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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 96 - Zenith Novels

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Become a God From Today On (8)

The Bureau of Onmyō, as a supernatural phenomenon monitoring agency, inherited from the Heian period, is undoubtedly the highest authority of Japan.

Unlike China, where new generations of cultivators are trained through ‘sects’, the vast majority of ultra-capable in Japan are descended from Onmyō families – these people generally have innate spiritual power in their bloodline, and they are indeed gaining power much faster than the Chinese cultivators in practicing.

However, because they only tap the potential of the bloodline, this also limits their development. From the Heian period, only Amber Haruaki could be called “the master of Onmyō”.

And also, because of this, the Bureau of Onmyō was able to systematically organize the skills of Onmyō as a subject and train practitioners in the simplest way, just like a modern school.

The number of low-class Onmyō practitioners (shinigami) even exceeds that of China, but in terms of high-end combat power, the China side is still better.

At this moment, at the Bureau of Onmyō headquarters in Kyoto, a man wearing a hakama was walking somberly down a wooden corridor.

The other Onmyō practitioners passing by did not dare to look at him, so they looked down and avoided this notoriously violent man in the Bureau of Onmyō.

Finally, he came to the office where Dr. Kwon was.

“Excuse me.”

The low voice and the unspeakable gloominess around his body were enough to make the other Onmyō practitioners fear for the life and safety of their boss in the office.

As soon as the man pulled open the paper door, the young man in the black and white kimono inside narrowed his fox-like eyes, holding a bat-like fan in his hand, showing a fake smile, “Oh oh, isn’t it our the Bureau of Onmyō’s trump card, Lord Minamoto Shitsune? I remember that you should have attended the Vatican’s religious conference as a representative of the Japanese Shinto religion. Why did you come here?”

“I’m afraid that if I continue to stay at the Vatican, you will have to give our national treasures to those demons and spirits one by one.”

In the face of the youth’s fake smile, Minamoto Shitsune mocked as if he was already used to it, “I heard that the losers of Ishigami Shrine even lost Mikazuki Munechika and Futsunomitama?”

“Minamoto-kun, your news has been out of date. Juuzumaru Tsunetsugu and Murakumo are also stolen, Maeda Yuk Tak Society in the recent also found traces of intruders, their goal should be the famous Grand Ceremony… facing the Emperor’s reprimand, now the Bureau has been on edge. “

“So you let people send the remaining Five Swords under Heaven, Onimaru Kunitsuna and Dojigiri Yasutsuna to that small prefecture, and also appointed those wastes to watch it?”

“Because no matter what, I can’t use Kashuu Kiyomitsu as the bait. His Majesty would have killed me.” The fox-eyed youth seemed not to hear the sarcasm in Minamoto Shitsune’s words, but instead, he still leaned on his chin with his bat fan and interjected with a smirk, “And that thief is quite a bit more cunning than I thought. If there are too many people, there is no way to attract him.”

“And it’s not like I didn’t consider anything,” he continued only after seeing Minamoto Shitsune’s look of displeasure, “This time, I entrusted it to that orphan of the Keikain family.”

“Hm, that impure brat? I don’t think a guy like her can stop a thief that even a first-class Onmyō practitioner failed to detect.”

As soon as the name Keikain was mentioned, Minamoto Shitsune’s gaze was full of contempt, “It’s good enough if she doesn’t betray we humans like her dead father…… you actually trust that kind of kid? When did you become so weak, Tsuchimikado Motoasa?

“Don’t say that, Haruka-kun is very hardworking. In terms of performance alone, maybe you, our ACE, can’t even match her~” called Tsuchimikado Motoasa, the head of the current Tsuchimikado family smiled slightly, “She is working very hard to revive the Keikain family.”

“I hope so.”

Minamoto Shitsune turned around and walked out the door.

“Is Minamoto-kun planning to go to Shirakaba Prefecture as well?” Tsuchimikado Motoasa asked aloud as he put away his bat fan and looked at the man’s sturdy back that almost covered the paper door.

“That’s certainly true, isn’t it? Unlike you old fox, I can’t rest on my laurels just leaving that brat there.”

“In that case, then say hello to the head of the Himesaki family on my behalf, he will also be heading to Shirakaba Prefecture in the near future. … Well, by the way, in return, I’ll give you a little bit of advice at the end.”

Tsuchimikado Motoasa didn’t care about the disrespect in the man’s words, and just continued to say with a smirk, “Definitely don’t mess with the ‘god’ of that place.”

“A gods that came to earth in this era? …”

Minamoto Shitsune gave a light snort through his nose, and although the words were not finished, anyone could hear his disdainful meaning.

He then closed the sliding door with force without any hesitation and left the place with a quick thud.

Tsuchimikado Motoasa was the only one left in the house.

The smile on his face gradually faded away and he turned into a thoughtful look.

“It is common sense that the power of the gods will be weakened in the present world, but believing too much in common sense… it will only lead to our own destruction…”

Even Tsuchimikado Motoasa was not sure of the true strength of “that god” from across the strait.

The information submitted by the Control Office from China actually only recorded a few words of little practical significance, in addition to the other party is considered a martial god, they did not even tell him the full name of the god.

The performance of the god in Shirakaba is also mysterious. Only half a day, The people who monitored the god have lost contact, until the next day they were found naked in front of the police station of the nearby city.

Incidentally, although their wallets are still there, but all the cash inside is missing.

At present, the only Onmyō practitioner who can have normal contact with that god is the little guy of the Keikain family.

And Tsuchimikado Motoasa was not hoping Keikain Haruka to solve this event, but the god from China.

“Please… don’t let me down…”

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