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Monster Refining System – Chapter 19 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Marriage

 “Blood God’s Blossom?” Xia Fukun was slightly taken aback. Information about the Blood God’s Blossom slowly came to his mind.

Blood God’s Blossom: an ingredient for a high-grade pill, Blood Grain, which is used to increase one’s power significantly within a short period of time. Usually, only people who practiced evil techniques would possess the recipe for it. However, the mercenary guild was only in charge of putting up the missions. They did not care about the person who put the mission up.

“You’re thinking of…?”

“Yeah, Blood Grain is a type of pill made by martial artists who practice evil techniques. If I can, I hope to get rid of such detrimental people from the Yaslan Empire before I return to Odin Academy.”

On a normal basis, after a mercenary completes the mission, he or she would just bring the item back to the guild and leave, but due to the preciousness of the Blood God’s Blossom, the person who put up the mission said that he would come to the guild to collect the flower himself.

Xia Fukun never thought that Ye Qingwan would have such an idiotic idea.

If Xia Fukun were the one leading the team on this mission, he would surely avoid as much trouble as he could as that was how most earthlings would behave. However, he had met with Ye Qingwan, the female knight who had a strong sense of justice.

If it was someone else, Xia Fukun would surely not care about them, but there was nothing he could do this time around since Ye Qingwan was his goddess….

The Blood God’s Blossom grew in the Misty Swamp, which was a distance away from the capital, thus Xia Fukun and the group set off immediately.

Just as the trio left the guild, a few figures followed.

“Da Ge, the mission for the Blood God’s Blossom has been taken by that trio.”

“Those three are not simple people. Even though one of them is a child, the lady is a beast trainer, and the guy can fly, which means he must be at least in the Profound Realm.”

The guy who was addressed as “Da Ge” wore hide clothing, and there was a scar right across his face. He watched Xia Fukun and the team leave with narrowed eyes and a scrunched face.

“Let’s trail behind them and see. The Misty Swamp is inhabited by many beasts, so it’s a dangerous place. If the trio manages to go through all the dangers, then we’ll take some small advantages along the way. If they fail, then they must have died inside the swamp. We’ll just turn back if that happens,” the scar-faced man said wishfully.

“Da Ge, you’re smart!” The other two men bootlicked.

With that, three figures jumped into the air, following Xia Fukun and the rest to the Misty Swamp.

Xia Fukun and the group flew about a hundred kilometers before they reached the Misty Swamp in the Yaslan Empire.

“This Misty Swamp is home to many beasts. Why not release your pet?” Ye Qingwan told Xia Fukun. To them, the more helpers, the greater the chance they would succeed. Getting the Blood God’s Blossom was not a simple mission. Even some mercenaries at the Profound Realm’s peak would not take up such a mission.

“I’ll wait.” Xia Fukun took a glance toward his back.

He had a stronger sense in comparison to other Profound Realm martial artists, thus he realized there were people trailing after them quickly. His pet would be his secret move. Since the stalkers dared to follow them, they must have no fear of their numbers. His pet would be a good surprise for the other party.

After hearing Xia Fukun’s words and his expression, Ye Qingwan seemed to guess the situation. She furrowed her eyebrows.

She was aware of how messy the world of mercenaries was. However, she was puzzled by how Xia Fukun had a weaker ability compared to her, but his performance seemed to show that he was stronger.

“Let’s look for the Blood God’s Blossom first,” Xia Fukun said.

“Mm.” Ye Qingwan nodded.

There were records about the Blood God’s Blossom in the mission help guides. After arriving at the Misty Swamp, Xia Fukun and the group decided to walk. The trio trailing after them followed too.

Scarlet Water province, Ye family residence.

This was Ye Qingwan’s family, and one of the local superpowers.

However, the Ye family was in a tense situation at the moment.

And the pressure was coming from none other than the young man that was currently sitting in the Ye family’s guest room.

“Uncle Ye, what do you think of the proposal that Qinghe came up with previously?” The young man chuckled, looking at the middle-aged man in front of him.

However, the middle-aged man was frowning.

“Qinghe, you’ll have to wait for Qingwan to come back. I’ll have to inform her before I can give you an answer. Relationship matters are in your hands after all. As the elder, I can only help pass the message. As for what happens to you and Qingwan in the future, it’s all up to fate.”

Ye Yuantian, Ye Qingwan’s father, felt like he was getting dizzy.

The young man sitting in front of him was Young Master Li Qinghe, the grandson of Li Mu. Li Mu was the chairman of Odin Academy. Ever since the previous chairman of Odin Academy disappeared, Li Mu was in control of the entire Odin Academy, and Li Qinghe had gotten more and more rampant.

The Ye family might’ve been a superpower in Scarlet Water province, but Odin Academy… was the strongest superpower in the entire Scarlet Water province.

There was a difference between a superpower and the strongest superpower.

Moreover, Odin Academy had a huge network. Without even counting Scarlet Water province, it was unknown how many geniuses from throughout the entire Nine Spiritual Mainland had graduated from Odin Academy.

Facing the marriage proposal that Li Qinghe had given, Ye Yuantian dared not reject him directly. All he could do was put the marriage on hold.

“Hehe, I get that Uncle Ye is in a difficult position. However, my grandfather is looking forward to this arranged marriage. I know that Qingwan will be coming back about three months later. By then, I’ll have to trouble Uncle Ye to arrange the date so I can explain to my grandfather too.”

With that, Li Qinghe left, not giving Ye Yuantian any chance to refuse.

Watching Li Qinghe leave, Ye Yuantian clenched his fists tightly.

“Damn it!”

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