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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (4)

A pale yellow Rolls-Royce Phantom car was driving quietly along the road.

Himesaki Mizuki lay on the leather backseat of the car and napped.

Although she was a boarder, she had begun to take over part of her family business and often went out to deal with all sorts of issues, and therefore, she occasionally needed to live outside. In this regard, the school turned a blind eye to this due to her family’s influence.

Last night, this “princess” of the Himesaki family attended a high society dinner. She had spoken with various merchants and politicians, and after leaving the dinner party, she had immediately taken a plane to Okinawa to negotiate with the representative of the Okura Syndicate, and then signed a series of cooperation contracts with them.

Finally, she boarded her family’s private plane and returned to White Bell City, then took the Rolls-Royce Phantom car back to school.

Despite the brief rest on the plane, she had hardly slept the whole night. However, she was already accustomed to this. After having agreed to her father’s requirements, she had gotten herself ready for this mentally.

The Himesaki family was a time-honored family in Japan. It is said that during the Shogunate period, the Himesaki family had staked a sizeable claim in Japanese businesses.

However, during the historical Showa period, businesses in Japan had an explosive growth, but the masters of Himesaki family at that time were all pedantic and inflexible old men, therefore this glorious old family started to fall into a decline.

Fortunately, Himesaki Mizuki’s father seized the family business abruptly and forced all the old men who seized the power of the family into nursing homes. After that, he consistently reformed the family’s business, and finally stabilized the family stopping them from declining.

Undoubtedly, as a man who did all of those things, Himesaki Mizuki’s father was a man who had an unbreakable will and cold blood. Once he made a decision, no one could shake his determination, including his only daughter Himesaki Mizuki.

At the same time, he was also one of the most standard businessmen.

“It’s OK to not want to marry, but you have to show the benefits above what I can get from marrying you to the heir of another family.”

Himesaki Mizuki would never forget her father’s eyes when he looked at her as if he was looking at goods. After that, that man, her father, turned over to her a small part of his family business. In order to respond to her father’s expectations, Himesaki Mizuki had to try her best to deal with these business affairs.

Hence, she became what she now was: the talented girl in the eyes of ordinary people, the distinguished talent recognized by the employees of her family, and the sister sama in the eyes of the students of the school.

“…Not enough.” Himesaki Mizuki sighed. She knew what she did wasn’t enough to satisfy her father’s iron heart.

Is it really good to keep going like this? Why’d she have to work and study so hard? Does it make any sense? Maybe she will be happier if she married a good heir of another family?

But in the innermost part of her heart, some stubborn thought still stopped her from yielding to these weak ideas. She wouldn’t complain. She preferred to seize the opportunity to rest for a while, rather than think these useless things. After she returned to the Kanishino Girl’s High School, she had to behave like a “sister sama” again.

“Onee sama…”

Whenever she thought of that title, she always subconsciously remembered the other girl who was also called “onee sama” in the school, Miyama Chihaya. Unlike her, although Miyama Chihaya didn’t like to smile, but her temperament gave other people a pretty leisurely feeling. She was like a kitten. Even if she was indifferent to others, she still warmed other people’s hearts.

Probably only girls from civilian families would have such a magical temperament.

Sometimes, Himesaki Mizuki even envied her. Miyama Chihaya was also one of the few people who could talk to her equally. Unlike other people, Chihaya never flattered her, but she also didn’t give her a cold shoulder because of her identity, nor other things.

If she had to describe Chihaya, it would be her aloof attitude, which gave people who talked to her a feeling that she was very cold. But if you really got to know her, you would discover her warm heart under her impassive face.

As Himesaki Mizuki thought all this and was almost asleep, a violent impact and a loud “bang” pulled her back to reality. It was a van. She didn’t know when the whole event started, but the van suddenly drove out of the corner of the road disregarding the traffic light, and crashed into the side of the Rolls-Royce Mirage car!

Thanks to the safety performance of the expensive car, the Rolls-Royce Mirage car wasn’t damaged. It was just forced to change its direction and then plunged into the roadside building like an arrow!


Himesaki Mizuki was scared, but the pain in her legs forced her to return to the reality.

She gently touched herself to check for wounds and found that her bones weren’t hurt. She was just bruised.

She peered over the driver’s seat from the back seat. She found that the airbag had popped out, but the driver wasn’t responding to her words. She didn’t know if the driver had fainted or was in a worse off condition.

The girl took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

Was it a traffic accident? No, she didn’t think so. She thought that the van appeared too suddenly…

“Target sighted!”

She vaguely heard a strange man’s voice coming out of the window.

Target? She suddenly felt more uneasy.

She tried to open the door to leave this place as soon as possible, but the door may have been deformed as it was very difficult to open it. With her current posture. she wasn’t able to gather her strength to push, although she tried several times, but she still couldn’t open the car door.

Suddenly, someone pulled out the car door from the outside and held her arm, roughly pulling her out of the car. Soon afterwards, several hands held her and moved her elsewhere.

She suddenly regained her vision. It seemed that she had finally left the half collapsed building, but the scene in front of her made her heart sink to the bottom.

Now, she was in an alley which was behind the half collapsed building. At the end of the alley, a van had parked there, and the people who held her arms looked nothing like firemen or the police at all.

They were kidnappers. For a moment, this thought hovered in the her mind. Soon afterwards, fear came flooding into her heart. Most kidnappers would ask for money. As the daughter of the master of Himesaki family, she knew she was an easy target for kidnappers.

The problem was that she knew that her father would never make a concession to gangsters. Therefore, if these kidnappers found out that they couldn’t get money, she was likely to become their punching bag, or worse.

She would have a most miserable end.

The van blocked the intersection, and it was almost impossible to escape. It would be better to die here than to face that kind of situation!

Thinking of this, Himesaki Mizuki ferociously bit the hand of the person who grabbed her arm. At the very moment the man loosened his grip due to pain, she heavily hit her head at the large metal valve in the alley.

But she did not succeed. One of the kidnappers beside her immediately responded and knocked her down to the ground.

Her feet had been injured. Naturally, she couldn’t stand up quickly. Therefore, she had to watch that burly man who she had bitten swearing and raising his hand. She closed her eyes and prepared herself to be beaten.

Somehow, although she heard the sounds of being beaten, she didn’t feel any pain at all.

She carefully opened his eyes and found those kidnappers already toppling down to the ground. They foamed at their mouths and had lost their consciousness.

It looked as if a tank had run over the van. The van had been flattened and turned onto its side on the road.

Sunlight came through the alley, and in the bright light, a spiky-haired man smiled, walking slowly towards her. She had the impression the man looked like a god. Her god.

Afterwards, he opened his mouth and said.

“Oh shit, I lost my way. Hey, girl, can you tell me where I am?”

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Editor: bollockz

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