Monster Refining System – Chapter 11

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 11 – Ye Qingwan

“Yes. Are you unwilling to do so?”

The regent took a glance at Xia Fukun.

“No… but you’re asking me to train with a little girl?”

Xia Fukun was speechless. Wasn’t I clear enough? This is different from my expectations! I’m here to cultivate, not play around. How old even is Qingmu Xuan?

“Hehe, you should not underestimate this little girl Xuan’er. She might not have the ability to summon a beast of the fourth grade like you, but she’s already a second-grade beast trainer.”

“Second-grade beast trainer?”

Xia Fukun had never met any beast trainers back in Summer City, so he was still unsure of the beast trainer hierarchy.

Seeing that Xia Fukun was unaware of it, the regent explained to Xia Fukun slowly.

From his explanation, Xia Fukun learned that beast trainer was a well-respected career in the Nine Spiritual Mainland. For example, Qingmu Xuan, who was a second-grade beast trainer, would be able to summon a peak second-grade beast. And in the entire Yaslan Empire, the total number of beast trainers was only around ten, which was why the regent cared so much about him.

“I may not be a beast trainer, but in order to groom Xuan’er, I have hired a teacher over from Odin Academy.”

Just as the regent said this, a pretty figure in white appeared in front of Xia Fukun slowly.

As soon as he saw the woman, Xia Fukun sucked in a deep breath.

The fantasy novels that he had read in the past always described the female lead as having extreme beauty that could steal the heart of an entire country. But to be honest, having grown up on Earth, Xia Fukun did not have much understanding of this description.

Earth was taken over by the “internet celebrity look,” so almost all beauties looked the same, which is why there’s a popular quote on Earth – gorgeous physical appearances are all the same, while an interesting soul is one in a million.

Now, Xia Fukun finally got to meet a real beauty….

If he were on Earth, Xia Fukun would definitely go up to her and ask for her WeChat. However, he was currently on the Nine Spiritual Mainland, and from the other party’s posture, she seemed to be someone with an extraordinary social standing.

Seeing that Xia Fukun had his eyes on the pretty lady, the regent heaved a sigh of relief.

This was exactly the reason why the regent brought Qingmu Xuan to meet Xia Fukun. He did not have any intention of pushing Qingmu Xuan on Xia Fukun, rather, he hoped to introduce the beauty in white to Xia Fukun through Qingmu Xuan.

The beauty might not be part of the Qingmu imperial family, but she was closely related to them. If they ended up being a couple, then Xia Fukun would also be someone related to them.

“Kiddo, this is Xuan’er’s teacher, Ye Qingwan, an inner disciple of Odin Academy. Originally, I wanted you to learn from her together with Xuan’er, but if you’re unwilling, it’s fine. I’ll get you another teacher.”

“Hold on.”

Xia Fukun extended his hand.

“I suddenly feel that it would be a good thing to train with Teacher Qingwan too. I believe, with her guidance, I will be able to improve at lightning speed.”

Of course, Xia Fukun was just spouting nonsense. He had a different method of cultivating in comparison to other beast trainers. He just had to refine more beasts with his system.

On the other hand, Ye Qingwan remained expressionless after hearing Xia Fukun’s words. Instead of starting a conversation with Xia Fukun, she went straight to Qingmu Xuan, squatting down next to her while giving her a pinch on her face.

“Xiao Nizi, have you been goofing off recently?”

“No, Teacher Ah Wan, but that guy seems to look down on Xuan’er.”

Qingmu Xuan rolled her eyes at Xia Fukun before acting cute to Ye Qingwan.

Hearing Qingmu Xuan, Ye Qingwan stood up, turning to Xia Fukun.

“I heard from Uncle Qingmu that you’re a fourth-grade beast trainer?”


Xia Fukun did not know the meaning behind Ye Qingwan’s words, but chills ran down his spine. Is she planning to stand up for Qingmu Xuan? But… it cannot be. I’m about to become her disciple. It does not make sense for her to teach me a lesson now.

“Uncle Qingmu might have recommended you to me, but I am not obligated to be your teacher. I’m currently a sixth-grade beast trainer, but I can lower my ability to a fourth-grade beast trainer. As long as you can defeat me under that condition, I’ll teach you. How does that sound?”

What are you trying to do, goddess…?

Xia Fukun glared at Qingmu Xuan, who was gloating on the side. He turned to the regent, but he had already turned around.

I’m aware that the regent is not going to help me with this. It does not matter if I can get Ye Qingwan to be my teacher, but what matters is that I have my eyes on her. The last thing I want is to embarrass myself in front of her.

After a short hesitation, Xia Fukun looked up slowly.

“Since Teacher Qingwan has voiced the request, Xia Fukun will accompany Teacher Qingwan.”

Hearing Xia Fukun, the regent squinted his eyes.

In fact, the regent was the one to come up with this idea. He wanted to know how much potential Xia Fukun had and how much Xia Fukun was worth investing in.

“Okay. Then let’s find an open space,” Ye Qingwan said and made her way out.

As she passed by Xia Fukun, an aroma drifted into Xia Fukun’s nose.

As cold as ice?

Xia Fukun licked his lips.

This piqued up his interest even more!

Initially, Xia Fukun thought it would be either a dry and dull cultivation journey or lessons with the regent that awaited him in the imperial palace, but now, it seemed otherwise.

With a beauty next to him, Xia Fukun was brimming with enthusiasm.

Very soon, Xia Fukun reached an open space following Ye Qingwan. The regent, Shadow, and Qingmu Xuan were standing in the distance, spectating the competition.

“My lord, do you think Xia Fukun will be able to defeat Ye Qingwan after she has lowered her ability to the fourth grade?”

Hearing Shadow’s words, the regent chuckled.

“No matter what, he will win. However, I hope that he’s able to do so with his own ability.”

Shadow was slightly shocked.

“Ye Qingwan’s request was actually planned by my lord, right? However, Ye Qingwan is considered an elite of Odin Academy, and Xia Fukun has only just awakened. It might be a little hard for him to defeat her.”

“Hehe. We shall see.” The regent smiled and chuckled lightly.

Meanwhile, Xia Fukun looked at Ye Qingwan, who was standing in front of him.

“Teacher Qingwan, I’m sorry in advance.”

He bowed to Ye Qingwan lightly. The next second, a thought flashed past Xia Fukun’s mind, and a huge figure appeared right behind Ye Qingwan.

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