Monster Refining System – Chapter 12

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 12 – Both Beast Trainer and Martial Artist


As soon as the Super Strength Ape appeared right behind her, Ye Qingwan sensed it.

However, this only piqued her curiosity.

Ye Qingwan heard from the regent that Xia Fukun was a beast trainer who had just awakened and already possessed the ability to summon a fourth-grade pet. However, she was in slight disbelief, as under normal circumstances, a beast trainer who just awakened should only be in the first grade. It was obviously impossible for a newborn to already be an adult.

However, Xia Fukun had overthrown her belief.

Furthermore, Xia Fukun’s control over his pet was something unlike any other newbie Ye Qingwan had seen.

Dodging the Super Strength Ape’s attack at lightning speed, Ye Qingwan looked up at Xia Fukun, frowning slightly.

“You have just awakened?”

Ye Qingwan suspected that Xia Fukun wasn’t a newbie since he had such strong control over his pet, not much weaker than her own.


Xia Fukun nodded. I’m actually not a beast trainer, I just have the Monster Refining System. I have no idea why she is so shocked though.

“Teacher Qingwan, if you’re not going to summon your pet, I’m afraid we will be unable to continue this competition.”

Hearing Xia Fukun, Ye Qingwan hummed. She drew a seal in the air with her finger, and suddenly, a ball of flame appeared from the middle of the seal.


Xia Fukun squinted his eyes. So an ordinary beast trainer… has to follow various steps in order to summon their pet, unlike me who can summon them directly. I need to come up with a signature pose so people won’t be suspicious when I come across anyone in the future. If they do, I may turn into a lab rat.

“This is my pet, a Flame Sparrow. I have suppressed its ability to fourth-grade, same as your pet.”

Upon hearing Ye Qingwan’s introduction, Xia Fukun received a new piece of information from the Monster Refining System.

“Flame Sparrow. Class: Bird. Upon reaching the ninth grade, it will undergo a tribulation. If it succeeds, it will become a phoenix.”

Of course, this was just an introduction. There had never been anyone who managed to upgrade a Flame Sparrow to the ninth grade.

“Beware!” Ye Qingwan called out softly, and Xia Fukun could see a ball of flame flying toward the Super Strength Ape.

Super Strength Ape, Break the Boat, Xia Fukun said in his heart. The Monster Refining System had already imprinted some of Super Strength Ape’s skills in his mind, so he was familiar with the commands.

Receiving Xia Fukun’s command, the Super Strength Ape growled, and its gigantic figure started spinning on the spot rapidly. The scene looked just like a tornado colliding with the flame ball that the Flame Sparrow had transformed into.


A collision could be heard, and smoke could be seen waltzing out.

The Super Strength Ape reached out its hand toward the Flame Sparrow.

“Flame Sparrow, watch out!” Ye Qingwan shouted. She never expected Xia Fukun’s pet to be so strong. The Flame Sparrow and the Super Strength Ape were both fourth-grade pets, but the Super Strength Ape seemed to have the ability to go against a fifth-grade pet.

Right before the Super Strength Ape managed to catch the Flame Sparrow, it flapped its wings, dodging the Super Strength Ape’s attack. The Flame Sparrow then started making a tour around the Super Strength Ape.

“Shadow clone?”

Xia Fukun narrowed his eyes. He could see a number of shadows around the Flame Sparrow. If one wasn’t looking at it closely, they would not be able to tell the difference between the actual Flame Sparrow and its clones.

The Super Strength Ape seemed to be in trouble too. It had attacked twice, but they both missed.

”Indeed an inner disciple of Odin Academy. If this continues, the Super Strength Ape will definitely lose.”

Xia Fukun took a glance at Ye Qingwan and realized that she was fully concentrated on the battle.

It was a well-known fact that beast trainers were best at summoning and controlling their pets. However, their own strength was unable to keep up. In combat, the pets would be in charge of attacking and defending, so if a pet was ever restrained or killed, the beast trainer would be in huge trouble.

However, it was a different matter for Xia Fukun. His power was upgraded to the Profound Realm by the Monster Refining System.

Watching Ye Qingwan concentrating on the battle wholeheartedly, Xia Fukun swept toward Ye Qingwan.


Seeing Xia Fukun’s action, the regent was dumbfounded.

It only just crossed his mind that, when he went to look for Xia Fukun, he was flying, which was something that only martial artists at the Profound Realm were able to do.

“Is this kid a martial artist as well?”

The regent was astonished. I might have picked up a treasure!

At the same time, Xia Fukun was now standing right behind Ye Qingwan.

He had one of his hands on Ye Qingwan’s throat, while the other, whether intentionally or unintentionally, was grabbing Ye Qingwan’s chest.

“Teacher Qingwan, you have lost.”

Xia Fukun, perhaps unaware of where he was grabbing, gripped a little harder.


Being grabbed by Xia Fukun, Ye Qingwan flushed red immediately.

“I concede defeat! Hurry and release me!”

Seeing Ye Qingwan put away the Flame Sparrow, Xia Fukun removed his hands, and that was when he realized that he grabbed something he shouldn’t have….

Oh no, will Ye Qingwan think that I’m a pervert?

“Molester!” Ye Qingwan glared at Xia Fukun, her face red with embarrassment.

Okay, not a pervert, but a molester….

Xia Fukun shook his head helplessly.

The result of the battle was out though.


The regent, Shadow, and Qingmu Xuan made their way over.

“Kiddo, you have done well. I never expected that you’re both a martial artist and a beast trainer! In the future, I will personally take care of you for martial arts class. As for beast training-”


Before the regent could even finish his words, Ye Qingwan pulled Qingmu Xuan away with a snort.

“Kiddo, I know that you’re interested in Qingwan, but for things that have to do with relationships, you have to take it slow. Who does it like you, going right to the point like that?”

Xia Fukun felt like he was drunk.

What do you mean? Am I such a person in your eyes?

My reputation is ruined after only living in the Nine Spiritual Mainland for a year….

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