wasn’t at home.


He also made a phone call to Xu Feng, but there was still no news of the witch girl.


As the moon rose in the east, the silver moonlight created a layer of a mysterious atmosphere on the buildings of Jiangjin University, but Xu Shenxing didn’t have the time to appreciate the beautiful night scene.


Honestly, Sakurakouji Asahi’s safety was already no longer guaranteed. The more time he wasted, the lower the chance she could survive.


As Xu Shenxing was at a loss what to do, he suddenly saw Monkey who was just passing him as he was going to the university supermarket.


“Oh, you haven’t gone home yet?” Monkey asked, as he gazed at Xu Shenxing in surprise.


“There’s something I… Oh, right, Monkey,” Xu Shenxing asked, but didn’t really expect a positive answer, “Have you seen Sakurakouji Asahi this afternoon? I mean the girl who came to see me at noon.”


“Yes, I have.”


“Sigh, I know I can’t expect you… Eh? Eh Eh Eh?” Xu Shenxing repeated subconsciously. He realized that something was wrong.


“She didn’t look well, so I took her to the university clinic,” speaking of which, Monkey complained, “The university doctor was really too impersonal, like a stone. She didn’t allow me to go into the health room and only let the patient rest in it… But she was keeping a cat in it! Why couldn’t I go in?”


“Did you see a cat in it?” Xu Shenxing’s eyes brightened up.


“No, I didn’t, but I heard miaow sounds from the room. It should be a cat, or another little animal,” Monkey said and shook his head.


If it was the voice of a wind beaver, could Monkey be regarded as a person who had spiritual talent? Although even if that was true, his spiritual ability was really weak…


Anyway, Xu Shenxing and Qin Xingyan immediately rushed to the clinic.


The doctor, who Monkey called “a stone”, wasn’t in the room, but there were indeed two people.


One of them was Sakurakouji Asahi, and the other girl, Xu Shenxing knew her but had not spoken to her before.


“Is she Chang Xiaoxian?” Even Qin Xingyan had heard some rumors about the girl, ‘The uncrowned queen of Jiangjin University’.


The two girls should be two strangers to each other, but at this moment, they were chatting happily together in the health room.


“Sigh, what was the use of all the effort I made tonight?” Xu Shenxing sat down weakly on the lawn outside the window. He didn’t even notice that after finding that nothing bad happened to Sakurakouji Asahi, he let out a sigh of relief subconsciously.




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Chatting happily together?? guess those 2 girls are of the same kind!




Thanks for the chapter!

Really Anymous Person

Hahaha. Thanks for the chapter

Really Anymous Person

Hahaha. Thanks for the chapter.


Really? That’s it?
Like the government sends an envoy to recruit someone and they can’t even track her? People from secret police freak out when the person was just in school?
No wonder they can’t get anything done…

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