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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 80 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (8)


Sakurakouji cried until she was so tired that she fell asleep. Xu Shenxing gently lay her down on the old couch in the shrine.


Xu Shenxing looked at the umbrella-shaped crayon drawing on the back of the couch, where two names, “Inochi Sama” and “Asahi”, were written on the both besides of the umbrella pattern. He couldn’t help but softly stroke the girl’s hair.


The girl felt his touch. She turned over and softly murmured, “Don’t leave me alone, Inochi Sama…”


“Well, it really gives me a headache,” Xu Shenxing scratched his face, then looked around the shrine again.


If he had to describe it, the shrine gave him a feeling that it looked like a sweet little home and was filled with the breath of life. He could see the traces of the god Yakumo Inochi everywhere.


If Sakurakouji kept staying here, it wouldn’t be a surprise she would feel very depressed everyday.


Should he help the girl by erasing her memories?


A few days ago, because he was going to travel aboard, he asked Qin Xingyan to make some taoist scrolls that he might need. One of them could be used to erase ordinary people’s memory – after all, Xu Shenxing’s own method to erase memories were too violent. If he carelessly made his “The Method to Erase the Memories” become “The Method to Breaking the Neck”, it would cause a great problem…




Xu Shenxing looked around the room again, then dismissed this idea. Although it was a painful memory for Sakurakouji Asahi, it was also a misfortune everyone would meet during their lifetime – the death of their parents. No matter how painful and sad it was, Xu Shenxing still couldn’t allow himself to erase other people’s memories about their parents. It added up bit by bit from people’s childhoods, and were the most precious memories in their lives.


“…Should I try to see if I can get through to my father’s phone later? Although the International call fee was very expensive.” Xu Shenxing walked to the backyard of the shrine as he complained about the expensive call fee.


In the corner of the backyard, there was a well.


There were ropes circling around the well with gohei papers and scrolls wrapped on them. To be honest, it looked pretty much like the scene from the movie “Ringu”.


However, Xu Shenxing didn’t mind it at all. He stepped over the ropes and walked over to the edge of the well. There were several ropes wrapped together on the wellhead and twisted into one rope, hanging down into the well.


He looked down and saw a bucket in the well, and there was an earthen-yellow jade seal in the bucket. Xu Shenxing pulled up the bucket from the well, then picked up the jade seal from inside it. It should be the “Suppress River Seal” Xu Feng mentioned before. He looked down into the well again. Its inside was still, in complete darkness. Xu Shenxing raised his eyebrows. Afterwards, he jumped into the well. Unfortunately, he didn’t leap through time to the Period of Warring States.


There were only several strange bones at the bottom of the well. Even after he let the spirit ghosts search the well, they still didn’t find any spirits or anomalies. There was nothing in the dried up well. Were the Bureau of Onmyō and the gods mistaken?


Xu Shenxing didn’t think that they would make such a horrible joke. If they weren’t sure that there was something in the well, Yakumo Inochi wouldn’t sacrifice herself to seal a non-existent monster. Therefore, there was only one reason.


“Has that monster escaped from the seal? Well, it’s very lucky. I was ready to slap its right cheek… if it has cheeks,” Xu Shenxing sniffed. By the way, he remembered that there was only half of the monster sealed in the well. The other half of the monster was in Sakurakouji Asahi’s body.


Sakurakouji Asahi was very likely to be in danger now! However, Xu Shenxing didn’t worry about her at all. He leisurely climbed out the well, then walked back to the shrine. As he expected, Sakurakouji was still soundly asleep.


However, the “Divine Protection” he had enchanted on Sakurakouji’s body had been touched. Probably whatever had touched was already half dead due to the automatic counterattack of the “Divine Protection”.


“Tut. I overvalued its power. The limit of the automatic counterattack I set was too high.”


The “Divine Protection” was like a rubber band. The more power you exerted on it, the more power it would rebound back. But if your power was weak as an ant, it wouldn’t cause heavy damage to you.


The current condition was that the limit of “rebound” he set was too high. It was like a tight rubber band that needed you to use a great power to stretch it, but the monster’s strength was currently too weak. If he lowered the limit of “rebounce”, perhaps the monster would have been killed by its own power.


“It was all the fault of the Bureau of Onmyō! They said that it was even stronger than most of gods, but actually, it wasn’t even stronger than the cannon fodder units in the demon lord’s elite army!” Xu Shenxing complained and smacked his lips.


When Xu Shenxing still had thick hair, the cannon fodder units who were as big as mountains, had great recuperability, and could easily smash a contingent of magic cavaliers, once were some big troubles for him.


“Fortunately, I asked Xingyanemon to make this taoist scroll for me!” Xu Shenxing confidently smiled, then drew out a taoist scroll from his pocket. This taoist scroll could record a certain target’s smell and track it when it was still within a certain range. Although it had limitations in many cases – for instance, the target it recorded shouldn’t leave the scene over an hour, or when you recorded the smell, you must keep the scroll steady… But all in all, it was very convenient.


Xu Shenxing knew how to use the taoist scroll. Although his body stored all Moli’s mana, but unfortunately, he was a magic idiot. He couldn’t use Moli’s mana at all. But he could use other methods to use the taoist scroll – for instance, catch the Godhood and twist it, like you would twist a towel, in order to squeeze out god power from it and use that god power to activate the taoist scroll.


He had practiced this in the Sakura apartment and achieved success, therefore he asked Qin Xingyan to prepare many taoist scrolls.


“I have the number one taoist power!”


Just as Xu Shenxing prepared to squeeze out god power from the Godhood, he suddenly remembered that he had lost the broken Godhood.


“Ah ah ah, that girl!” He patted his head and moved his eyes to the school at the foot of the mountain. “I remember that girl’s school uniform is the same as Sakurakouji’s. Is she a student of the Kanishino Girl’s High School? I must take back the Godhood from her.”


Anyway, Moli was there. By now, she should have slipped into the school without being seen. If she could cover him, there should be no problem in taking back the broken Godhood.


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