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Monster Refining System – Chapter 18 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 18

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 18 – Grade A Mission

The old man’s words made Xia Fukun unhappy.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. This is not Earth; I can’t possibly try to reason with the old man about how customers are always right.

Xia Fukun followed the old man’s finger.

The words written were as follows:

For an Elementary Realm martial artist to become a mercenary, one needs to pay one hundred gold coins and write down your details. Collect the mercenary badge, and you’ll officially be a first-grade mercenary.

The only thing that caught Xia Fukun’s eyes was the hundred gold coins.

Having led a good life at the Xia family and the capital, why would Xia Fukun have any money on him? He rubbed his nose, slightly ashamed.

“Old man, that’s the procedure for an Elementary Realm martial artist. What about a Profound Realm martial artist? Do they need to pay?”


Xia Fukun’s words made the old man, who was sucking his smoking pipe, choke on the smoke.

“Kid, are you joking around? A Profound Realm martial artist would go to the VIP room on the second floor. You wouldn’t need to pay either. You’re so young, how could you be a Profound Realm martial artist?”

“Oh, so they do not need to pay, huh?”

Xia Fukun felt like facepalming. Why didn’t you mention that earlier if it’s free?

With that, he turned around, walking toward the VIP room on the second level.

Could that kid… really be a Profound Realm martial artist?

Puzzled, the skinny old man watched Xia Fukun walk away.

On the second floor, Xia Fukun saw Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan coming out of the VIP room.

“Why are you so slow? We’re already done.” Ye Qingwan frowned.


You are already aware of the rules here, but I wasn’t! I was nearly conned out of a hundred gold coins by the old man downstairs! Xia Fukun scorned.

Ignoring Ye Qingwan, Xia Fukun made his way to the VIP room.

“Greetings, Sir. Are you here to register as a majestic mercenary?”

At the door stood a stewardess in a bunny costume. Her snowy white thighs, bosom, and most of her body were exposed to the air. Xia Fukun took a few glances and coughed.

“Yeah, I want to know about the procedure.”

Only a martial artist with power at or above the Profound Realm would come to the second floor to register as a mercenary. Anyone who possessed such power definitely had a certain social status, thus the bunny girl dared not look down upon or suspect Xia Fukun’s words. He might’ve been masked and sounded like a youngster, but this was a mercenary guild, a place where no child would come to fool around.

Very soon, the bunny girl brought him a form and an apparatus that looked like a crystal ball.

“Sir, this is a form to register as a third-grade mercenary. But before you do so, we need you to prove your ability using this apparatus.”

“Oh, alright.” Xia Fukun took a glance at the crystal ball in front of him. He never expected the technology in the Nine Spiritual Mainland to be so advanced.

He followed the bunny girl’s instructions and placed his hand on the crystal ball.

Suddenly, a brown light appeared from the crystal ball.

“Peak of the Profound Realm!?” the bunny girl exclaimed.

From Xia Fukun’s voice, she could tell that Xia Fukun was still young. Normally, it would be good enough for such a person to just barely have reached the Profound Realm, but who would have expected that Xia Fukun would be a Profound Realm martial artist at the peak? This symbolized that it was only a matter of time until he broke through to the Warrior Realm, and there were fewer than a hundred Warrior Realm martial artists in the entire Yaslan Empire.

Having this thought, the bunny girl moved closer to Xia Fukun subconsciously and rubbed her bosom against Xia Fukun’s arm. She put her cherry red lips next to Xia Fukun’s ear, blowing air in it.

“Sir, you’ll just have to fill this form out and you will officially be a third-grade mercenary. Then, you can start collecting missions from the guild. However, it’s still early, do you want to head to the room upstairs and have a rest first?”

As she was speaking, her chest kept rubbing against Xia Fukun’s arm. Xia Fukun gulped before he could say anything.

He heard a voice coming from behind him.

“Hmph! Pervert.” Ye Qingwan’s cold voice rang in his ears.

Xia Fukun immediately put on a stern face.

“This lady, please be more respectful. I’m not a skirt-chaser,” Xia Fukun said and took his arm away. After he filled the form out, he took the badge representing a third-grade mercenary from the other party and walked to Ye Qingwan.

“If I said that I wasn’t affected by her seduction previously, would you believe me?”

“What does that have to do with me?” Ye Qingwan side-eyed Xia Fukun and went out with Qingmu Xuan.

Xia Fukun shrugged.

What should I say about this?

The group followed Ye Qingwan to the mission collection center in the guild.

There were a great number of missions being put up daily. After one completed their mission, they would get a reward according to the difficulty of the mission.

“I’m a fourth-grade mercenary, you’re a third-grade, and Xuan’er’s a first-grade. We will be able to get a grade A mission. I’ll go and take a look, stay here,” Ye Qingwan said and left, leaving Xia Fukun and Qingmu Xuan standing on the spot staring at each other.

“Scum Kun, let me ask you something,” Qingmu Xuan suddenly said.

“Scum Kun?” Xia Fukun was slightly taken aback. What kind of nickname is that? “Kiddo, can’t you learn something good instead? What kind of nickname is that?”

“Don’t mind the details.” Qingmu Xuan waved her hand. “Have you realized that Teacher Wan’er’s attitude toward you changed after she came back from the spring?”

“Hmm?” Xia Fukun thought for a moment. It seems to be true! Ye Qingwan seemed to hate me even more?

“This is a good start, but you’ll have to work hard!”

Watching Qingmu Xuan cheering him on, Xia Fukun was slightly confused.

“Three months later, we will head to Odin Academy. Teacher Wan’er has told me that there are many guys there that she hates who are trying to get her. If you do not want your girl to land in someone else’s hands, you must become stronger than them. However, it’s going to be useless since their backgrounds are too powerful for you to offend them.”

Are you trying to cheer me up or make me feel bad?

Before Xia Fukun could voice his thoughts, he saw Ye Qingwan coming toward them with something in her hands.

“You have gotten the mission?” Xia Fukun asked Ye Qingwan.

“Yes, a grade A mission. We have to bring back a Blood God’s Blossom in exchange for ten thousand spirit stones.”

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