It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: The Etiquette of the Young Girl Who Serves the God (End)


Because Qin Xingyan found no trace of a wind beaver in the clinic and Xu Shenxing also had no interest in interrupting the chatter between girls, therefore, after making sure that the witch girl was fine, he just went to the criminal police office to teach Xu Feng a lesson by using his fists, then went back to the apartment.


Incidentally, because the incident happened all of a sudden, he didn’t prepare the dinner which he was supposed to cook after taking the hot spring bath, but let the spirit ghosts cook it.


Although Xu Shenxing understood well that he shouldn’t expect the taste of a group of five-year-old children’s cooking to be good, but when he saw the strange half-cooked fried rice, his eyes still couldn’t stop twitching.


As for Moli, she had slipped out of the apartment after seeing the dinner. Xu Shenxing didn’t know whether she went to Cui Yingying’s home, or went to the house of the God of the Land.


In short, Xu Shenxing could only reluctantly eat up the fried meal, then went to sleep as he clutched his stomach.


——Split Line——


It was probably a dream.


Xu Shenxing thought to himself as he glanced at everything.


He didn’t know the reason, but now, he was Yakumo Inochi, the supporter of the witch girl Sakurakouji Asahi.


In the front of him, a little girl, who was only as tall as his leg, was playing at the square of the shrine. Her face looked a bit lonely.


“Asahi, why don’t you go to play with your classmates?” “His” body said involuntarily, as if he was watching a movie but in the first person perspective. However, his voice was very soft and gentle. It was supposed to be a woman’s voice.


“I only want to stay with you, Inochi Sama,” Little Asahi looked up and said stubbornly, “The children in the school can’t see you. Besides, they always laugh at me…”


“That’s not right, Asahi,” He patted the little girl’s head and said softly, “White Bell Shrine is not all you have. You should have a more wonderful life.”


As he said this, he picked up the little girl and put her on his knees and stroked her little head. Young Asahi narrowed her eyes, showing a kitten-like comfortable expression.


“Asahi, you’re so cute. You will certainly have a lot of friends.”


“I don’t want any friends, as long as Inochi Sama stays with me!”


Oh, why was this child so cute?


Xu Shenxing could feel that the original owner of this body was immediately touched by little Asahi’s words.


“Oh, right, Inochi Sama.”


“What’s the matter, Asahi?”


“What’s the meaning of ‘Kichiku Eyeglasses’? I saw this while I was cleaning your room.”




“And ‘World’s First Love’ and ‘Pure Love Story’.” (They were all Yaoi/BL games.)


“Well… it’s too early to introduce them to you, Asahi…”


He straightened his face and stiffly changed the topic, “Therefore, Asahi, I still think that you should play with the children at the same age with you.”


“Inochi Sama, don’t you want Asahi?”


“How is it possible! … If possible, I also want Asahi to stay with me forever.”


“Really? Asahi likes Inochi Sama the best!”




Yakumo Inochi liked Saakurakouji Asahi the best, too.


She wanted Asahi to become her own possession for a lifetime. She wanted to stay together with her, even if that meant that she had to split her godhood to make Asahi become her subordinate god and to go to the The Plain of High Heaven together with her. [1]


Unfortunately, she couldn’t do it.


Because Asahi was the reincarnation of half the soul of the monster in the dried up well.


In the past, Susanowo used Ten Fists Sword to cut off half of the monster’s soul, which greatly weakened the monster’s power. In that case, he finally seized an opportunity to seal it in the dried up well in White Bell Mountain by using the power of Amaterasu. He even put the stone of Ama-no-Iwato into the well to stop the monster from escaping from the well.


However, that wasn’t perfectly safe.


The half of the monster’s soul Susanowo cut off would gradually get rid of Susanowo’s god power after it reincarnated in the world again and again. By that time, it would instinctively get close to the place where the other half of its soul was sealed. When the distance between them was close, the soul which was sealed in the well would break the seal and rise up to swallow this half soul, in order to become the whole monster again.


Yakumo Inochi had realized this a long time ago. That was the reason why as the owner of Izumo God’s power, and the incarnation of Tsukiyomi-no-mikoto (one of the three great gods of Japan), she would stay here so long.


Six years ago, when she found little Asahi in front of the shrine, she had noticed Asahi’s true identity at once.


Even so, she still adopted little Asahi, and in order not to let the guy in the well become aware of the existence of Asahi, she never stopped and set a layer of seals in Asahi’s body day by day.


This was also the reason that despite being the reincarnation of a great monster, Asahi was so weak at spirit abilities.


However, the power of the monster in the dried up well was beyond her expectation. After a dozen years, the god power she used to suppress the dried up well had almost dried up, and the seal in the well also started to become less stable. Besides, she couldn’t stop using her god power to keep the seal active in Asahi’s body. If the whole thing kept going on like this, she was afraid that she wouldn’t hold on much longer.


Finally, Yakumo Inochi made a decision.


She wasn’t just one of Tsukiyomi’s incarnations, but if she returned her presence to the Plain of High Heaven, she could obtain a huge amount of god powers at that very moment.


The only consequence was that after that, there will never be a god named Yakumo Inochi in the world.


Oh, Asahi, my daughter, if you are to know the truth someday, please don’t grieve for me or reproach yourself. Because ever since then, you could regard it as I had been living forever in the shrine.


Whether it was the sun rising in the east, or silver moon hanging in the sky, I would always gaze at you in the shrine and bless you all the time.


In exchange, I hoped that you could realize my wish: “No matter what the future is, Sakurakouji Asahi must be happy for ever.”


Oh, right. As my final apology, I was sorry that I made you become a fujoshi…


——The End of the Dream——


In the office room of Special Victims Unit.


“Oh? Why did you suddenly change your mind?” Xu Feng asked in surprise. He opened his black eyes, looking up and down at Xu Shenxing, who was leisurely drinking tea in front of him.


“Because I have no money,” Xu Shenxing honestly said, “If I can’t find a new method to earn easy money, Moli and I will have nothing to eat.”


“So, have you decided to put on a woman’s dress?” Xu Feng’s fingers tapped the table.


“Don’t even think about it,” Xu Shenxing said categorically.


“You want to make money but don’t want to wear women’s clothes? You’re putting me in an awkward predicament.”


Xu Feng said with a faint smile on his face.


“I’ve checked it out. The White Bell Girl’s School is a private school which is specially for noble ladies, am I right?” Xu Shenxing had prepared for this moment for a long time. He replied in an orderly way, “In that case, I just need to pretend to be a student’s private bodyguard. Anyway, as long as there is a reason to let me enter the school, the rest is not difficult.”


“How can I find a student to accept you as her bodyguard…”


Xu Feng said unwillingly.


Xu Shenxing said nothing. He just moved to the right and pushed Moli, who was sharing doughnuts with Antares, to his front.


[1] The Plain of High Heaven: it’s the kingdom of Gods in Japanese mythology

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Really Anymous Person

Hahaha. Thanks for the chapter


that’s seem like heaven for Moli~
on surface~
she already like games and anime~
still to think it’s the Goddess who spread fujo………….
it’s no wonder~


it just to show that human (especially japanese) culture can and will corrupt even gods…


I think it’s the other way around lel~


Oh, right. As my final apology, I was sorry that I made you become a fujoshi…

Everything was all sad and fluffy at the same time, until she ruined it all with this sentence.

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