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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 92 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Become a God From Today On (4)

Feeling that this atmosphere was not at all the right time for her to step in, Goyo Sumire quietly left the Shirakaba shrine.

On the road, the words that she had just heard kept echoing in her head.

I didn’t expect Miyama Chihaya senpai, who seemed so “cold”, to be unexpectedly spontaneous … that was in the field, right? And there were two other students… there was Sakurakouji in, so was this a cosplay? And Xu Moli was there too, so the mand was a lolicon? Whoa, that man has so many special fetishes!

The strange knowledge learned from p**n romance novels (which she confiscated from other students) made Goyo Sumire’s face turn even redder.

“Hoo meow?!”

Because of the random thoughts in her head, Goyo Sumire completely failed to notice that she missed a step and then slipped and fell off the path with a stumble, rolled twice, and then slid down the mountain slope covered with dead branches and rotting leaves. With a miserable scream, she finally fell on a pile of dead leaves that smelled like mud.

Although she fell dizzy, she miraculously did not suffer any injuries, only her school uniform was a little dirty and her hair was a little messy.

“Ouch ouch ouch … scared the hell out of me.” Standing up from the pile of dead leaves and patting off the dead leaves on her skirt, Goyo Sumire wiped her tears from her frightened eyes while looking around and realizing that it didn’t seem far from the foot of the mountain.

“The document bag is still there, it’s great that I didn’t lose it.” The young girl picked up the bag of documents from the ground and carried it in her arms, wandering away from the pile of dead leaves, intending to go straight back to the academy through the woods.

However, without taking a few steps, she noticed a snowy white … cat not far away?

Because she didn’t have a pet, she wasn’t too familiar with cats, but that cat did look slightly strange.

Instead of a cat, it is more like an animal between cat, dog and marten, only smaller in size and not as long and thin as a marten, more on the cat side.

But the most important thing is not the look of the cat or the breed or anything, but its current state.

“Oooh wow, it’s hurt so badly, it must be taken to the veterinary hospital quickly.”

The kitten was lying in a patch of grass. Its snow-white fur was mostly stained with dark red blood, and even the dripping blood could be seen on the grass beneath it, and because the blood had crusted over, the fur had turned into locks. Plus there was a huge wound from the chest to the abdomen, it looked very miserable.

Goyo Sumire thought about it and rolled up the kraft paper bag under her armpit, took off the red vest outside her school uniform, wrapped it gently around the injured kitten, held it in her arms, and carefully walked down the hill.

Xu Shenxing sensed someone running to the shrine and then fled quickly.

But it seemed to be just an ordinary human, and Moli didn’t show the alarm, so there should be no problem.

So he continued to talk to Miyama Chihaya about the godhead.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t pull out the godhead, but then the godhead will enter your body from that part of your body. Is that ok?” Xu Shenxing’s right index finger made a ‘thrusting’ motion towards his empty left hand, “If it resonates with the godhead in your bloodline, something really bad would happen.”

“Are you really talking about the Godhead and not some strange thing?” Miyama Chihaya rolled her eyes, “And even if you want to pull it out, can’t you just let Moli do it? Why does it have to be you who gets it!”

“Because that’s my godhead, no one can touch it except me.” Xu Shenxing looked righteous, “Even you can only vaguely detect a little writhing sensation, right? If you can get it down that easily, you should have taken it down yourself.”

“Well …”

Miyama Chihaya subconsciously covered her buttocks, showing a speechless expression of shame and anger, “After all, isn’t it because of your carelessness leading to this happening?!”

“That’s why I’ve been discussing with you what exactly to do in order to make up for my mistake.”

Xu Shenxing spread his hands and shrugged his shoulders.

“Apart from constantly persuading me to let you touch my butt, I haven’t heard any constructive advice from you at all.”

“It’s not like you’re going to get pregnant if I touch it …”

“Ha? Are you serious?” Miyama Chihaya looked at Xu Shenxing as if she was looking at a cockroach.

“Well, let’s take a long, long look at it.”

Xu Shenxing rubbed his hands together and said with a dry smile.

“Although I’m sorry to interrupt you, god-sama and Miyama-sama, soon the lunch break will be over.”

Sakurakouji said from the side.

Moli, on the other hand, continued to nibble on the senbei (soy sauce flavor) provided by Sakurakouji Asahi without a care in the world.

“Time flies so fast …” Xu Shenxing snorted, “I have to go return this outfit.”

“Where did you get your security uniform again?” Miyama Chihaya asked curiously, “Didn’t you return yesterday’s?”

“Do you think that I’m such a person? I returned that outfit yesterday.”

Xu Shenxing said righteously, “Only today I went to borrow it again.”

“Really borrowed?”

“Properly, only the person who borrowed the clothes will sleep a little in the bushes~”


Stop it, this is not a loan at all!

Although want to say so, but Chihaya actually also thinks it does not matter. Anyway, they do not know the security guard who was stripped of his clothes.

“Oh, his name… Konoha Shushi again…” looked at the name tag on Xu Shenxing’s chest and found that it was actually the same name as yesterday’s, making Chihaya always feel that the guy called Konoha Shushi was having a hard time.

Two days in a row were stripped naked and thrown into the grass, in a sense it was indeed quite unlucky …

“Because he and I are relatively similar in stature, the other guards are too stout ♂.” Xu Shenxing sighed helplessly.

“And that Konoha Shushi is a beautiful boy, it was particularly eye-catching when he was picking his clothes off~” Sakurakouji, who was on the side, interjected rather excitedly, “It made my teenage girl’s heart sprout up~”

“To be reasonable, I don’t think that one is a teenage girl’s heart …”

Xu Shenxing wanted to say something, but always felt that he lost if he said it, and finally silently went back to the shrine to change back into his clothes.

“What will you do next, god-sama?” Sakurakouji helped Xu Shenxing to collect the scattered security uniforms on the ground, while asking him.

“… The next… would be to open the seal of the kitchen, I think.”

Xu Shenxing recalled the wretched look of Keikain Haruka’s house, rubbed his chin and said seriously.

“What are you fighting with …”

Chihaya, who was one step ahead of them and had already arrived at the torii, casually asked.

Moli, on the other hand, secretly stuffed the uneaten senbei into Xu Shenxing’s pants pocket …

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