Monster Refining System – Chapter 14

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 14 – Exploring the Spirit Spring

Even though his goddess was sitting right next to him, such a method of cultivation was still boring to Xia Fukun.

When Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan were done cultivating, they realized that Xia Fukun had fallen asleep on his spot….

“Stupid! Ignorant!”

Seeing Xia Fukun fast asleep, Ye Qingwan was at a loss for words.

She was unable to believe that such an unmotivated person like Xia Fukun was a fourth-grade beast trainer as soon as he was enlightened. Moreover, he was a martial artist too.

Could it be… that all geniuses are truly ninety-nine percent inborn talent and one percent hard work?

No, I don’t even see the one percent hard work in Xia Fukun.

Qingmu Xuan couldn’t help but facepalm at this scene. She hoped that when she and Ye Qingwan finished cultivating, they would be welcomed by Xia Fukun cultivating hard. That would leave Ye Qingwan with a better impression of Xia Fukun.

But now… haish!

After having to be woken up from his sleep, Xia Fukun giggled lightly.

“The cultivating session has finished?”

Ye Qingwan: “…”

After some thinking, Ye Qingwan turned to Xia Fukun.

“If you continue on like this, I am sure it will be difficult for you to make it to Odin Academy.”

Meh, what academy? I’m perfectly happy not going there! Xia Fukun snickered in his heart. Of course, he could not voice his thoughts. My goddess, Ye Qingwan, is an inner disciple of Odin Academy! It would be inappropriate to badmouth Odin Academy right in front of her.

The sun was already dipping behind the horizon when Xia Fukun returned to his room. At the same time, the regent was there too.

“How was the cultivation session with Qingwan?”

“Hehe, it was okay.” Xia Fukun brushed the regent off.

“Mm, you will have to work hard. I am aware that your father has already gotten you a spot in Odin Academy previously, but that’s a spot for outer disciples, so you won’t get in touch with the core and important knowledge. But if you make a trip there with Qingwan, you might get to be an inner disciple.”

The regent’s words piqued Xia Fukun’s interest.

“Is Odin Academy that powerful? I heard that it’s on equal footing with the Yaslan empire when I was back at Summer City.”

“Hehe, equal footing?”

The regent gave Xia Fukun a glance.

“We would be celebrating if that were the case! You’re aware that the Yaslan Empire is just a tiny nation located in Scarlet Water province, right?”

“Yeah.” Xia Fukun nodded. He might have transmigrated from Earth, but he was still equipped with a basic knowledge of the Nine Spiritual Mainland.

“Do you know that Odin Academy is one of the top superpowers in Scarlet Water province?”

“What!?” Xia Fukun exclaimed. He had thought of the possibility that Odin Academy would be stronger than the Yaslan Empire, but he did not expect that it would be to such a huge extent.

“Kid, there’s always another heaven beyond heaven!”

“If you do not work hard, how are you going to rise above others? It doesn’t really matter if you embarrass me, but what about your Xia family? That wouldn’t be very nice.”

The regent had come over to see Xia Fukun upon hearing from Ye Qingwan that Xia Fukun fell asleep during the session.

“I understand.”

The two words “Xia family” ignited nostalgia in Xia Fukun as the memories he had made in the Xia family came flushing to his mind.

I’ve only started to miss the place called “home” after I left the Xia family.

“I have once said I will satisfy any requests of any beast trainer who joins the royal family as much as possible. Kiddo, do you have anything to request?”

Hearing the regent, Xia Fukun narrowed his eyes.



The regent looked at Xia Fukun full of interest. He was eager to hear Xia Fukun’s request.

“I hope that Regent can get me a few beasts. They will be helpful to my pet’s growth.”


The regent wasn’t very clear on how beast trainers leveled up, but he had never heard of a pet needing the help of other beasts in order to upgrade. However, the regent did not hide the fact that he doted on Xia Fukun.

He let Xia Fukun pen down the name of the beasts he needed. When he saw the names, the regent could not help but hold his breath.

Three fifth-grade beasts.

Two sixth-grade beasts.

One seventh-grade beast!

Even though these beasts could be found in the Yaslan Empire, none of them were existences that one could simply provoke. Especially the seventh-grade beast, which was already the king of an entire mountain in the Yaslan Empire.

“Are you sure that these beasts will help?” the regent asked Xia Fukun sternly. It would be difficult to get these beasts even if he did it personally.

“Yes. If I can acquire these beasts, I have confidence that I’ll be able to become a sixth-grade beast trainer within three months!”


Hearing Xia Fukun’s words, the regent had no more questions.

“The beasts that you’re asking for are somewhat tricky for me to get, but I will try to get them for you within a month.”

The regent did things swiftly and decisively. After the conversation, he left Xia Fukun’s room immediately.

Xia Fukun heaved a sigh of relief when the regent left.

In actuality, he only needed the fifth-grade and sixth-grade beasts that he had listed to create the Asura Puppet. As for the seventh-grade beast… that was for the next pet that he was going to create after the Asura Puppet.

If I leave the Yaslan Empire with Ye Qingwan, I don’t know when I’ll be back. Since I have the regent’s help now, I might as well take it.

“Asura Puppet…”

Xia Fukun stared out of the window, licking his lips.

As long as I can create the Asura Puppet, my power will be increased to the Warrior Realm. By then, I’ll be able to defend myself when I come up against an opponent like Mu Yun, even though I might be unable to defeat them.

Furthermore, a Warrior Realm martial artist and sixth-grade beast trainer in his twenties? Forget about the Yaslan Empire or Scarlet Water province, the superpowers all around the Nine Spiritual Mainland will be fighting to take me under them! Such talent is contrary to nature!

Night fell. Xia Fukun scanned his surroundings. When he had made sure that there was nobody around, he summoned the Super Strength Ape.

“Let’s go and check out what’s in the spring behind the mountains.”

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