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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 95 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Become a God From Today On (7)

Although they found the suspicious person last night, Keikain Haruka was not happy at all.

Any girl who wakes up in the morning and sees a bearded man cleaning up her underwear will not be happy, right?

“Listen to me, in fact, it all started with a misunderstanding …”

Xu Shenxing carefully explained while serving rice.

The low air pressure that lingered on the young lady made him a little alarmed … After all, it was really his bad, he was sleepy in the morning and thought he was in Sakura Apartment, subconsciously helping Moli pick up a change of clothes as usual.

Then he was awakened by a scream that almost broke his eardrums …

Then Haruka became what she is now.

“I’m allergic to perverts, please keep a distance of more than twenty meters from me, thanks.”

“Then won’t I have to sit on the balcony?”

Hearing Xu Shenxing say that, Haruka thought for a moment, then stood up again, took a few steps towards the balcony, and sat down again this time.

“You won’t even let me sit on the balcony?!”

Xu Shenxing shed tears of remorse.

Their breakfast was dry-roasted bamboo chuck fish, miso soup, and rice.

Although the food was not quite the same as Chinese food, for Xu Shenxing, to be able to eat white rice in the morning is already a situation to be thankful for.

Incidentally, although he is allergic to seafood, ordinary fish isn’t problematic. As for those allergens such as echinus and abalone… with his current economic conditions, in this life is estimated to be very difficult to contact…

“Want natto?” Xu Shenxing took out a small box and asked the young girl.

“…” Haruka did not answer, but just quietly ate her portion of breakfast, apparently still angry.

“The edge of your mouth is stained with rice grains.” Xu Shenxing put down the natto box and pointed to the corner of his mouth to indicate to the girl.


Haruka used her finger to stick the grain of rice into her mouth, still not talking to him.

“How does breakfast taste?” Xu Shenxing continued to ask without being discouraged.

“… Delicious.”

After a long time, the young girl only reluctantly muttered.

In the past, she either did not eat breakfast, or just bought a random rice ball in the convenience store on the road. Compared to that, today’s breakfast is indeed very delicious.

The main thing is the homely taste that is difficult to feel in a restaurant.

Since the decline of the Keikain family, she has hardly tasted this kind of taste.

Xu Shenxing revealed a happy smile.

“I, I haven’t forgiven you yet.” The young girl’s teeth itched just looking at his smiling look.

“Okay, so does our security lady want more rice?”

“…… Another bowl.”

The breakfast time at Keikain’s house (temporarily) passed peacefully like this.

Although she had a new mission, that original instruction wasn’t lifted, so Haruka still had to go to school on time.

During the lunch break, she also appeared behind Shirakaba Shrine and became part of Xu Shenxing’s group.

“Oh, Keikain also comes…” For some reason, Miyama Chihaya always feels a bit tied up in front of Keikain Haruka.

“I, I just want to find a quiet place to eat bento.”

The girl put her hands together and opened the bento box with a soft ‘I’m on’.

The food is not particularly luxurious, but the meat and vegetables are very good. Plus the Japanese omelet and other bento dishes, this handmade bento can be considered very good.

But before Haruka could eat it, she noticed Moli put down the senbei (thin salt flavor) in her hand and stared at her bento.

“Octopus sausage, do you want to eat it?” Haruka asked softly as she poked a small sausage carved into the shape of an octopus with her chopsticks.

Moli nodded her head busily, then “awwww” bit off the sausage on the chopsticks and chewed it with a happy little face.

For some reason, Haruka was obviously still a bit afraid of Moli until this morning, but now she didn’t have a single bit of fear, she just thought Moli’s eating face was cute.

Incidentally, Chihaya had also made a bento for Moli, but Moli had eaten it during the morning class.

“Excuse me,” Sakurakouji Asahi came over and took out a thermos, “I brought wheat tea here, would Keikain-san like some?”

If it were normal, Haruka would have refused, but now she nodded involuntarily and took the tea in a disposable paper cup and took a sip.

“It’s delicious.”

“It’s good that you like it, Keikain -san.” Sakurakouji Asahi returned her a feminine smile.

It’s a pity that she is a fujoshi.

Xu Shenxing, who was watching from a distance, sighed in his heart.

“What exactly did you do to Keikain … Why do I always feel that she is completely different from yesterday?” Chihaya, who until just now had been trying to control the godhead with the help of Xu Shenxing, sat side by side with him and asked involuntarily while opening her own bento box.

“Secret☆Secret☆~” Xu Shenxing winked towards her.

“Oh, yeah?”

Chihaya replied back with a muddled voice and started eating her bento.

“Giving up too fast! Ask me two more times! My heart hurts so much!”

Xu Shenxing, who was ignored, immediately twisted his body and kept saying in Chihaya’s ear like a fly.


Chihaya showed a ‘oooh wow, this guy is so troublesome’ look, and finally sighed helplessly, “So, what exactly happened?”

“Hoo hoo, listen to me, actually, Keikain has fallen in worship to my Hawaiian beach pants … poof!”

Xu Shenxing was knocked to the ground by the lid of a flying bento box before he could finish his sentence.

Although it didn’t cause any hurt, he still made a very painful look, trembling his hand towards the sky with a look of ‘I have no regrets in my life’.

“Why can’t you be more serious? Is it fun to be like this all the time?” Chihaya couldn’t help but sigh again.

“It’s super fun!” Xu Shenxing replied quickly in a spirited manner.

This guy is hopeless.

At this moment, Miyama Chihaya and Keikain Haruka’s hearts were in sync …

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