It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Become a God From Today On(5)

When Xu Shenxing returned, Keikain Haruka was rightfully not at home, after all, it was still school hours at the Kanishino School.

After summoning the spirit ghost and letting it pass through the door and opening it from the inside, Xu Shenxing entered the house with ease.

Although compared to the horrible scene yesterday, after Xu Shenxing’s torment for most of the night, the house has become much better now, probably only a ‘little messy’ level, even if the windows are open, there is no need to worry about the invasion of large numbers of flies.

But this peace is only the appearance.

“The real horror, has not yet begun …”

Xu Shenxing took a deep breath, and together with those spirit ghosts looked at the sliding door that had been sealed until now.

Frosted glass isolates the world behind the sliding door, but some wriggling ominous things can be vaguely glimpsed.

The kitchen, traditionally a place of warfare during a major cleanup.

Once he was mentally prepared, he ignored those talismans on the sliding door and pulled open the forbidden door with one hand!

Instantly, as if the naked eye can see, the stench raged out of the kitchen like a flood.

The stench of rotting meat mixed with the smell of rotting fruits and vegetables, the greenish scene in the sink that had to be mosaicked to make it to the screen, and the bento boxes (most of them with half-price labels) that had long overflowed from the garbage can all speak of what a horrible place this little room was!

Even the spirit ghosts who had their noses cut off before they died, resulting in almost no sense of smell after death, subconsciously covered their noses and mouths at the sight of this miserable scene.

And facing the stench, Xu Shenxing for the first time had the illusion that his legs were shivering…

Maybe it is just a psychological effect, he always felt that the kitchen seems to be scattered with a light green fog, just like when he crossed the Starling Swamp, the green miasma that filled the death swamp.

The only difference is that the death swamp is at least inhabited by dead zephyr fishermen, wild-toothed crocodiles and a mess of creatures that are immune to the toxicity of the miasma.

But not even a living thing could be seen in this room …… Xu Shenxing even found the corpse of a cockroach in the misty black liquid in a bento box.

The cockroach, which has survived on this earth since the Devonian period, has a much longer history than the dinosaurs and is able to adapt to all kinds of harsh environments. He can’t believe it died here ……

Xu Shenxing began to feel himself some breathing difficulties – of course, but also just an illusion, from a long time ago he can survive in an oxygen-free environment.

“No! If this misty poisonous gas is emitted, it may cause an even greater disaster than mustard gas!”

Watching the hazy green mist slowly drifting away from the kitchen to the living room, Xu Shenxing snapped back to his senses.

What he didn’t know was that while this misty gas was spreading from the kitchen, the animals in the surrounding area all appeared strange.

Dogs have started barking furiously, some are frantically picking at the ground, and more are running around like crazy.

Cats are a little more civilized, they just show a sense of confusion, many cats have abandoned their masters and run to the trees with their kittens in their mouths.

The birds, as if frightened by something, began to keep circling in the sky, but no longer fell to the ground.

Ants hugely began to move, and even cockroaches crawled out from all corners, scaring many people.

Some experienced old people had their faces turned pale, their fingers trembling, pointing to the sea where countless fish leaped out of the water, and said in a frightened voice, “This, this is the sign before the natural disaster!”

Even the Bureau of Onmyō’s scouts noticed the unusual situation and asked for assistance from the headquarters.

The person who started it all, Xu Shenxing, was unaware of it, and just put the talisman paper he got from Xingyan around the kitchen door, barely stopping the spread of the stench.

Only under the stench, it didn’t take long for all those talisman papers to start wilting, and he wondered how long they can last …

“Before the talisman paper is destroyed, must clean the kitchen successfully!”

The kind of urgency that made Xu Shenxing nostalgic hit him, he hadn’t experienced this kind of urgency for a long time since he defeated the Demon King.

“Xiao Yi, Xiao Er, you guys put all those bento boxes into garbage bags and throw them away; Xiao San, Xiao Si, I’ll leave the sink to you; Xiao Wu, Xiao Ruk, wipe down the flow table!”

Xu Shenxing skillfully assigned the work.

Incidentally, Xiao Yi, Xiao Er, Xiao San, Xiao Si, Xiao Wu, and Xiao Ruk are the name that Xu Shenxing gave to the spirit ghosts. These names are the harmonic sound of one, two, three, four, five, six …

The spirit ghosts can only begin to carry out Xu Shenxing’s instructions with an unwilling look.

And Xu Shenxing himself began to clean up the stove.

Although it was hardly used, the mold that spread from the sink had almost taken over the place as well, and it looked quite oozy and green.

With the efforts of the people (ghosts), that kitchen gradually returned to its original appearance.

When Keikain Haruka returned home, she opened the door to see such a scene of feverish activity.

After freezing at the door for a moment, the girl intended to pretend not to see it and retreat back to the door to pass the time elsewhere, but before she could escape, she was caught by Xu Shenxing who was waiting for her.

“Don’t run, go and throw away all the garbage bags at the door! I’ve put up the recyclable and non-recyclable markings, so don’t throw them away by mistake!”

“…” Where did you get that old lady mode from?!

Haruka rolled her eyes and put the book in her hand on the shoe cabinet in the entrance, then grabbed the garbage bag by the door with both hands and lifted it with force.

As a result, the weight of the bag exceeded her expectation, and the girl stumbled, hitting the shoe cabinet, and the book fell to the floor, with the letter paper inside it falling down like a feather.

Not waiting for her to react, the spirit ghost next to her caught the letter paper smartly, and then respectfully presented it to Xu Shenxing who was wearing rubber gloves.

“Huo Huo? A new mission … to be a bodyguard for the museum’s exhibition?” Xu Shenxing looked at the writing on it and couldn’t help but narrow his eyes, revealing a smile that looked very dangerous to Haruka.

… bad. I don’t want him to see it!

The young girl could not help but exclaim in her heart that she was unlucky.

“I’m not sure if the time is right, but the exhibition is already starting today. Just as well the home is also cleaned almost, let’s go to that exhibition!”


“Ah, I’m counting on you for my ticket money.”


How cheeky is this guy!

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