Monster Refining System – Chapter 13

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 13 – Mysterious Spirit Spring

Xia Fukun went back to his room drowsily. From tomorrow onward, he would be cultivating together with Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan.

Right after Xia Fukun left, Shadow went toward the regent.

“My lord, I’m afraid that the Ye family might not like the arrangement you have for Miss Qingwan. What if they blame it on us…?”

“Hehe, relationship matters are unpredictable. I’m just giving that kiddo a chance. You saw the battle that took place just now, he’s a man with a promising future. I’m afraid that the Yaslan Empire is not enough for him to unleash his potential. Of course, I hope that the Ye family will be able to see his strengths.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s almost time that Qingwan finishes her experience here. About three months later, she’ll return to Odin Academy. Three months is sufficient for Xuan’er to upgrade to a third-grade beast trainer. By then, I shall let those three make a trip to Odin Academy. When they return, my time as regent will be up.”

Hearing the regent, Shadow was in slight disbelief. He never expected the regent to be this far-sighted.

It was a peaceful night. The next day, Xia Fukun felt that there was something squirming on him.

“The sun’s already up yet you’re still sleeping?”

Before Xia Fukun opened his eyes, he heard a silvery voice in his ears.

“?” Xia Fukun’s eyes rolled open slowly, and a little girl came into his view.

“Who allowed you to climb on me?”

Xia Fukun sulked and lifted Qingmu Xuan off of his body. If not for Qingmu Xuan, Ye Qingwan would not have a bad impression of me!

“Don’t you like Teacher Wan’er? If you treat me nicely, I might give you some help.” Qingmu Xuan currently had braids. She looked at Xia Fukun mischievously.


Her words sparked Xia Fukun’s interest.

“Three months later, Teacher Wan’er will return to Odin Academy, a place where fish and dragons mingle together. With Teacher Wan’er’s looks, she’ll surely attract a number of talents. If you wish to get Teacher Wan’er’s heart, you only have three more months left.”

Hearing Qingmu Xuan’s words, Xia Fukun took another glance at her subconsciously. He never thought that this little girl would be so mature that she could see all his problems….

“Then what do you think I should do?” Xia Fukun took a deep breath and turned to Qingmu Xuan.

“Easy, you just need to follow what I say!” Qingmu Xuan laughed and ran out. At the same time, Xia Fukun heard soft footsteps coming toward him.

He immediately got up from his bed and looked at Ye Qingwan, who was at the door.

“It’s time for cultivation now. Since I lost to you, I will keep my promise and help you with cultivation. However, it all depends on you to meet Odin Academy’s entry requirement.”

After that, Ye Qingwan turned and left immediately. Qingmu Xuan, who was behind her, stuck her tongue out at Xia Fukun as he followed immediately.

Ye Qingwan cultivated at a spring located in the capital.

“Are we going to have a shared bath before we cultivate?” Looking at the spring right in front of him, Xia Fukun gasped and asked Ye Qingwan. He held in the excitement in his heart.

“Pervert!” Ye Qingwan chided quietly before answering Xia Fukun.

“There’s extremely strong spiritual energy in this spring. You can put your pet in it and you might get some unexpected benefits.”

Hearing Ye Qingwan’s words, Xia Fukun realized that he had thought of it in a wrong way. However…

My Super Strength Ape doesn’t need to have a bath in such a spring. It’s just an ingredient for the Asura Puppet. However, in order to not spark Ye Qingwan’s suspicion, Xia Fukun summoned the Super Strength Ape and put it into the spring.

Ye Qingwan was unable to believe her eyes when she saw that Xia Fukun had the ability to summon his pet immediately. She had only seen this ability in seventh-grade beast trainers back at the academy.

Xia Fukun was a mysterious person. If not for the incident yesterday that made her loathe Xia Fukun, she would have made an effort to get to know Xia Fukun.

But now… hehe.

Seeing Xia Fukun put the Super Strength Ape in the spring, Ye Qingwan did the same for her pet. At the start, Xia Fukun thought that a flaming bird would not want to come in contact with water, but seeing Ye Qingwan’s Flame Sparrow having a good time in the spring, Xia Fukun’s belief was proven wrong.

As for Qingmu Xuan, Xia Fukun was expecting her to have an impressive pet since she was part of the Qingmu royal family. However, when she summoned her pet, Xia Fukun couldn’t help but break out in laughter.

“Little kid, you’re pet’s a caterpillar?”

In Xia Fukun’s vision, Qingmu Xuan had summoned a black caterpillar, which had wiggled to the side of the spring, hesitating to get in the water.

“As blind as a bat!”

Ever since Qingmu Xuan met Xia Fukun, Xia Fukun was constantly looking down on her. Xia Fukun’s words angered her, so she gave him a glare.

“That little worm is the child of an Onyx Dragon. Since it’s only in the second grade right now, it looks like a worm. It will evolve into a dragon when it reaches the fifth grade.”

“Child of an Onyx Dragon? Little worm?”

Xia Fukun gave himself a hard pinch, trying to control his laughter.

“Did you just call it a little worm? What’s the difference between that and a caterpillar?”

“I…” Unable to convince Xia Fukun, Qingmu Xuan ran to Ye Qingwan, tugging her arm hard. Tears could be seen forming in her eyes.

“Alright. Keep quiet and sit down cross-legged. Feel the connection between you and your pet.”


Xia Fukun sat down cross-legged. At the same time, he realized that the Super Strength Ape in the spring had sent him a message.

There’s something under the spring?

Xia Fukun was in slight disbelief. Happiness rose from his heart.

Oh yeah! The spring bears strong spiritual energy, so there must be some treasure hidden beneath!

Xia Fukun opened his eyes slightly to take a peek, seeing Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan closing their eyes, meditating.

Hehe, what can you get from cultivating like this? Odin Academy isn’t that special after all.

Unfortunately, Xia Fukun could not enter the spring immediately because of the two girls sitting next to him. I have to wait until today’s session ends, then I’ll go to the bottom of the spring with the Super Strength Ape and look for treasure!

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