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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 79 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (7)


Himesaki Mizuki was in love.


Miyama Chihaya believed that if she told other people this news, it would definitely cause a stir amongst her schoolmates. Despite what other people thought, she knew the girl in front of her would certainly not accept this.


The girl was petite. Although she was a senior 2 student, even if she claimed that she was a junior school student, her appearance wouldn’t give people a weird feeling. She wore a lovely pink headband which did not seem to suit her lively temperament very much. The gray hair on her temples were slightly cocked which looked like drooping ears, and due to this, other students also called her “puppy-chan”.


Her name was Goyo Sumire. She was the current chairwoman of the student council of the Kanishino Girl’s High School.


At the same time, she was also the chairwoman of the unofficial organization “Himesaki Sama’s Fan Club”. Incidentally, this unofficial organization was even larger than the school council.


Because of this, Goyo Sumire held amazing power in the school, and naturally became the chairwoman of the student council after Miyama Chihaya and Himesaki Mizuki gave up the position.


“The reason why I want to become the chairwoman is only for one goal – to protect Himesaki Sama’s school life!”


Including Chihaya, many students also had a deep impression of her declaration, which she stated at the swearing-in ceremony of the student council.


By the way, after that, the number of the members of “Himesaki Sama’s Fan Club” increased again…


Disregarding her passionate obsession of Himesaki Mizuki, Goyo Sumire was no doubt a qualified chairwoman. As a noble school, the Kanishino Girl’s High School had adequate funding, and every school club could obtain a considerable sum for their budget. But also due to this, the student council had to deal with many affairs. It needed them to spend a lot of manpower and energy to check various club expenses.


However, after Goyo Sumire took office, she handled and arranged those affairs in quite an orderly manner. Under her leadership, the members of the student council (expect for the two vice chairwomen) were also very energetic. They were even once called “puppy-chan’s vicious dogs” by the other students.


Occasionally, Goyo Sumire boasted to others that she wanted to work for Himesaki Mizuki after she graduated. If one viewed just her outstanding abilities, it was not an impossible hope.


By the way, if Sumire’s father heard about her desire, he would definitely cry out. Although her family business couldn’t compare to a top syndicate like the Himesaki Syndicate, her father had formed the Goyo Transport Company from nothing, and the company was already excellent amongst all the second-tier companies in Japan.


“Miyama Sen-pai, your hands just stopped.”


Because Goyo Sumire was so obsessed with Himesaki Mizuki, she didn’t treat Chihaya very enthusiastically, but treated her as a normal student.


“I’m sorry,” Chihaya paused for a while, then restarted to input the paper data into the laptop computer. Although she didn’t have to work and none of the other members would complain, she wasn’t Himesaki Mizuki, who had so many businesses that she needed to deal with. Sometimes, she occasionally helped the student council do some things.


However, she couldn’t stop her mind thinking random thoughts again. Perhaps it was because they were similarly afflicted people, Himesaki Mizuki actually told her the secret which she should have hidden in her heart deeply.


Chihaya thought that perhaps it was because as the young daughter of the Himesaki family, Mizuki couldn’t find other people who were of the same status as her to talk to. If she didn’t speak to anyone, she would have to endure all the pain alone.


Like now, Himesaki Mizuki was not in school but went to the airport, in order to take her family’s private plane to participate in a multinational commercial cooperation in America.


As for kidnapping… This word was too unrelistic for a normal family’s child. Chihaya felt that it was like a scene that only happened in movies, of which she could barely understand the meaning. Even if she would meet criminals, they would at most only be some sex offenders…


Speaking of sex offenders, Chihaya remembered what happened this morning again.


Why had that pervert jumped out of the tram after being discovered? Was he tired of living? That behavior was too abnormal.


Besides, Chihaya didn’t know if it had been her illusion, but when Himesaki Mizuki described the man who saved her, regardless of her Shojo-manga-heroine-like expression and posture, the man she described sounded exactly like the pervert she had met in the tram…


It must be a coincidence. Perhaps old T-shirt and Hawaii-style beach pants were recently popular in the city. She had only about twenty outfits and half of them were her school uniforms. In that case, fashion wasn’t a thing that a normal girl like her could understand.


“Miyama Senpai!” Goyo Sumire’s voice brought Chihaya back to earth again. Sumire sighed and said, “Senpai, if you’re too tired, please go outside and rest for a while. If you insist on staying here, you will affect other people’s work.”


“Geee, puppy-chan, why do you have to drive out my onee sama?!” A member of the student council complained.


“You! Don’t mention that nickname!” Goyo Sumire showed her teeth. In addition to her fluffy hair, it made her look more like a swashbuckling puppy. “Because Miyama Senpai’s melancholy expression is too beautiful – Of course, it can’t compare to Himesaki Sama’s – but other members already can’t stop their desire to peep at you. You have greatly affected their working efficiency. Please go outside to enchant other students.”


“Bupu! Puppy-chan, you’re too authoritarian. Protest, protest!”


However, her threat had no effect. Other members of the student council just booed and hooted.


“You guys, call me chairwoman! If you want to become Himesaki Sama’s helper, you can’t just rest satisfied with your current working efficiency!”


“Gee, but I intend to inherit my mother’s estate…”


“Shut up! Anyone who doesn’t want to become Onee Sama’s subordinate won’t be a good lady!”


“Well, but puppy-chan, I don’t think you look like a good lady now…”


Looking at the members of the student council, Chihaya found that their frayed nerves had relaxed slightly due to this. She thought that Goyo Sumire was using herself as a joke to relieve other people’s stress. She praised Goyo Sumire’s behavior, and extremely admired her acting skill.


Because her acting skill was so real, looking at her face, she was blushing due to being teased. Looking at her eyes, her eyes were full of tears due to shame. Looking at her small teeth, she was gnashing her teeth due to anger…




Wait, was this really her acting?


A bad feeling suddenly arose in Chiyaha’s heart. Her instinct, which she had trained due to the misfortunes experienced in her childhood, was strongly warning her at the moment.


“Well, I-I’m going out. Everybody, thanks for your hard work!”


Miyama Chihaya left the battlefield.


Soon afterwards, she heard puppy…, the chairwoman of the student council, Goyo Sumire’s, loud roar moving out of the room.



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puppy chan?
ehem IDK should I label this as parody or not~
kinda remind me with shoujo manga~

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Hahaha. Thanks for the chapter

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Thanks for the chapter~ ^^


Oops, too many new names, i find it hard to diggest the story ?

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