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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 82 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (10)


Konoe Syuushi was one of the guards at Kanishino Girl’s High School. Today, he got a headache – Including him, it seemed that every guard had lost a part of their memories.


“Was it because someone sneaked into the school and erased our memories?” He murmured as he walked along his patrol route.


Immediately, he laughed and said to himself, “How it possible? This is the real world, not a novel or game.”


The next moment, a hand reached out from the tree behind him and tightly gripped his neck. Soon afterwards, he fainted due to hypoxia… It seemed that he would lose another piece of his memory.


“Whoa! You did it again! And you were not using ‘wrestling’!”


Sakurakouji muttered. She had followed Xu Shenxing and saw everything he did.


“No problem. I have let the spirit ghosts fly to the sky to overlook this area. After we finish clearing this patrol point, nothing ahead will stop us.” Xu Shenxing dragged the guard into the bush and stripped off the guard’s uniform.


“Geeee! Kamisama!” Sakurakouji blushed. She covered her eyes with her hands, then opened her eyes wide, peeping at Xu Shenxing through her fingers. “E-even if you’re not picky, but I don’t think that this guy is a good choice as your male companion…”


“Nope. I just think that this guy’s size is about my size. It should be no problem to wear his uniform to pretend to be a guard for me.”


“I-I see…”


“Why do you look so disappointed?”


“I-i-i-i-i-illusion! It’s just your imagination!”


“Nah. Never mind… Anyway, I’m going to take off my clothes. Can you please turn around?”




“Why’re you so disgruntled…”


As they talked, maybe due to the cold air, naked Konoe Syuushi sneezed and woke up. In the next moment, he saw that a strange man was squatting in front of him and going to strip off his clothes.


Before he screamed with fear, Xu Shenxing had punched his stomach. He rolled his eyes and fainted again.


“Why’re you so skillful…”


“Because I have done such things many times…” Xu Shenxing recalled his past. At that time, he was still at the age of a high school student. In the other world, he and his partners had sneaked into the evil overlord’s territory, and due to lack of experience, he had instantly exposed his identity. Finally, him and his partners had to defeat the demon army there, making their stealth attempt become a great war of recovering the lost Human Alliance territory.


Incidentally, the part Xu Shenxing missed the most was that he still had had thick hair at that time.


“By the way, Sakurakouji, aren’t you a student here? Why did you sneak into the school with me?”


“Isn’t it the miko’s responsibility to follow her god?” The girl asked back.




“If you keep following me, don’t I have to give up my plan to take away this man’s wallet?!” Xu Shenxing murmured in his heart.


Anyway, after putting on Konoe Syuushi’s uniform, Xu Shenxing followed Sakurakouji to the school cortile.


The school cortile was filled with all sorts of horticultural species and fountains. They were used as ornaments and were not a good place for one to rest. The school backyard was the place where the noble students took a rest and held the tea party. Xu Shenxing remembered that the girl had taken the bus to go to school, therefore she should not be a noble student who would join the tea party.  Besides, he pretended that he was a guard, but the guards were not allowed to go in the teaching building. In that case, he had to go to the cortile to try his luck.


Fortunately, he had his wish fulfilled. He saw Moli talking with Miyama Chihaya in the cortile.


“Good job, Moli. You read my mind,” he whispered with satisfaction, then walked around the cortile, trying to find a good location to observe the girl’s ass… cough, the place where the broken Godhood had stuck itself onto.


Sakurakouji Asahi followed Xu Shenxing’s sight and saw the girl he was looking at. She became dazed for a moment after realising that the girl was Miyama Chihaya.


She pulled Xu Shenxing’s security uniform, then put her head close to his ear and briefly introduced Chihaya’s identity to him.


“I see. So, she is the next god of White Bell Shrine,” Xu Shenxing said in an epiphany.


When he had been at the White-hart Taoist Temple, the old temple master had spoken to him about the Godhood. Despite being drowsy most of the time when the old master spoke, Qin Xingyan had used the payment of house rent to threaten him to pay attention, therefore he recalled parts of the conversation.


One of the things he knew was that “Godhoods attract each other”. Of course, the “attract” part didn’t mean love, but when two Godhoods got too close, each would uncontrollably pull the other closer.


It wasn’t like the proverb “Things of one kind come together” claimed, but because the broken Godhoods would automatically try to swallow other broken Godhoods to repair themselves.


Xu Shenxing’s Godhood was broken because it had lost its “God’s Name”, and Chihaya inherited her Godhood from her blood line. As so many years had passed, her Godhood bloodline was already very thin. It wasn’t difficult to understand why the two Godhoods would attract each other.


“Wait. If so, do I still need to take back my Godhood of Martial Arts?”


Xu Shenxing and Sakurakouji hid in the bushes and whispered to each other, “If we let the Godhood enter the girl’s body and complete her Godhood, won’t the girl directly upgrade to become a god?”


“I think we should treat the whole thing more carefully,” Sakurakouji blushed, but said seriously, “Besides, you said that the Godhood was sticking onto her ass… that strange place? I think it’s weird to let the Godhood enter Chihaya’s body from that place!”


“Sigh,” Xu Shenxing looked upset and said, “But it’s very troublesome to take off it. You know what? She treated me as a pervert this morning!”


“No problem. I will persuade her. I think that Chihaya would understand your intention!” Saakurakouji Asahi offered herself.


“What’re you going to say to her?”


“For the sake of the world’s peace, please let this man stroke your ass!”




“Why do you look like you’re saying ‘Is she an idiot?’?”


“You guessed right. Well, good for you.”


“Ai hey hey, I’m not that good… Wait, do you really think so?”


“Hum, anyway, let’s go see Moli and ask her to help us.”


“Don’t ignore me, Kamisama!”




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For the sake of World Peace! Let me stroke your ass!!


I’d like to see the result of her saying so, lol.

— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^


this god-miko duo is best for the job, dont ever make ’em separated! xD

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