It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (5)

After experiencing the strange event on the tram, when Miyama Chihaya arrived at school, she found that the atmosphere in class was kind of strange.

In a word, her classmates were a bit restless.

She listened carefully, then heard some students mentioning the words “Himesaki”, “kidnapping”, and so on.

However, apart from Sakurakouji Asahi, she didn’t have any friends in class. Due to reverence, other students didn’t speak to her actively. Therefore, even though she cared about Himesaki Mizuki, she still didn’t know what was going on.

Although if she asked them, they’d love to tell her everything they knew, but she felt that would be troublesome, so she ended up saying nothing.

Soon afterwards, the teacher’s arrival made the students quieten down.

“First of all, I want to tell you all some good news. Sakurakouji Asahi has finally finished dealing with her family matters and will return to school tomorrow.” The teacher said with a smile. She put down her tablet computer on the teaching table and clapped her hands to draw all the students’ attention.

The teacher’s words generated a great deal of talk amongst the students. It seemed like everyone suddenly forgot their etiquette of being ladies.

This also proved how popular Asahi was in the hearts of other students (although she was a fujoshi).

“Hey, kittens. Do not continue to be noisy. Our morning meeting hasn’t finished yet.”

The teacher clapped her hands again. After the students had quieted down, she said, “There’s another thing I would like to announce – From today onwards, we’ll have one more lovely kitten in our class!”

According to the teacher’s language habit, did she mean that there would be a transfer student? Chihaya cupped her chin in her hand as she thought of this news in her heart, but didn’t really care about it.

Other students seemed to be very interested. They waited for the teacher to introduce the new student. The teacher looked around and found that everyone was interested. She smiled and said towards the direction of the door, “Xu Moli, you can come in.”

All the students in the classroom subconsciously looked at the door. They waited, but nothing happened.

“Ah… hum?” The teacher, embarrassed, pushed her glasses and said towards the door again, “Xu Moli?”

However, there was still no response outside the door. Therefore, she ignored the dress she was wearing and hurriedly ran towards the door. She opened the door, but found no one outside.

“Xu Moli? Where are you?!” The poor teacher cried like an office staff member who would deduct part of her pay.

After searching for a few minutes, finally, before the teacher broke down, she found Moli in the atrium and took her back to class.

“Although when I heard the name ‘Moli’, I’d guessed that she was the girl I saw before…” Chihaya looked at the golden-haired girl, who shamelessly said, “I lost myself on the road of life”. She felt her stomach began to hurt.

“Xu Moli is Chinese…”

Finally, the teacher recovered from depression. She forced a smile and added after Moli finished her brief self-introduction.

“Ah? But your golden hair is so beautiful!” Some students asked in surprise.

Moli was silent for a while, then slowly answered.

“Genetic mutation.”

Chihaya’s hand slipped over her head. She almost hit her head onto her desk.

Even if you said that you were a half-caste, that would be more reliable than this excuse!

The class was enveloped in a strange silence.

Perhaps everyone had realized that this new classmate was kinda strange – Chihaya thought in her heart.

“Ah, ha, ha, Classmate Xu Moli, you’re really humorous… Why do you want to study in Japan?” The teacher found the atmosphere in the classroom a little strange, so she tried to change the topic to improve the atmosphere.

“Repay an obligation.”

Chihaya felt alarmed in her heart as Moli moved her eyes to her. Moli waved her hands to Chihaya, “Hello, Kisaragi Chihaya.”

“Who’s that?!”

“Classmate Kisaragi?”

“You just removed the correct part!”

“Chihaya Gunzo-kunn?”

“If you know the meaning of ‘kunn’ [1], don’t use it to call me!”

As she subconsciously retorted Moli’s words, Chihaya suddenly realized that the temperament she had tried to keep in front of others was damaged due to this. She had a bad feeling. The reactions of the students around her also proved it.

“Classmate Chihaya actually revealed that expression…”

“It is incredible, but this expression also looks good on her!”

“She actually can let onee sama retort her. Who is she exactly?!”

“This skill of acting dumb… Powerful! She is very powerful!”

“I smell the scent of big news! Baa ha ha ha, I won’t let such an interesting thing escape my hand!”

——Split Line——

There was actually a student council in the Kanishino Girl’s High School.

Although the students in the school hoped that Himesaki Mizuki or Miyama Chihaya would be willing to be the student council chairwoman, however, Himesaki Mizuki refused because she was too busy, and Miyama Chihaya wasn’t interested in it at all.

Under the persuasion of teachers, the two finally agreed to be the vice chairmen of the student council. After all, the two had high prestige amongst the school students. If they didn’t hold an office in the student council, the student council would face a very tricky situation. Conversely, if they were in the student council – even though they did nothing, they could still bring the student council considerable benefits.

