Monster Refining System – Chapter 16

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 16 – Monster Refining System Upgrade!

The next day, just like yesterday, Qingmu Xuan went to Xia Fukun’s room to wake him up, but Xia Fukun was nowhere in his room.

“Did he secretly leave to cultivate?”

Thinking that Xia Fukun had gone off for training to impress Ye Qingwan, disdain overtook her. Qingmu Xuan said nothing more and followed Ye Qingwan to the spring.

Cultivating at the spirit spring was the first lesson that Ye Qingwan gave Qingmu Xuan. Only when Qingmu Xuan and her pet were connected on a deep level could they move on to the next training.

On the way, Ye Qingwan would look back from time to time.

“Teacher Wan’er, are you waiting for that guy?”

“No.” Ye Qingwan immediately shook her head upon hearing Qingmu Xuan’s words.

“Who would wait for someone like him?” she added.

“Hehe,” Qingmu Xuan said nothing more.

Very soon, both of them arrived at the spirit spring.

However, they were utterly shocked by the scene that welcomed them.

“Is this… the spirit spring? What happened to it?”

The spirit spring that was brimming with spiritual energy was long gone. The waters had turned black and lifeless. There was a small cyclone swirling in the spring continuously.

“Something has gone wrong with the spring. We have to inform Uncle Qingmu about it.”

Both Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Duan were aware of the presence of a mysterious and powerful beast that was living in the bottom of the spring. Since the spring had become like this, did something happen to the beast in the spring?

Qingmu Xuan was still in doubt when Ye Qingwan dragged her back to the palace.

If the spirit spring has turned into this, then Xia Fukun…

Back in the palace, hearing from Ye Qingwan about the spring, the regent and Shadow exchanged a glance, blood draining from their faces.

They were aware that Xia Fukun had made a trip to the spirit spring last night. Since there were changes to the spirit spring, then it must have been related to Xia Fukun.

In fact, the regent did not care about what happened to the beast, but Xia Fukun…

After a short exchange of glances, the regent and Shadow took off, flying into the distance.

Seeing both of them leave so anxiously, Ye Qingwan patted Qingmu Xuan’s shoulders.

“Xuan’er, wait at the palace. Teacher Wan’er will follow and take a look too.”

“Alright.” Qingmu Xuan nodded obediently.

Ye Qingwan summoned out her Flame Sparrow.

When the Flame Sparrow was summoned, it was ten times bigger than its original size. Ye Qingwan leaped onto the Flame Sparrow, and with a shriek, it flew right after the regent and Shadow.

At the bottom of the spirit spring, foul gases were coming out of Xia Fukun’s body continuously. The foul gases were what tainted the spirit spring that was originally brimming with energy.

Seeing the state of the spirit spring, the regent and Shadow got ready to enter the spring. Suddenly, they heard a shriek. They turned around to see that Ye Qingwan had followed them. The regent frowned.

“Qingwan, why did you come?”

“Uncle Qingmu, I’m here to see if there’s anything I can help you with.”

“Hard to say.” The regent shook his head.

“The beast in the spring is from an unknown origin. It might be seriously injured, but even my Onyx Dragon could not do anything to it. I’m afraid that the changes today might be because the beast has regained its power! Moreover, I saw Xia Fukun heading here last night. I’m afraid he’s inside.”

“Uncle Qingmu, do you mean that Xia Fukun’s in the spring?”

Xia Fukun might not have been a serious person, but he remained mysterious in Ye Qingwan’s heart.

How weak could he be if he could become a fourth-grade beast trainer and Profound Realm martial artist at his age? Moreover, Xia Fukun had the courage to venture into the spring that she didn’t. This made Ye Qingwan have a better impression of Xia Fukun.

“Yes. However, it’s dangerous here. You should return to the capital first.”

The regent did not want Ye Qingwan to take the risk with him.

“Uncle Qingmu, this isn’t right.” Ye Qingwan smiled. She had a captivating smile. “Not only is Xia Fukun a citizen of the Yaslan Empire, he is also my, Ye Qingwan’s, disciple. I am going in with you to take a look.”

Hearing Ye Qingwan’s words, the regent smiled bitterly.

He did not have time to stop Ye Qingwan from doing anything, as one more second wasted would be one more second that Xia Fukun was in danger.

“Okay. Shadow, protect Qingwan. And Qingwan, stay close to me.”

With that, the regent got ready to venture into the spring.

Right at this moment…


A huge whirlpool appeared in the middle of the spirit spring.


The regent held his breath. Is the beast going to show itself?

Before he could react, a familiar figure shot out of the spirit spring.

“Xia Fukun?” Ye Qingwan was slightly dumbfounded. She thought that the mysterious beast had finally shown itself and had clenched her fists, ready to fight it.

“Eh? What are you guys doing…?”

Xia Fukun lay near the spirit spring, his clothes all torn to pieces by the whirlpool. Seeing Ye Qingwan and the rest staring at him, he covered his chest with his hands subconsciously.

“Are you alright? What about the beast living at the bottom of the spring?”

“Beast? I have already refined it. Why?” Xia Fukun asked in curiosity.

“You… have refined it?” The regent was taken aback by Xia Fukun’s words.

The regent had an Onyx Dragon, but he was not a beast trainer, so it was considered a partner. However, this Onyx Dragon was an eighth-grade beast. A beast that even an eighth-grade dragon could not handle, how could you refine it as you please?

“Yeah, why?”

Even though Xia Fukun was in a coma when that happened, he received a lot of information when he woke up.

What gave him a pleasant surprise wasn’t that the foul gas inside his body was released when he refined the Golden Ray Python, causing his strength to improve, but the fact that, after refining the Golden Ray Python, he coincidentally activated the Monster Rent System in advance.

The Monster Rent System was similar to car rental or house rental, rental services on Earth. However, the beast rented from the system would only last for an hour.

Even though that might’ve seemed to be a short time, Xia Fukun could even rent beasts above eighth grade.

Xia Fukun would need refinement points to rent these beasts. The Golden Ray Python had given Xia Fukun a hundred refinement points, which would allow him to rent an eighth-grade beast ten times or a ninth-grade beast once.

An eighth-grade beast was even more powerful than a martial artist at the peak of the Supreme Realm, and a ninth-grade beast was as good as halfway into the Heaven Realm!

In order words, if Xia Fukun were to go against Mu Yun now, he would be able to beat him till he was unrecognizable.

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