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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 81 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (9)


After leaving the classroom block, Chihaya found herself with nothing special to do. It was time for the noble students to have their afternoon tea and most of the civilian students would be taking part in club activities or reviewing their lessons at this time.


As for the noble students, some of them were also taking part in club activities, whilst others were holding the tea party in the school backyard .


As a civilian student, Chihaya didn’t want to take part in the noble students’ tea party – Of course, if she wanted to attend, the members of the tea party would be glad to see her arrival.


Therefore, she walked to the school cortile, then saw several lower grade students circling around a tree and worriedly looking upwards at the tree. As she was free now, Chihaya walked over to them and also looked up at the tree.


Soon afterwards, she understood what these children were looking at. A white kitten was lying on the end of a tree branch. In front of it, there was a green snake winding around the root of the branch and hissing at it.


The kitten was so scared that it didn’t dare to jump off the tree. If the situation continued like this, the kitten would be eaten by the snake.


Those children circling around the tree were trying to save the kitten, but none of them knew how to climb the tree. Besides, they were afraid of the snake.


“Didn’t Nanako go call the teachers? Haven’t any teachers come yet?”


“Where are the guards? Why don’t they come here to patrol? When we need them, we just can’t see any of them!”


“What should we do? Should we go to the Physical Education Office to take a cushion and place it under the kitten?”


Eventually, they were only chattering like a flock of sparrows but made no progress. The kitten was scared and hissed even more, but the snake was unaffected and kept crawling towards it.


Chihaya looked at the white kitten with pity, but she just lowered her head and was going to leave the cortile because she didn’t know how to climb the tree either. She could offer no help. Besides, when she was a child, she was once bullied by other children. The weak will stand as easy prey to the strong. She knew the meaning of this proverb better than the noble students who lived like flowers in a greenhouse.


Just then, she felt someone pulling the corner of her clothes. She turned back, then saw the girl named Moli standing behind her.


“Do you want to save the kitten?” The little girl asked and looked up at her with a straight face.


The afternoon sunlight shone on the cortile. The little girl’s smooth skin reflected the sunlight, making her, whose body was covered in a layer of hazy light, look like a dream.


“…If we save the kitten, the snake would starve to death. There is nothing wrong or right, just a fight for survival. This is the law of nature, we can do nothing to help them,” Chihaya said softly. She moved her eyes away.


“Japanese is too complicated. I don’t understand what you’re saying.”


Moli just ignored Chihaya’s understanding from her past experiences. She looked straight at Chihaya and asked, “There is only one thing I want to know. Do you want to save the kitten?”


Chihaya raised her head, looking at the shivering little white kitten again, as if she was looking at her past self. She had faced the evil intentions of others, but could do nothing. She couldn’t fight back. She could only sob alone in the darkness, despite the loneliness and pain festering in her heart.


If someone had helped her at that time, she probably wouldn’t be so resistant in making friends with others.




When had she became so alone? After losing sight of the future and in order to not be hurt, she had sealed off her heart and lost interest in everything. Even after she faced such a situation, she would just say, “It’s natural selection. We can’t do anything about it”, and didn’t feel sorry for the kitten.


When had she turned from being a “victim” to a “perpetrator”? When had she become just like the people who gave her the cold shoulder when she needed their help?


“Help it… Please…”


Moli’s eyes looked magical (in fact, her eyes did contain magic power), and cracked Chihaya’s hardened heart defence. Finally, Chihaya lowered her eyes and used her faint voice to entreat Moli.


“Leave it to me!”


Moli nodded and patted her flat chest with satisfaction. After that, she pushed the crowded girls under the tree out of the way, walking straight to the front of the tree.


“Whoah! Who’s stepping on my foot?”


“Wait.. Don’t crowd!”


“Who’s this girl? Is she the first grade transfer student?”


“Don’t be so rude!… Ah, Miyama Sama!”


At first, the girls who were elbowed by Moli looked pretty unhappy and complained about Moli’s rude behavior, but after seeing Chihaya, who followed behind Moli, they held back.


“Language is powerful,” Moli sat in front of the tree and looked up at the kitten and the snake. Her words sounded reasonable, but not fit for her young face, therefore giving people a feeling that she was a child who was pretending to be an adult. “As long as we can have good conversation, we can understand each other – the landlord said so.”


After that, she didn’t wait for Chihaya to ask “Who’s the landlord”, but put her hands together like a horn, then shouted towards the snake, “Mr Snake, Mr Snake! Please stop, don’t do anything silly! Mr Snake, Mr Snake! Think about your mom waiting for you at home! If she knows what you’re doing, she would cry out!”


Were you a police who’s inducing the robber to capitulate?!


At first, Chihaya kept a serious face because of Moli’s words and her serious expression. However, she hadn’t expected that Moli was planning to persuade the snake by speaking a few words and that what she said sounded like it was directly copied from a cop show…


“Why had I believed her? Is my brain faulty?” Chihaya murmured in her heart.


However, as everyone was thinking that Moli was just joking, the snake stopped its action, then crawled down the tree. The other girls were scared and escaped from there, but only Moli and Chihaya still stayed there.


Even Chihaya also felt uneasy as she looked at the arm-thick snake.


When the snake crawled to the ground, it raised its triangular head and nodded to them like a human. After that, it drilled into a ditch beside the tree and disappeared with a “Goo-Dong” sound.


“You actually did it!” Chihaya blinked her eyes in surprise.


“See that? I told you that you could leave it to me.” Moli turned back, proudly thrusting out her flat chest, “This is the power of communication.”

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Power of communication! SO OP!!!


i dont know whether to laugh or cry ?. Her language is magic language. And yes that’s the power of communication

Alph Medina

lol. most probably, it’s just Moli that’s OP~!!!!

— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^


it only works for lolis because they’re cute and all.
I tried to talk to birds and roaches not just once but…….

Spoiler Seeker

They tried to bite you?


the former flew away while the latter flew my way.
are they tsundere or what


Lmao ?

Really Anymous Person

Flat is justice

Spoiler Seeker

No it is not! Moli….

Really Anymous Person

Hahaha. Thanka for the chapter


nope it because 2 thing
1 da snake can understand your language
2 you are a freaking Demon Lord!

Loli's Brother

Yup, no matter what loli’s will is absolute. ?

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