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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 85 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 85

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: bollockz


Chapter 85: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (13)


Japan’s Mystic Arts were born from Taoist Techniques. However, after merging Taoist Techniques with other religious doctrines, it had formed a new religious system. Some spells and theories, which belonged to heresies in taoism, became a part of the religious system in Mystic Arts, and was inherited from generation to generation.


The “Caged Bird” spell, which Keikain Haruka had used, was one of these heresies. It used children’s folk rhymes as the carrier of the curse and could be cast by singing the song “Caged Bird”. Because the auxiliaries were children’s folk rhymes and the story behind the children’s folk rhymes, it was pretty easy to build a spell – even a beginner could learn it very quickly. However, Keikain Haruka was already at the master grade of building spells.


This was just a gimmick for her, and she could even use it to play more tricks. For instance, in the past, the song “Caged Bird” could only be used to imprison the enemy. Its largest application was to force the imprisoned enemy to fall asleep. However, she bound the spell with the monster “Slender Man”, which she had captured not too long ago, and increased the power of the spell giving it the function of killing – although it would be very dangerous for other people if they inappropriately used this spell to control the Slender Man.


Incidentally, the Slender Man was also known as “Child Killer”, and due to this, this spell could cause extra damage to children, or people who looked like children…


As was mentioned before, Keikain Haruka was one of the top-level onmyoji. She could control her spells perfectly. At that moment, she hadn’t intended to harm Moli. She had intended to order the Slender Man to strangle Moli until she fainted, then she would cast a spell on Moli which would cause her to subconsciously stay away from Miyama Chihaya after that.


At the moment Moli had lost her balance and was going to fall to the ground, the Slender Man stretched out its hand to her. Surprisingly, Moli suddenly caught the Slender Man’s slim arm. Her strength was so great to the degree that the Slender Man’s arm twisted in an unnatural way. Haruka felt that she heard the cracking sound of the Slender Man’s arm. The Slender Man roared with pain. Unlike normal creatures, its voice was just a kind of upsetting noise which sounded like something was scraping a rusty metal plate.


Several black tentacles stretched out from the Slender Man’s back and tried to wrap around Moli.


However, Moli just turned back and scolded back, “F**k off!”


In the next second, the Slender Man froze, its whole body turned into white ashes, then finally vanished into the cage.


“Just as I thought. You’re not an ordinary person,” Keikain Haruka said coldly. She half opened her eyes, then waved her hand to order the floating book to fly back to her. She was prepared to meet this tough challenge.


However, Moli directly ignored her. She just lifted her leg and stomped on the black pillar in front of her. On the black pillar, countless cracks immediately appeared, then the cracks rapidly spread to the remaining six pillars. After a second, they all turned into ashes simultaneously.


“This girl could use physical touch to dispel magic power in such a way,” Haruka considered in her heart. Since that was the case, she should stop using her spells. Perhaps she should use a physical attack. That should be able to cause the little girl some damage. Several yellow papers flew out of her magic book, then spontaneously combusted in the air simultaneously. They offered Haruka pretty abundant spirit qi for her next attack.


“Shikigami Summon: Half Giant Door!”


Instantly, the sky turned dark.


Moli subconsciously raised her head, then saw a giant shadow smashing to her. Judging from its shadow casted onto the ground, the dropping object couldn’t be smaller than a luxury villa! And this was far from what the truth was. If a person who had spiritual vision looked down from the sky, that person would see a giant elephant foot suddenly appearing in the sky and stamping towards the ground.


Giant Door was the second star of the Great Dipper, and one of the nine emperor stars. It was a dark-type star, ruling over right and wrong. Undoubtedly, the shikigami named “Giant Door” was one of the strongest shikigami. Even Haruka, who was recognized as a genius, couldn’t summon its whole body but only just one of its feet. However, even though it was just the Giant Door’s one foot, it was enough to instant kill most monsters.


This was also one of Keikain Haruka’s three trump cards and the reason why she could be a top-level onmyoji. Although Moli didn’t do much, but she had put stress on Haruka and made Haruka decide to use it.


When Moli saw such a giant foot dropping from the clouds, she was also frightened. Although “Meteor Storm Summoning” wasn’t a rare magic in another world, but this was indeed the first time that this devil girl saw a giant foot dropping down from the clouds.


If her magic power wasn’t sealed, she could use transfiguration magic to turn the giant foot into a chicken leg or other things. However, there was no “if” here. Therefore, she could only use one method to fight against it.


Moli lifted her small fist. At the very moment that the giant foot was dropping to the ground, turbulent flows swept through the ground like a hurricane. Some trees, whose roots weren’t stable, couldn’t withstand such powerful force and were pulled up into the sky. Some private cars were reeled right and left. As for the windows near Moli, they were all broken. Not only that. The ground also groaned at this moment. Earth-like waves swept through the whole area. Even Xu Shenxing, who was in the Kanishino Girl’s High School now, also felt the vibration.


Moli wasn’t hurt at all and she had successfully blocked this powerful attack. However, the asphalt road under her feet couldn’t withstand such a strong attack. It completely collapsed and formed a big hole. Even Moli herself was also trampled into the hole.


At the next moment, the giant foot suddenly turned into white smoke then disappeared with a “Peng!” sound. The vanishing of such a giant object caused a vacuum area. The surrounding air flowed back into the vacuum area and caused turbulent stream swirls. The effect of the swirls wasn’t even inferior to the power of the giant foot.


Beside the big hole, Haruka suddenly felt dizzy. She half knelt on the ground, felt her eyes dull and some warm liquid flow out from her nose. The giant foot “Half Giant Door” had disappeared but not because it had reached its time limit or simply returned to its own world by itself. It disappeared simply because it couldn’t maintain itself any longer after Moli seriously injured it.


Its elephant-like whining still lingered in Haruka’s mind. Its disappearance had caused massive damage to her brain. If she didn’t have exceptional mentality, perhaps her brain would have been burnt due to the overload.


Of course, after such an event happened, Chihaya had realized that something was happening outside. As other people were wondering if it was an earthquake, Chihaya had run out disregarding the potential danger she may encounter. After that, she was shocked by the large hole in the road.


Fortunately, this wasn’t a bustling commercial zone. There weren’t too many ordinary people at this time on the street. Otherwise, it would have caused many people to be injured, or even worse, causing heavy casualties.

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Slender Man. that’s a name I havent heard for a long time

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Hahaha. Thanks for the chapter

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Poor slender man, after it was summoned the first thing thats he do is to harm our loli overlord, just pray for a better life. ?

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