After class, in order to avoid her curious classmates, Chihaya decided to go to the student council room. As one of the vice chairwomen of the student council, she could use the room freely, which was quite good welfare for her.

However, when she got to the room, she found there was someone who had come first.

“Hello, classmate Miyama.” The girl standing in front of the large french window was overlooking the White Bell Mountain. She heard the click sound of the door as it opened, then leisurely turned around and greeted her.

“Good morning, Himesaki.”

After seeing the girl in the room, Chihaya slightly relaxed. In a way, they were both in the same boat. “I don’t see your little friend. Isn’t she here?”

“You mean Sumire? The teacher needs her to deal with something, so she is in the teaching affairs office now.”

Himesaki Mizuki answered with a smile.

Soon afterwards, they fell silent together.

A few moments later, Chihaya asked, “What happened this morning?”

“It’s not a pleasant thing…” Himesaki Mizuki turned around. She put her hands on the french window and looked out of the window.


“Don’t apologize. It’s not something that I can’t tell others.” Himesaki Mizuki smiled, then seriously asked, “Well, Classmate Chihaya, do you believe that people would fall in love at first sight?”

[1] kunn(君): only a male can be called as “kunn” in Japanese.

ps: Thanks for your comments. I will change “Sister Sama” to “Onee Sama” from now on. I always welcome you to help me improving my translation, and I’m going to revise the previous chapters in the next month.


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Your kun tibit is incorrect, kun is also used for girls but only from a superior perspective, aka teacher to students, chief to subordinates and so on.

however since Moli is supposed to be the same age and station using kun is indeed wrong.

Alph Medina

True… I guess they didn’t notice it as kun is most used for boys, you’ll most likely see it used the way you describe it if you read a literary novel, and I mean it as a full-fledged literary novel, also depends on the genre and target audience, lol.

But well, there’s also anime and manga although it depends on the genre and their plot.


Eh I think its not only limited to literary novel… I saw the use of -kun like Banarok said above when I was reading a hentai…

I forgot the book name tho… lol


well you can hear it in several anime if a teacher is talking to a student, the most recent one in memory is “interviews with monster girls” but it’s far from the only one.

but yea commonly if your speaking to someone you know somewhat that are in your age group you can use -kun for boys and -chan for girls, however chan is very “cutesy” so using it rather than -san too early would probably get about the same response as a bad pick up line.

there’s also a third one “-tan” that is also used for girls however this one is never used in real life to refer to real people, it’s a pure “otaku” phrase, usually used for the love live girls and the like. it’s known to be overly cutesy.


well she is Demon Lord after all~ human is below her lel~

Alph Medina

oh, another member~! woohoo~!
Although we’ll have to see if her affection will continue later on~!

— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

Really Anymous Person

Hahaha. Thanks for the chapter


>Kisaragi Chihaya
>Chihaya Gunzo
Moli is a natural Otaku Overlord!
these onee-samas dont know the references and retorts like mobs xD


The extreme lack of knowledge when it comes to japan and japanese in this chapter yet the gall and guts to pretend to be knowledgeable enough to write about it both amazes me and makes me feel that it’s just so damn stupid. If you don’t know something, don’t pretend you do. First of all, it’s not “kunn”, it’s “kun” in romanji, there are no words with a double n except for those that is actually another hiragana/katakana and then a n, for example, kannagi looks like it has two normal “n” in a row, but it’s really made up of a “n” and a “na”, not two “n”, at least I don’t recall any words that have a “real” nn in them(kinda weird when you romanize it). It’s also used for girls even if it’s more common that it’s used for boys. It’s also not a matter of can or can’t, no such honorifics are gender specific. It all depends on time, place and people. Though it can be insulting if used in the wrong situation in a malicious way, some people might actually use “kun” or “chan” to put down others in a show of their own superiority even if it’s uncalled for because they’re usually reserved for juvenile humans or those younger than yourself/lower in ranking, so it can even be used as a kind of passive-aggressive insult if you’re so inclined and make it clear that you’re doing it to look down on them.

You can really feel how this reeks of chinese culture being forced upon this pretend japan, a case of great ignorance.

But you know what? While I cringe hard at these parts(having involved myself in japanese culture and learned their language properly over a long time now), I still have to bow and give this author thumbs up. Why? Because there is no racism going on. That’s so rare when it comes to chinese authors nowadays. Though it’s kind of sad how a lack of malicious racism somehow has become a criteria for a truly good chinese novel. Also gotta give it to the author for at least trying to make a good depiction of japan, 99% of chinese authors seem to be more inclined to make fun of japan instead. Well, not going to post more comments, I just wanted to get my piece out there, although it seems like other people already beat me to it.

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