Monster Refining System – Chapter 1

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 1 – Monster Refining System

“Young Master Kun, here’s the Big-Mouth Monkey you asked for.”

Yaslan Empire, Summer City:

A teenager lay on the bed with his eyes closed. A man dressed in a guard uniform knelt in front of him, holding a monkey with a big mouth.

“Okay. Leave it and you may go.”

The teenager waved his hand.

“But Young Master Kun… this monkey feeds on blood. I am afraid that…”

“You think that I’m incapable of handling a single monkey?”

“No, I wouldn’t dare….”

The guard sighed and left the Big-Mouth Monkey on the ground before taking his leave.

“Haish, it’s been a year since I arrived in this weird world. Thankfully, there’s this system that can create new species. But there must be something wrong with it! Everything I put in has gone missing.”

Xia Fukun got off his bed and took a look at the Big-Mouth Monkey that was staring at him warily.

“What are you looking at?”

Xia Fukun glared at the Big-Mouth Monkey and kicked its butt. He waved his hand, and the Big-Mouth Monkey disappeared instantly before it could even resist.

“According to the Monster Refining System, I still need a Flame Bear in order to create a Super Strength Ape.”

Xia Fukun squinted his eyes.

He was from a planet called Earth. After a car accident, he reincarnated into the body of a teenager named Xia Fukun, who surprisingly was the son of Summer City’s mayor. Summer City was a city located in the Yaslan Empire.

Not only that, but Xia Fukun also managed to get a cheat.

A Monster Refining System.

This was a system that allowed Xia Fukun to modify or combine any beast or monster that existed in the world to create new species.

Of course, with Xia Fukun’s power, he could only create a low-grade monster like the Super Strength Ape at most.

The world Xia Fukun was currently in was a world of martial arts. All cultivators were known as martial artists, and they were classified into six different realms: Elementary, Profound, Warrior, Supreme, Heaven, and Assimilation.

From the names, it was obvious that an Assimilation Realm martial artist was the strongest amongst all realms. However, Assimilation Realm martial artists only existed in legends; none had achieved it.

This included the strongest martial artist in the Yaslan Empire, the regent of the Yaslan Empire, who was only in the Supreme Realm.

Despite that being the case, a Supreme Realm martial artist was still able to call the wind and summon the rain. It was said that the regent’s mount was an Onyx Dragon!

Xia Fukun wasn’t even in the Elementary Realm, but thanks to the Monster Refining System, the Super Strength Ape that he was going to create was at least at the peak of the Profound Realm.

Furthermore, the creations of the Monster Refining System came with the trait of absolute loyalty. Thus, Xia Fukun didn’t need to worry that he would get devoured by his creations.

“Ding dong! The Super Strength Ape is 90% completed! Host, fighting!”

“Go fight yourself instead!” Xia Fukun cursed. He was frustrated with the fact that he had to spend half a year collecting the different species just to create a Super Strength Ape, which sat at the bottom of the monster and beast hierarchy, and now, he had to get a Flame Bear, which possessed monstrous strength and didn’t even inhabit the Yaslan Empire!

“Boss, have you heard about it? They said that there’s a Flame Bear’s corpse at the nearby auction. A dead Flame Bear might have lost much of its value, but its bones that are as hard as steel are good material for armor!”

Just as Xia Fukun was at a loss to do, he heard whispering from his door.

Eh? What’s going on?

Is it because I’m the main character? Causing me to hear this conversation right when I am at a loss over what to do?

It might be dead, but the Monster Refining System never said that a dead beast won’t. I’m sure it will work somehow, right?

I will be able to succeed in creating a Super Strength Ape soon! A smile crept up Xia Fukun’s mouth as he dashed out of his room to the mayor’s residence.

The mayor’s residence was where Xia Fukun’s father, Xia Kuangyun, lived.

The mayor’s residence was also where Xia Kuangyun got his work done. At the moment, not only was Xia Kuangyun present, but Xia Fukun’s elder brother, Xia Fuqian, was too.

“Father, you must get me the Flame Bear during the auction too! All I lack now is a set of armor!” Xia Fuqian whined, making Xia Fukun furrow his eyebrows.

Wait, is he here to get the same thing as me?

By right, I should be like Kong Rong and give up the bigger pears to my elder brother, but I’m not even his actual brother, I am just a person who transmigrated here, so why should I do that?

So, Xia Fukun pushed the door open with great force.


Seeing Xia Fukun running over, Xia Kuangyun was in a daze.

To Xia Kuangyun, ever since a year ago, his younger son had become more and more introverted and rarely took the initiative to interact with him. Xia Kuangyun always wanted to spend more time with Xia Fukun, but he did not have any time to spare. Seeing that Xia Fukun had come to him of his own accord, Xia Kuangyun thought that he was back to normal once again.

Which is why Xia Kuangyun jumped up from his chair excitedly.

“Yes, Kun’er?”

“Father, I heard that there’s a Flame Bear in today’s auction?”


Xia Fuqian and Xia Kuangyun stared at each other dumbfoundedly.

The Flame Bear was considered a second-grade monster, which barely had the ability of an ordinary martial artist. It was not a precious beast. In fact, the only thing that was valuable about the Flame Bear was that its bones were as hard as steel, which made excellent materials for armor. But what should I do now? Both of them want it.

Xia Kuangyun coughed lightly.

“Kun’er, what do you need that Flame Bear for?”

Hearing Xia Kuangyun, Xia Fuqian turned to Xia Fukun. He was also curious about why Xia Fukun needed the Flame Bear. If he needs it, I’ll let him have it. I’m the elder brother here, what’s the big deal?

Seeing both pairs of eyes on him, Xia Fukun contemplated before answering.

“I want to eat barbequed Flame Bear.”

Xia Kuangyun: “…”

Xia Fuqian: “…”

“Younger Brother, since you want the Flame Bear for the meat, then why not give the bones to me? I only need the bones for my armor. We can have it both ways, right?”

After registering Xia Fuqian’s words, Xia Fukun put on an awkward smile.

“No, because I like to eat it with bones.”

He shook his head, showing that he disagreed with Xia Fuqian’s suggestion.

Xia Kuangyun: “…”

Xia Fuqian: “…”

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