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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 88 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 88

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: bollockz

Chapter 88: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (End)


Soon afterwards, a girl’s sound came from the sword-shaped crack.


“I reserve the right for the final explanation.”


“What is it? An arbitrary clause? You didn’t say it before! I told you I don’t have money even if I have broken something expensive!” A man said quickly.


“Kamisama, how about closing the spacial rift as soon as possible? We can pretend that nothing had happened.” Suddenly, a sound from another girl interrupted their talk.


However, Miyama Chihaya immediately realized who the girl was.


“Asahi? Is that you?” Chihaya asked and gazed at the oomukade, who was still trapped in the spacial rift.


“The voice… Miyama sama, is it you?” Sakurakouji Asahi’s happy voice came from the sword-shaped crack, “Kamisama, we are not at the wrong place. They are here!”


“Hum… before we go there, I’m telling you in advance, if I have broken something, you need to split the compensation with me…” The man said reluctantly.


At this time, Chihaya also remembered who the man was. He should be the pervert she saw this morning, and undoubtedly, the little girl was Moli. When Chihaya thought this in her heart, another sword-shaped crack tore the space again. However, it was vertical, forming a cross in the air with the sword-shaped crack appeared before.


At the same time, the adjacent point of the two cracks increased, finally forming a hole that could let a human in. Xu Shenxing, Moli, and Sakurakouji Asahi came out of the hole one after another.


Miyama Chihaya still didn’t know what was happening, but it seemed that Keikain Haruka and her had been saved. She finally put her heart at ease. After falling to the ground, Xu Shenxing turned back to see what he just hit. He opened his mouth wide.


“Why does this centipede make a pose which makes it look pretty much like it was crucified?”


At this time, the two sword-shaped cracks on the oomukade’s body vanished in the air and space returned to normal due to the world’s self-restoration capability. Immediately, green blood squirted out from the cross-like wounds with a smell of sulphur. After dripping on the ground, the blood eroded the soil and left a lot of small holes.


“Whoa! Is it a yokai?” Sakurakouji Asahi hid behind Xu Shenxing like a little quail. She carefully poked her head out and gazed at the dying oomukade.


“Is it? I remember that yokai usually use spells or claws to attack and don’t use green blood to scare their enemy. It should be a rare animal, just like a cobra.”


Xu Shenxing touched his chin and pretended to be learned, “It shouldn’t be valuable if I sell it to insect house…”


“No, no insect in the world is as big as this!” Miyama Chihaya retorted.


“Oh, you are right. Centipede is an arthropod. It can’t be an insect.”


“That’s not the point!” Chihaya thought that if she had a paper fan in her hand, she would throw it at Xu Shenxing without hesitation.


“It is… a yokai… oomukade…” Keikain Haruka strenuously said, “Be careful… it is poisonous…”


Before she finished her words, the angry oomukade had spitted a green venom ball at them!


“You are not the only one who knows how to spit!” Xu Shenxing looked at the venom ball with a disdainful smile. However, before he struck back, the venom ball had been precisely shot on his face.




Everyone suddenly became quiet and looked at Xu Shenxing and the green mucus-like liquid on his face.


Xu Shenxing said nothing. He calmly took out a free paper napkin he took away from the school’s canteen before, then wiped off the saliva… venom ball on his face with it.


Of course, the paper napkin instantly turned into ashes after touching the venom.


“… (angry!)” (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Everyone saw a crisscross blue vein appeared on his forehead. (╬~皿~)


The mood became very subdued. Only the oomukade who didn’t know how to “read the air” raised its body. Its face, which looked like a human face but was covered with insect shell and spikes, moved towards Xu Shenxing.


It said with a hoarse voice, “Is…”


Unfortunately, it could never speak out the second word because its whole body had vanished in an instant, and only the upper half of its face was left momentarily suspended in the air.


The half of its face dropped to the ground like a wet rag.


What happened?!


Miyama Chihaya and Sakurakouji Asahi were confused. Keikain Haruka had a guess. She saw a green internal fragment sticking out of Xu Shenxing’s right fist.


Was it because his right fist had broken the oomukade’s body into ashes? But how can it be possible? He was thirty metres away from the oomukade! When did he move?!


“Humph. How dare you try to use your blood to stain Moli’s clothes… your crime deserves more than death!” Xu Shenxing said coldly as he walked to the upper half of the oomukade’s head.


No, no, no! It wasn’t the reason! You got angry because it spitted its saliva (the venom ball) on your face! Miyama Chihaya retorted in her heart.


Chihaya looked at the upper half of the oomukade’s head and found that it was still alive.


“I… just want… to become a more advanced being… why… do humans… stop me?!” The upper half of the oomukade’s head shouted from the ground.


“Nonsense. Why do we stop you? Because you are too ugly!” Xu Shenxing said without hesitation, “Don’t spit saliva in your next life!” He stepped on the upper half of the oomukade’s head and crushed it.


Suddenly, Xu Shenxing’s shoe was smoking.


He held his foot and cried, “Nooooo! My shoe! It was corroded!”


Regardless of Xu Shenxing, Sakurakouji Asahi looked at Keikain Haruka and exclaimed, “You are injured and poisoned!”


“Ah! Be forewarned, I don’t know healing magic.” Xu Shenxing slowly said and lowered his leg.


“Me too!” Moli said. In fact, she could use healing magic, but she felt annoyed because she was attacked by Keikain Haruka, so she refused to heal her.

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Aprian Herlambang

woaaahhhh, thanks a lot for translating this chapter


2 chap and the arc is end~


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Wonder if they will give money for the mc’s expenses? XD!


Umu thank you for the updates ?

Alexios Blake

I am happy that at least in this CN novel there is no Japan hate. It’s a really cute story.

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Thanks for the chapter dudeeeee

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