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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 90 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 90

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: bollockz

Chapter 90: Become a God From Today on (2)


“Gee? Why does Haruka have a bright aura today?”


Nanako pointed at Keikain Haruka as if she was Columbus who had just found a new world, although Haruka was just sitting there and reading book as usual.


“Nothing,” Keikain Haruka answered with a straight face.


Because there was a troublemaker in my home… of course she wouldn’t tell Nanako about it. By the way, she had ignored this girl called “Nanako” many times, why did she still talk to her?!


Keikain Haruka remembered the man who was still staying at her home. Although she was known in the Bureau of Onmyō for her fearless character, she still had headaches facing that man.


As the daughter of the Keikain family, Haruka had learned mystic arts from her childhood and never paid attention to daily life. Later, her family declined due to some reason. In order to make her family great again, Keikain Haruka had joined the Bureau of Onmyō at the age of twelve and always performed the most dangerous tasks. She wanted to make herself become famous so that her family would have the chance to become a major family again.


Most of her enemies were evil mages or demons. Keikain Haruka had to put her whole heart and soul to destroy them, so she didn’t have any free time to enjoy her life. Anyway, the Bureau of Onmyō was responsible for providing her temporary shelters when she performed her tasks. No matter how messy the shelter was, once she finished her task, she wouldn’t be the person who would clean the house. To her, these temporary shelters were just like some disposable goods. She didn’t think that she needed to take good care of them.


By the way, the Bureau of Onmyō should have known what happened here, why hadn’t they asked her to leave and given her new task?


Since the girl named “Miyama Chihaya” had such a strong protector, she probably wouldn’t be involved in any danger again. Then, why should she still stay here? She didn’t want to admit it, but she knew that the man was far stronger than her.


Yesterday, the man decided to stay in her house. She tried all kinds of method to drive him out, but none of them worked. Curses and Spirit words were useless against him, and he didn’t fear any of her offensive spells. None of her Shikigami dared to appear in front of the man, and even her taijutsu couldn’t even deal any damage to him. Finally, she was defeated after he flicked her on her forehead…


At that moment, she had to concede defeat and taste the deep sense of humiliation, which was only inferior to the feeling she had tasted when her family declined…


Even though she had learned how to keep a poker face when facing any dilemma, but once she remembered that she was forced to wash her panties… she couldn’t help but clench her hands.


“Oh ho! As expected, Haruka Chan is strange today…” Nanako put her finger on her mouth and snickered, “Let me guess… are you thinking about a man?”




“Was that right? Oh, I’m right! Haruka Chan, is he a boy in your previous school? Tell me more about him! I want to know! Is he tall? Is he handsome? Is he a good student? Does he like sports? I think that the most heart-touching moment is when boys shed sweat on the playground!”




Yes, she was thinking about a man, but none of the details Nanako had guessed were right.


Keikain Haruka tried to be calm as Nanako chattered without stop. In fact, she even wanted to set a Silence Magic Seal around her – if she hadn’t remembered that she wouldn’t hear the class bell if she did that.


“Hey, don’t be shy! Haruka Chan, if you were in a mixed-sex school, you would be very popular! By the way, have you professed your love to him? I haven’t been to any civilian school so I’m interested in it. Do all civilian schools have a ‘legendary tree’ in the backyard and anyone who professes under the tree will succeed? By the way, is the boy a member of baseball club? Will they go to Koshien? Oh, speaking of baseball, we are going to play baseball in the PE class this afternoon! Oh, Teacher Allen! Teacher, will you go and play baseball with us?”


The teacher had just been passing by there. She looked distressed when she saw Nanako, but still talked with Nanako with a bitter smile. And thanks to this, Haruka finally escaped from Nanako’s “talkative hell” as she let out a sigh of relief.


At this time, an Origami Crane flew into the classroom through the window. Haruka looked around to make sure that no one was looking at her. She quietly picked up the Origami Crane and opened it, reading the words on the paper.


It was a new quest from the Bureau of Onmyō. It said that a neighbouring city would hold a National Museum Exhibition, where the legendary sword “Yasutsuna” would be exhibited.


Incidentally, why would Yasutsuna become a cultural relic? Because no one could use it at this time. If someone tried to steal it, the person wouldn’t be recognized by the sword and would be killed by the sword.


The exhibition would last half a month, and Haruka’s next quest was to protect the items on display.


“Strange…” Haruka frowned, because this quest was too hard for her. Why would the Bureau of Onmyō choose her? They should arrange dozens of teams to guard the exhibition, however, it seemed that the Bureau of Onmyō wanted her to guard the exhibition alone.


After a while, Haruka shook her head and put the paper into her pocket. She was annoyed now, because she still had to stay with “that guy” half a month.


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— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

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because a hero whoc da strongest person on earth reside on your house
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