It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (1)


The Private Kanishino Girl’s High School.


It was a noble high school that was built around the White Bell Mountain by the Okura Syndicate. Although there were some civilian students studying in it, the entrance requirements of the school for them were extremely harsh, so the number of civilian students were very limited.


However, also due to the the harsh entrance requirements of the school, most of the civilian students in the school were very good at studying. You couldn’t say that civilian students and noble students were two types of people in the same school, but there was always an insurmountable gap between the two types of students. including their family-related difference and the gap between their numbers, the civilian students in the school were always being discriminated against to some certain extent by the noble students.


However, there was an exception – Miyama Chihaya. Due to her beauty, and her naturally cold and mysterious temperament, she naturally became the representative of civilian students. She was named as one of the two “O Ne Sama” (Sister Sama) along with Himesaki Mizuki, who was the representative of noble students. They were both adored by most of the girls in the school.


However, now the “Sister Sama” of the girls in the school was wearing scruffy sportswear and a pair of dowdy black glasses. Her messy, crooked long hair was simply combed into a ponytail and hanging in front of her chest. She curled her slender legs in the chair, yawned and lowered her head, checking the expenses and budget of her family.


If the girls in the school saw this scene, probably they would immediately feel the pain of their dream shattering after seeing this cruel reality…


“I’ve thought about this from a long time ago… I’m really, really sorry for your parents that I allowed you to become a two-faced girl…” A wizened old man was sitting on an old sofa. His eyes moved from the pornographic magazine in his hands to Miyama Chihaya – who looked as pretty as an otaku girl now – then pretended that he was crying.


“You’re too noisy, grandpa,” The girl half opened her listless eyes glancing at the old man and said, “By the way, was it you who secretly went to the video store to rent a lot of p**n dvds?”


“Cough, I was just curious about the progress of science and technology.” The old man’s eyes drifted back to the p**n magazine again.


“I really don’t want to hear the person who is so good at playing Xbox One and PS4 saying this… You’re even more familiar with them than me!” The girl reluctantly sighed, “If you keep doing this, you will really give me a headache to prepare the family budget. Apart from this, although I think it’s useless, but I still want to remind you, shouldn’t you stop reading these kind of books in front of your granddaughter?”


“My lovely granddaughter, are you going to deprive the last little pleasure of this poor old man?” The old man said and squeezed out a few tears.


“I just want to remind you to think about your cute granddaughter before you read these magazines, and realize what the meaning of the ‘R’ pattern on the top, right corner is!”


The girl turned back her head to continue reading her notebook. She bit the end of the pen in her mouth and thought about how to allocate the budget of next month.


“Chihaya … If you weren’t soon going to be an Arahitogami, you would be a good wife,” The old man sighed as he looked at the girl’s slim back. “If so, you could inherit my coffee shop… But you’re too poor so you can’t be a good wife.”


With a loud “Bang” sound, the old man got a fright as the girl slapped the pen in her hand onto the table.


“I’m going to wash my face.” Miyama Chihaya jumped out of the chair, then trotted out of the room.


On the outside, the sun was sitting in the west. She slowed down her footsteps in the dimmed corridor.


“I don’t want to be that kind of person… I don’t want…”


She murmured softly.


In the past, some people said that arahitogami came into being after ghosts, or other supernatural creatures, transformed into human shapes and obtained godhoods. However, in literature such as “The text in Sleeve”, they pointed out that it was a god, or half human half god who was transformed from a human being.


Miyama Chihaya was an arahitogami that could be regarded as a half god half human. It was said that her ancestors had a certain degree of the bloodline of  the Kohakunushi Dragon god. Hence, in her family, people who had spiritual abilities often appeared.


Miyama Chihaya was a very rare special case that partially inherited the identity of Dragon god. Even in the long history of the Miyama family, there had only been two people who had inherited this identity.


When she was young, because her godhood hadn’t woken up completely, and she also didn’t know that she owned this power, she had often unconsciously caused supernatural events.


As she hadn’t known how to master the power of her godhood, naturally she couldn’t stop those supernatural events, and many times, those events caused very bad effects.


For example, Kohakunushi Dragongod was a god of rivers, therefore it could naturally control water. When Miyama Chihaya was close to a water pipe, the water pipe would suddenly burst; when she stood on a bridge, the water under the bridge would abnormally rise; if she unintentionally touched a fire hydrant, the fire hydrant would be blasted to the sky by water within it…


Due to these events, before the Bureau of Onm yō found her, Miyama Chihaya was always seen as a cursed girl and isolated by others. Even her parents had almost given her up.


If her grandfather, who lived off the income from running the coffee shop, didn’t find her and fought to get her custody, it was very likely that she would have had to leave kindergarten at that time and be sent to orphanage.


Incidentally, although they lived together, but her grandfather never met any troubles Miyama Chihaya brought… According to the words of the people of the Bureau of Onmyō, her grandfather didn’t have any spiritual abilities, but he had been a naturally good man in his past ten lives.  Anyway, he was born very lucky, and his luck was enough to offset the negative effects that Miyama Chihaya caused.


But even so, the experiences from her childhood still influenced Miyama Chihaya’s temperament. Plus she was the candidate of arahitogami and didn’t like to have contact with others, she naturally had a temperament that was beyond human beings and looked very mysterious. Therefore, it wasn’t very difficult to understand why so many students adored her.


After the girl came to the Kanishino Girl’s High School, she was also changed: For example, she had her first friend – Sakurakouji Asahi.


Sakurakouji Asahi contacted her first. Even though Chihaya treated her very coldly, Asahi didn’t give up, and finally became her friend. Of course, Sakurakouji Asahi insisted that someday Miyama Chihaya would become the god she served, so she didn’t agree to call her “friend”.


Speaking of her only friend Sakurakouji Asahi, Miyama Chihaya felt worried.


A week ago, Sakurakouji Asahi asked for leave due to some reason, but Chihaya didn’t expect that she would not contact her for a whole week. Even after she went to the shrine on the mountain, she couldn’t find her. Not only so, the god Inochi Sama, who always stayed in the shrine and drank tea, had also disappeared.


“Humph, she said that she wanted to be my witch and serve me, but when I looked for her, she just disappeared.”


After washing her face, Miyama Chihaya murmured and walked back to the living room. She found that her grandfather had left. Probably he had returned to the coffee shop to work.


But the pornographic magazine was still left on the sofa.




She complained. As she was going to clean the room, she heard the ringing of the door bell.


“Who?” Chihaya rubbed her forehead with fatigue.






She opened the door. A courier with a casquette was standing outside.


“This is your express delivery. Please sign here.”


After giving Chihaya the express bill and seeing her signing it, the courier left a big paper box, then quickly drove away.


“Fresh Food? Grandfather… What’s this stuff you bought on the Internet again…”


The girl looked at the “Sheng Xian” label pasted on the paper box, then reluctantly sighed again.




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Alph Medina

I must say that this is really making me want for more!!

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Hahaha. Thank for the chapter


Thanks for the chapter!
Did they just…. Post… The MC…..


Hahaha, y’all won’t guess correctly who is there 😉


“Humph, she said that she wanted to be my witch and serve me, but when I looked for her, she just disappeared.”

Let’s change witch to bitch and it all of a sudden sounds way more funny and a bit erotic.

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