It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Becoming a God From Today on (1)


In the end, Sakurakouji Asahi asked Miyama Chihaya to hold a ceremony for her, and healed Keikain Haruka through “God-entertainment Dance”, a miko’s healing ritual.


The nature of Miyama Chihaya’s godhood was biased towards “water”. As water symbolised “heal” and “life”, Chihaya’s dance could heal Keikain Haruka even though she hadn’t  become an Arahitogami yet.


After that, Keikain Haruka hadn’t completely recovered, but she could walk now.


Looking after Keikain Haruka till she left, Sakurakouji Asahi stretched herself and said with a smile, “Thank god, you exterminated the monster from the dry well. We don’t need to worry anymore!”


“I’m sorry but I have to tell you that the monster isn’t the yokai from the dry well.” Xu Shenxing shrugged his shoulders.


“What? But didn’t it attack Miyama Sama?” Sakurakouji Asahi asked in confusion.


“Didn’t you hear its last words? It attacked ass… cough, Miyama for the broken godhood in her body. If it obtained it, it would have an opportunity to become a god. In the modern world, spirit qi has become very thin. In this case, the simplest way to obtain stronger power is to ‘become a god’. Moreover, Miyama’s godhood is from a Chinese god, which is more precious than the godhood from ‘The Plain of High Heaven’,” Xu Shenxing said, “Besides, there is more evidence that proved that the centipede wasn’t from the dry well.”


“What’s it?” Sakurakouji Asahi asked.


“I saw a skeleton in the dry well… perhaps the monster had died after it was sealed in the dry well.”


“Gee? It had died?” Sakurakouji Asahi asked in disbelief with her eyes opened wide.


“I think so. However, ‘death’ isn’t an end to supernatural beings… many supernatural beings can obtain stronger powers after their souls leave their bodies,” Xu Shenxing continued, “Perhaps this was the method the monster used to escape from the dry well. In other words, our enemy has become a cunning spirit.”


“Whoa! Sounds like a pain in the ass…” Sakurakouji Asahi felt deflated.


Suddenly, Miyama Chihaya, who was leading the way ahead of them, turned around and shouted, “It doesn’t matter whether it is a spirit, supernatural being, or yokai!”


She gazed at Xu Shenxing in anger and asked, “Why are you following me?”


“Don’t you understand?” Xu Shenxing looked at her in surprise, “Of course we will go to your house together with you.”


“I don’t understand! I only invited Moli, I didn’t include you!”


“Hum, by the way, I remember that Miyama Sama hasn’t invited me to her house…” Sakurakouji Asahi said dejectedly.


“Be-because I’m different when I’m in my house…” Miyama Chihaya didn’t expect that Sakurakouji Asahi was so concerned about it. She was at a loss.


“Yo, Miss Ass is fond of the new and tired of the old.” Xu Shenxing teased her deliberately.


“Shut up!” Chihaya put her hands on her waist and yelled at him. Immediately, she rubbed her face with an awkward smile and said, “Miyama, I’ll be glad to invite you to my house, but… maybe you will feel different when I’m in my house.”


“It doesn’t matter, I don’t care about whatever secret you are trying to hide… even if your true identity is a cute boy! It would be better if that’s true, so that you can couple with Kamisama! — ‘Chihaya Kunn, I didn’t expect that you are a♂ cute♂ boy♂!’ ‘No, stop, Ka♂ Mi♂ Sa♂ Ma♂! We can’t do it!'”


“Shut up, you fujoshi!” Miyama Chihaya knocked Sakurakouji Asahi’s head.


“Stop!!! Don’t make me imagine it!” For the first time, Xu Shenxing hated his exuberant imagination.


“Awwoo! Don’t hit my face!” Sakurakouji Asahi covered her face and tightly followed behind Miyama Chihaya.


“Listen, the pervert over there, neeeeeever follow us!” Chihaya stuck out her tongue to Xu Shenxing and left with Moli and Sakurakouji Asahi.


“Hey, hey, anyhow, I’m still your lifesaver…” Xu Shenxing stood on the street alone as if he was an abandoned kid.


——————————Split Line——————————


“So, this is the reason why I’m here.” Xu Shenxing grinned and gave the girl in front of him a thumbs-up sign.


“Get out of my house.” Keikain Haruka half opened her deathful eyes and pointed to the door without hesitation.


“By the way, what a mess your house is in…” Xu Shenxing pretended that he hadn’t heard the homeowner’s angry words and looked around the room.


How to describe it exactly? In his view, it looked like “an otaku’s room who has no life skills, and who has stayed in the room for a year”.


Including the corridor, Keikain Haruka’s house was covered with countless black garbage bags. Although the talismans on the bags could expel bugs, but their foul smell still made Xu Shenxing frown.


Her clothes, including her bras and panties were thrown on the bed and sofa casually. He even found her underclothes on the floor.


The kitchen door was sealed with a lot of talismans and made Xu Shenxing feel that something indescribable was sealed in there. In fact, Xu Shenxing had seen that something was creeping in the sink…


Half opened cup noodles and snacks were casually put on the desk and tea table. Xu Shenxing saw a stain, which was obviously from a cup noodle soup, on the spell book’s page. Incidentally, a lot of yellow talismans were hung on the balcony, basking in the sun.


“It’s none of your business.” Keikain Haruka still flaunted her superiority.




“Wait, your expression looks terrible…”




“Hey, what will you do… whoooa!”


Player “Xu Shenxing” was enraged. Player “Xu Shengxing” changed his job from “god” to “a good man who won’t ignore any messy room!”.


Congratulations. Congratulations?

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hur hur, our MC play a caring husband of a young girl lol


— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

But really, she should’ve treated the mc better since he saved her life, right? even if he is a pervert, that’s only natural for boys anyways

Alexios Blake

From God to a good man who won’t ignore any messy room. Now isn’t that a nice job change.

Really Anymous Person

Thanks for the chapter

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Thanks for the chapter!

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