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Monster Refining System – Chapter 10 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 10

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 10 – Going to the Capital

“Good, good, good!”

Mu Yun let out a burst of evil laughter.

Eyes bulging out, twitching facial muscles, and a face that was flushed red. Mu Yun wasn’t exactly friendly-looking to start with, but anger made him extremely terrifying.

The sorrow of losing his precious grandson had turned into anger, consuming Mu Yun slowly as he started to lose his mind. He was determined to kill Xia Fukun regardless of the regent’s intervention.

“Then I shall see how good you are, the strongest martial artist present in the Yaslan Empire!”

Mu Yu snickered. He drew a rune with his finger in the air and imprinted it on his chest. Black smoke waltzed around Mu Yun’s body, who was now exerting a mighty force.

“Wow, I didn’t know that you had picked up black magic!” The regent frowned upon seeing Mu Yun increase his power within such a short period of time. Mu Yun was making use of black magic to increase his power to the equivalent of a Supreme Realm martial artist.

He took a step forward and disappeared among the dense black cloud. Within no time, he was right in front of Mu Yun.


Strong energy waves spread throughout the Xia residence as Mu Yun raised his hands to defend himself from the regent’s attack.

“Be careful!” Xia Fukun gasped. His heart was beating as if it was trying to escape out of his ribcage as he witnessed the mind-blowing fight between two Supreme Realm martial artists in close proximity.

At this moment, Xia Fukun realized that an energy wave was coming toward his direction. Panic-stricken, he froze to the ground as if he were temporarily paralyzed. Suddenly, a black figure jumped out, blocking him from the energy wave.

Xia Fukun watched with jaws wide open. Wow, the person that the regent brought is so powerful! His ability must be near the Supreme Realm.

From the corner of Xia Fukun’s eyes, he saw that the people the regent brought were currently standing next to him.

One of them was a cute little girl who was about ten years old.

She wore a light green dress and had her hair braided with red ribbons. With shiny doe eyes, snowy white skin, and a button nose, this cute little girl looked just like a doll.

Feeling that Xia Fukun’s eyes were on her, the little girl turned around. She reached out her hand.

“Qingmu Xuan, a beast trainer too.” She grinned, revealing her pearly white teeth.

Wow, such a cool introduction!

Xia Fukun plastered a smile on his face and shook her hand.

Don’t tell me… Xia Fukun thought of a possibility; that the regent might use a honey trap on him to get him to join forces with the imperial family. But she’s younger than me by about ten years! Why would I fall for a little kid? I’m not a pedophile!

No, this is so wrong. I need to talk to the regent about this.

Qingmu Xuan ignored Xia Fukun after the handshake. She was captured by the fight going on between the Supreme Realm elites. Seeing that she wasn’t continuing the conversation, Xia Fukun turned to focus on the fight too.

It was obvious that the regent had the upper hand.

Mu Yun might have used a cheat to break through to the Supreme Realm temporarily, but he was still no match for the regent, who had already broken through a long time ago. There was a world of difference between their ability.

Very soon, Mu Yun was defeated.

“Regent, why? Are you sure you want to get involved in this?”

Cold beads of sweat rolled down Mu Yun’s forehead. Today was the day he understood the true meaning behind the title of best martial artist in the Yaslan Empire.

“Of course. I don’t fight for no reason.”

The regent chuckled. He knew that Mu Yun was planning to escape, but the regent had no intention of letting him off. He hoped to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. There was no point in leaving such a pest like Mu Yun behind to bring harm to society.

“In that case…”

Mu Yun took a deep breath and waved his hands, sucking up all the Baiyun Mountain Sect’s disciples from the ground.

The regent watched the scene in confusion. He had no idea what Mu Yun had up his sleeves.

“Mu Yun has remembered all that has happened today. I’ll take my revenge one day!”

His voice boomed across the skies, and Mu Yun got ready to retreat.

The regent wanted to follow up, but to his surprise, Baiyun Mountain disciples started to self-destruct one by one.

Mu Yun had brought along a large number of disciples, so this created a heart-stopping explosion. Blood and flesh splattered all around as Mu Yun took the opportunity to escape, leaving the regent rooted to the ground, at a loss over what was happening.

“What a freak!”

Xia Fukun never thought that Mu Yun would be this sneaky.

It seems I’ll have to watch out for him in the future.

Luckily, Mu Yun wasn’t capable enough to put his hands on Xia Fukun at the moment. I must get my Supreme Realm pet created as soon as possible.

Watching Mu Yun escape, the regent sighed and walked toward Xia Fukun.

“Little boy, I have come all the way from the capital to save your lives.”

Hearing the regent, Xia Fukun rolled his eyes.

“I know. I will go back to the capital with my lord, as you wish.”

The regent smiled. It was out of his expectations. He expected Xia Fukun to be unaware of the situation.

“But I hope that my lord can promise the safety of my family. I’m afraid that rat will return in the future.”

“Be at ease.”

The regent laughed.

“I have set up a temporary portal at Summer City, so I can be here immediately when something bad happens.”

Hearing the regent, Xia Fukun heaved a sigh of relief.

It took Xia Kuangyun a moment to recover from the nerve-wracking event that had just taken place. He saw Xia Fukun chatting happily with the high-above regent out of the corner of his eyes and made his way toward them.

He bowed to the regent.

“Thank you, my lord, for saving our lives.”

“Instead of me, you should thank yourself for giving birth to such a talented child. If he wasn’t a beast trainer, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Hearing the regent, Xia Kuangyun looked at Xia Fukun proudly.

“Okay, I’ll have to leave now. Summer City is in a mess, and you will need time to take care of it. As for your son, I will have to bring him with me.”

“It’s an honor that Kun’er can learn from my lord.”

Xia Kuangyun bowed again.

He originally planned to send Xia Fukun to Odin Academy, but having the regent as a teacher was not a bad idea either.


The regent chuckled and waved Xia Kuangyun goodbye before disappearing into thin air with Xia Fukun and the rest.

Xia Fukun waved goodbye to Xia Kuangyun, who was slowly turning blurry in his sight.

His heart sank as Xia Kuangyun disappeared from his sight as the image of his birth father on Earth popped into his head.

When I’m stronger…

I must find a way to return to Earth.

With the speed of lightning, Xia Fukun reached the capital of the Yaslan Empire.

After Xia Fukun was allocated a room, the regent brought him to see Qingmu Xuan.

“You’ll cultivate with Xuan’er from today onward.”


Xia Fukun stared at the regent dumbfoundedly.

Cultivate with this little kid?

Are you serious?

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