It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 75

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: bollockz

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Chapter 75: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (3)


Although Miyama Chihaya didn’t expect that the little girl would repay her just like in the drama “Crane’s Gratitude”, but after the little girl said those words, she disappeared instantly. Even though Chihaya searched the whole house, she couldn’t find her. She thought that the little girl had gone.


“Is she a youkai? Just like Zashiki-warashi in tales?”


Unable to understand the reason, Chihaya had to bury her doubts deep in her heart.


Early in the morning of the second day, Chihaya searched the house again. She couldn’t see cooked breakfast nor woven clothes. Nothing in the drama “Crane’s Gratitude” had happened.


It seemed like the little girl was really gone. Chihaya felt a subtle sense of having been cheated. She shook her head, trying to forget those weird ideas. Chihaya used the fastest speed to make breakfast, then changed the countrified black glasses to a pair of contact lenses and combed her long hair, put on her school uniform and checked her appearance. She quietly said “I’m gone” and left the house.


Although there was a student dormitory at the school, the lodging fees of the luxurious, European-style dormitory were incredibly expensive. It would have been a heavy load for her family if she had lived there. Chihaya didn’t have any interest in experiencing something like the story in pornographic mangas where “In order to pay a debt, the noble girl actually had to do such a thing!”. Besides, she was already very tired of being a first-rate student. If she lived in the student dormitory, she wouldn’t even be able to take off her disguise after school. Therefore, she thought it was relaxing to live at home.


The Private Kanishino Girl’s High School was located on a small island and built at the bottom of White Bell Mountain. The school buildings were styled in Western Rococo style, giving the people who were in it a feeling that they had been transported to a foreign country.


People couldn’t get straight to the Kanishino Girl’s High School using the city’s trams. However, there was a tram station in front of the bridge which connected the island to the outside world. Getting off the tram from there, one could then take the school’s bus to the school.


Anyway, If Miyama Chihaya wanted to go to school, she had to take the tram first, then switch to the school bus.


It was said that some perverts in Japan liked to harass women on trams. Although Chihaya had never experienced such a thing before, but this morning, she felt that in the crowded compartment, someone was stroking her hips.


She turned back, angrily staring at the person behind her. It was a young man who looked very unattractive. His shirt was yellowed after being washed too many times, and his informal Hawaii beach pants made it hard for her to find a soft spot for him.


At this point, the spiky-haired young man was holding an old flip phone in his right hand and looked at Chihaya innocently.


Chihaya thought that the warning that her eyes showed was sufficient, so she turned back and looked at the portable vocabulary notebook in her hand to memorize English words again.


Shortly afterwards, she felt the man touching her again. She couldn’t stop the shaking of her hands as she held her vocabulary notebook. She tried to endure it, but a moment later, she turned back.


The young man apparently didn’t expect that she would have such a reaction. He still leaned his body forward and lowered his face slightly, as if he were investigating the shape of the girl’s hips.


He shakily raised his head, but only saw the girl’s cold eyes and straight face.


“Wait a minute, you’re mistaken…” The man hurriedly waved his hands, trying to explain something.


“This ‘gentleman’,” Chihaya stared at him with a disdainful look, then took out her cell phone. “If you want to say something, please go to the police station to speak to the police.”


——Split Line——


Faced with the angry girl, Xu Shenxing felt that this was the most unfavorable situation he had faced since he became the hero – Even when he faced the evil overlord, he hadn’t lacked in self-confidence like he did now.


Everything started a few minutes ago.


Because Xu Feng’s section was not sufficiently funded, only Xu Shenxing could take the plane, and Moli had to be mailed to Japan (the category of the mail was “Pet”).


After Xu Shenxing got off the plane, he had intended to go to the place where Moli was mailed to, but the Bureau of Onmyō found him first and informed him that Moli had gone to the Kanishino Girl’s High School. Therefore, Xu Shenxing had to take the tram to the school.


Up to this point, everything was still going smoothly.


However, as the passengers in the tram increased, the distance between him and the girl in front of him gradually shortened. The accident happened when they were so close to each other, to the degree that they almost touched each other. The Godhood fragment, which was still following him around after failing to posses him, suddenly and inexplicably stuck itself on the girl’s body – on her ass, of all places…


After gazing at the girl’s ass for a while, Xu Shenxing took out his phone. He hesitated for a while thinking about the expensive international telephone charges he may incur. Finally, he chose to send a text message to Qin Xingyan.


“The Godhood flew into another person’s ass, what should I do? It’s very urgent… I’m waiting for your reply online…”


A moment later, Qin Xingyan responded.


“Can you stop sending me sexual harassment messages when I’m in class?”


Xu Shenxing tried to send a few more text messages to explain, but did not receive any replies. He finally sadly confirmed that she had blacklisted him on her phone…


However, Xu Shenxing couldn’t just look at the Godhood drilling its way into another person’s body. Even he ignored the possibility that the old men of White-hart Taoist Temple would spit blood to death after they knew their precious Godhood so adoring another person’s ass, but he knew that ordinary people couldn’t suffer the power of Godhood, which was enough to him to deal with this matter.


Of course, Xu Shenxing was just an idiot if regards to magic. It was too difficult for him to use magic or spells to solve problems. Hence, he tried to use his hands to directly draw out the Godhood from the girl’s ass.


But now, it seemed that not only was the effect bad, but he was also regarded as a pervert by the girl. He could swear to any god that he didn’t touch the girl even a little bit! Everything was just the girl’s illusion caused by the wriggling of the Godhood!


But how could he explain the reason to an ordinary person? He totally had no idea.


Xu Shenxing was silent for a moment. Finally, he spoke seriously as the girl coldly stared at him, “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you,” Xu Shenxing grinned with his thumbs up, “because I am a lolicon!”


“Hello, is this the police station?”


The girl directly called the police without hesitation.


That was bad! If the police caught him and deported him, it would be a lifelong sore spot for him!


Xu Feng and Xiao Zhengyi would laugh at him to death!


It was still far away from the Kanishino Girl’s High School, but he couldn’t hesitate any longer! Therefore, he immediately opened the window of the tram and shouted “Good bye!”, then jumped out the window. Fortunately, this was an old tram and its windows could be opened. If it was a totally-enclosed-type tram, he probably would have had to use his head to break open the window…


“Wait, that’s too danger…” The girl was shocked by his action. She immediately ran to the window, but Xu Shenxing had already disappeared from her sight.


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i’d say “i’m leaving” rather then “i’m gone” is probably more correct since the normal japanese leaving phrases says either “i’m going” or “i’ll go and be back” and the 2nd one sound awkward as **** in english.


>Because Xu Feng’s section was not sufficiently funded

What? How? You just can’t just create a low budget secret service while their job is to keep the neighborhood safe from literally exploding? This somehow doesn’t add up.

>The Godhood flew into another person’s ass.
>However, Xu Shenxing couldn’t just look at the Godhood drilling its way into another person’s body.

How the hell does this happen??? Just like that, we’re already having a low key an* l scene?

Ruu ototsu

Maybe it’s reacting to her because she is a half-god ?

Really Anymous Person

Hahhaa. Thanks for the chapter


Xu Shenxing was silent for a moment. Finally, he spoke seriously as the girl coldly stared at him, “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you,” Xu Shenxing grinned with his thumbs up, “because I am a lolicon!”
“Hello, is this the police station?”

Yeah, that’s not the best excuse, but it’s hilarious. I also wonder why he would have to break open the window with his head instead of fist…

I foresee great fun awaiting him at the school 😀 too bad no more chapters are released at this time.

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