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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 83 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 83

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: bollockz

I have bad news for you all. Cherry will be working on another novel from now on so I intend to take over “Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage”. However, I can’t translate “Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage” and “It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute” at the same time. That would take me too much time. Therefore, there must be a choice made. Which one do you guys want me to translate? The result will depend on your comments.

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Chapter 83: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (11)




In the alley behind the classroom block, Sakurakouji was sitting on the ground whilst Miyama Chihaya looked at her with a solemn face.


At first, she was happy to see her only friend return. However, she hadn’t expected that the first thing that Sakurakouji would ask after they saw each other was for her to allow a strange man to touch her ass…


Thinking of that, Chihaya angrily stared at Xu Shenxing who was pretending to be whistling. After that, Chihaya pinched Sakurakouji Asahi’s cuddly cheeks and asked her, “You stupid girl! What have you learnt after missing for a week?”


“Gee gee gee. I just went to look for the god!” Sakurakouji Asahi piteously explained. She shakily struggled out of Chihaya’s hands.


“Is this pervert ‘Hawaiian-style beach pants’ the god you found?”


“I’m wearing a suit now, ok?” Xu Shenxing faintly retorted.


Although it wasn’t his own suit.


“Shut up, pervert! I haven’t gotten even with you yet!”


“What? It wasn’t what I really wanted to do! Except for legitimate loli, I have no interest in any girl’s ass whose age is above fourteen…”






Chihaya was angry. Her gloomy expression looked mighty, giving Xu Shenxing a feeling of “What a powerful girl!” and stopped him from retorting her words.


Only Moli still kept a straight face. She still comfortably ate the snacks which she had taken from the noble students’ tea party.


“B-But he was coming here to protect you!” said Sakurakouji Asahi. Although she was frightened, she had gotten used to Chihaya’s ice-cold temperament.


“Protect me?”


“Protect her?”


Miyama Chihaya and Xu Shenxing asked in surprise together.


“Yes. Chihaya, you’re still an arahitogami candidate and don’t have enough deterrence to many high grade monsters. They won’t be afraid to attack you. Therefore, before you become a true arahitogami, you need a real god to help you.” Sakurakouji Asahi explained.


“So to say, when you were in Jiangjin City, this… well, Miss Miyama, right? Please don’t stare at me like that… Weren’t you putting Miss Miyama in danger?” asked Xu Shenxing.


“Yes. But when I left here, the Bureau of Onmyō had secretly sent an onmyoji [1] to protect her,” Sakurakouji Asahi answered honestly.


“Ah? But I didn’t see any strangers!” Miyama Chihaya felt dizzy. Some people had secretly tracked her for a week, but she didn’t know it at all! Besides, she didn’t remember if she had seen any strangers around her.


“Of course you didn’t, because the onmyoji had been in the school before I left,” Sakurakouji Asahi said with admiration, “Till now, she’s still hiding in the darkness without being seen!”


Miyama Chihaya thought for a moment, then asked, “Is the onmyoji the first grade transfer student?”


“You know her!” Sakurakouji was shocked.


“Why’re you so surprised?” Chihaya raised her eyebrows and said, “I’m not a person who is indifferent to any news in school. Besides, I’m a member of the student council. How do you think that I wouldn’t notice that strange application letter made to the school?”


“Chihaya Sama, you’re surprisingly smart!”


“You just figured that out now?!”


Although it sounded like a boast, but Chihaya thought that she was a smart student. Even if she didn’t spend too much time studying, but as long as she read the textbooks and reviewed them regularly, she could keep her school record steady in the top-ten list.


Except for Himesaki Mizuki who was so amazingly excellent, there weren’t too many students who could beat her in terms of studying. This was also one of the reasons that she could be an “Onee Sama”, because the school’s noble students wouldn’t adore a person who only had a beautiful face.


However, although they were classmates, Sakurakouji Asahi didn’t know anything about Chihaya’s grades, which damaged Chihaya’s confidence partly.


“By the way, Miss Moli, were you a middle school student in China? But after you came here, you directly chose to enter a high school class… Does that mean that you’re very smart too?”


Sakurakouji felt Chihaya’s ice-cold temperament and decided to avoid irritating her again. Therefore, she moved her eyes to Moli, who’d been quietly eating the snacks like a hamster.


Generally, supernatural beings had extraordinary intelligence. It wasn’t surprising to know that they were good at studying. Well, generally.


“Nope. The reason why Moli goes to the high school is that she would definitely fail all subjects regardless of how easy the subject is. Therefore, there is no difference between middle school and high school for her. In that case, she just directly entered Sakurakouji’s class.”


Moli pouted as Xu Shenxing explained breezily, “Anyway, she’s an exchange student. No matter how bad her school record is, the teachers can’t complain about it to me.”




Sakurakouji Asahi was stunned, and Chihaya looked at Xu Shenxing with disdain.


“Moli’s bad school record should be blamed on your indifferent attitude! Moli, stay away from this pervert and come to live with me. I will guide you in studying!”


Maybe it was due to the encounter before, Chihaya took a liking to Moli and attached importance to her.


“Humph, naive. Our hearts beat in harmony. How do you think that Moli would betray me?” Xu Shenxing sneered.


“I will make sheep soup, pork burgers, and braised beef with potatoes tonight, and after dinner, you will have ice cream as your snack.”


“Puff, puff! Do you think such a crude lure can work? Let me tell you, such a…”


“There will be flower-shaped poached eggs on the pork burgers!”


Shuffle! <- Moli suddenly stood up.


Ta ta ta! <- Moli stepped on the ground.


Pa ta! <- Moli suddenly turned around.


“Landlord, I will miss you,” Moli stood behind Chihaya and waved her hands to Xu Shenxing.


“You betrayed me arrrghhhhh!!!”


[1] onmyoji: Historically, an onmyoji is a practitioner of the art of onmyōdō (from Wiki).

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