Monster Refining System – Chapter 15

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 15 – Golden Ray Python

Two figures dashed out of the room in the dark.

Afterward, two figures appeared in the room.

“My lord, Xia Fukun seems to be heading to the spirit spring. Could it be that he has found out about its secret?”

Watching Xia Fukun leave, Shadow raised his eyebrow slightly.

“Hehe, it doesn’t matter. The beast living in the spring is not something even my Onyx Dragon can deal with, so that kiddo will surely be at a disadvantage, but it’s not a bad thing for that kid to suffer a loss.”

“Is Xia Fukun that valuable that my lord is willing to invest in him so much?” Shadow asked, puzzled.

“Of course.” The regent nodded without hesitation.

“The ancestor once said that every hundred years, a genius emerges from the Yaslan Empire.”

“Do you mean that Xia Fukun’s that genius?” Shadow held his breath. If that was the case, then all his doubts would be cleared.

“No.” The regent shook his head. “If he was just a genius, I wouldn’t treat him so nicely. There’s another thing that the ancestor told me before he left.

“Every ten thousand years, there would be an extraordinary genius that emerges in the Nine Spiritual Mainland.”

“Ss—” The regent’s words made Shadow take in a deep breath.

After some time traveling, Xia Fukun and the Super Strength Ape arrived at the spirit spring.

“You said that there’s something good down there. Is there a living thing or treasure?”

Xia Fukun and the Super Strength Ape could communicate through telepathy. As soon as he voiced his question, the Super Strength Ape replied immediately.

“I’m not sure, but I think that it’ll be helpful to you, Master.”

“Okay, then let’s make a trip down!”

Xia Fukun had no idea what was in the spring. But as long as I’m careful, everything should be fine.


Xia Fukun and the Super Strength Ape fell into the spirit spring.

That was when Xia Fukun realized that the spiritual energy in the spirit spring was surging up to him violently.

“The spiritual energy in the spring is not only beneficial to pets, so why did Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan not get into the water themselves? Are they unable to absorb the energy in this spring?”

Xia Fukun was puzzled. From the situation happening now, he was sure that, regardless of whether he acquired the treasure from the bottom of the spring or not, it would not be a wasted trip. In the future, he would only have to cultivate in this spring, and he’d be able to break through to the Warrior Realm within no time. As for beasts in the same realm, they were nothing to Xia Fukun. He would be able to make use of them as he wished.

The Monster Refining Systems allowed beasts of the same cultivation or lower to be absorbed into the system immediately. However, Xia Fukun believed that this situation was just temporary. He was sure that the Monster Refining System had secrets that he had yet to discover. I will start to see them all when I get stronger.

However, I never thought that this spring would be this deep. I and the Super Strength Ape have already dived for five minutes, yet we still have not reached the bottom.

The deeper into the spring they went, the stronger the spiritual energy became.

“Are we reaching the bottom…?” Xia Fukun squinted his eyes. His vision had started to become blurry.

Just then, a ray of golden light came into Xia Fukun’s vision.

The ray of light seemed to be staying at the bottom of the spring, motionless, but Xia Fukun felt a sense of extreme danger from it.


“Ding dong! Congratulations, host, you have discovered a rare beast – Golden Ray Python.”

“Golden Ray Python?”

Xia Fukun was slightly shocked. Immediately, he received information about the Golden Ray Python.

“Golden Ray Python: an epic-level beast, it is said to have gone extinct. Born with an eighth-grade talent, after evolving to a certain level, it will have a chance to break through to the tenth-grade and become a beast of the sacred grade!”

Even though this python in front of Xia Fukun was just a baby Golden Ray Python, it was not something that he could handle!

“Damn it, does this mean that all the spiritual energy present in this spring comes from the Golden Ray Python? This…”

Xia Fukun was not an idiot. He immediately swam upward with the Super Strength Ape.

At the same time:

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The ray of golden light seemed to sense Xia Fukun’s existence. Golden rays of light shone brightly, springing toward Xia Fukun all of a sudden.

“Damn it! Brother, I’m at fault! Please do not bully me!”

Seeing the Golden Ray Python spring up at him, Xia Fukun swam as hard as he could, but he was caught up to within no time.

“Super Strength Ape, stop it!” Xia Fukun commanded immediately.

Before the Super Strength Ape could do as told, the python slipped past it.


The Super Strength Ape turned into bubbles as it was sent back to Xia Fukun’s body. It would be a few hours before Xia Fukun could summon it again.

“Oh no…”

Xia Fukun turned around to see the Golden Ray Python coming toward him, trying to enter his body. He let out a curse, but before he could react, the Golden Ray Python had already entered his body.

“This bastard, how dare you try to snatch…?”

My body. The easiest and most suitable host for a beast. The Golden Ray Python had been here for some time, but it never saw a human come to the bottom of the spring, and any beast that entered dared not go too deep because of its might. Until today, when Xia Fukun came. Xia Fukun might not have high cultivation, but it was enough for the Golden Ray Python to borrow his body.

When the Golden Ray Python entered Xia Fukun’s body, Xia Fukun lost consciousness. His body stopped going upward, and he fell to the bottom of the spring slowly.

The Golden Ray Python couldn’t wait to take over the body as soon as it entered. It was injured in the past, and even though it would be able to recover after spending time in the spring, the python could not wait anymore.

Initially, it thought that it could make use of Xia Fukun’s body to recover in advance, but never would it have expected to be wrapped up by a mysterious force as soon as it entered Xia Fukun’s body.

“Ding dong! The Golden Ray Python has walked into the trap. Congratulations, host, you have gotten a Golden Ray Python. However, due to insufficient cultivation, the Golden Ray Python will automatically turn into refinement points, and the Monster Rent System will be activated in advance.”

This sentence rang across Xia Fukun’s mind, but he heard none of it. He had fallen to the bottom of the spring.

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