Monster Refining System – Chapter 2

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 2 – The Fight for the Flame Bear

It was almost impossible for Xia Fuqian to give up something that had caught his eyes, but this was Xia Fukun, his younger brother, who had become estranged with the Xia family over the past year. Other than getting the guards to catch him exotic beasts, he never interacted with the family ever since last year.

Since Xia Fukun asked for it, then Xia Fuqian would definitely give in to his younger brother.

Xia Kuangyun heaved a sigh of relief at Xia Fuqian’s response. Like any other parent, his biggest wish was to see his children get along well with each other. He was pleased to see his sons getting along.

The auction started at eight.

As the mayor of Summer City, Xia Kuangyun had to make an appearance even if he was not going to take part in the auction.

He brought along Xia Fukun with him too.

“Greetings, Mayor Xia!”

This auction was organized by the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce. It was such a large organization that it had a high status in the Yaslan Empire despite its headquarters being located somewhere else.

The person who greeted Xia Kuangyun was an old man with white hair. Xia Fukun recognized him as Master Ni Gu, the leader of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce Summer City Division.

It had to be said that Master Ni Gu had just broken through to the Profound Realm. Other than Xia Kuangyun, there was almost nobody in Summer City who could tell him what to do.

“Haha, it’s a grand event, so of course the mayor must come to show the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce some support!”

After a short conversation out of courtesy, Xia Fukun followed Xia Kuangyun to private room number three.

There were ten private rooms in the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce, and room number three was usually occupied by Xia Kuangyun. The first two rooms were given to elites or Red Maple Chamber of Commerce’s higher-ups. It was understandable though; Xia Kuangyun might have been the mayor of Summer City, but in the Yaslan Empire, his talent was only so-so.

In fact, he should’ve been happy that the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce was willing to treat him so nicely even though he was just a Profound Realm martial artist.

“Kun’er, father will get you the Flame Bear by all means!”

As soon as they entered the room, Xia Kuangyun patted Xia Fukun’s back.

Xia Fukun nodded.

He might not have had many interactions with Xia Kuangyun ever since he arrived in this world, but he knew how much Xia Kuangyun cared for him.

I’m not a cold-blooded animal. Of course I would be touched.

And it’s time to see how well this Monster Refining System thing is!

I have read many novels about such a situation on Earth, and most of the protagonists became invincible after getting their cheat! So why am I spending such a long time on this low-grade Super Strength Ape?

If I am still unable to create a Super Strength Ape after getting my hands on the Flame Bear, I’m going to rage.

Very soon, the auction took place.

As usual, the items would be put out in the order of increasing appraised value.

The venue was enormous, enough to house more than a thousand people. There was a platform in the middle, on which stood a beautiful woman in a black miniskirt. There were spotlights on her as she introduced the items one by one with her sweet and high-pitched nasally voice.

Xia Fukun squinted his eyes to get a better look at the woman.

She was the auctioneer of this auction. With her cat-like eyes, nasally voice, and her sexually suggestive actions, the woman managed to lure men into her trap to bid on ordinary items at the cost of an arm.

“Kun’er, a good man shouldn’t fall into a woman’s…”

Seeing that Xia Fukun had his eyes stuck on the woman, Xia Kuangyun reminded him subtly.

“Father, be at ease. Kun’er is sensible.”

Xia Fukun plastered a smile on his face and turned to Xia Kuangyun.


As long as my dear son gets it.

It’s not helpful to say it in detail.

Luckily, none of my sons are pervs. Thank God.

“I think the Flame Bear’s corpse will be out soon.”

The auction was going smoothly. After Xia Kuangyun’s reminder, Xia Fukun noticed a large item covered with black cloth that was placed offstage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I now bring you the Flame Bear that we, the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce, has acquired!” the auctioneer announced.

The crowd started to cheer upon hearing this.

“This Flame Bear might have already died, but I’m sure all geniuses present are aware of how strong its bones are. They’re well known to be as strong as steel! They’re excellent material if you’re looking for indestructible armor!”

“Ten thousand gold coins!”

As soon as the woman finished her words, somebody bid.

The crowd held their breath after hearing the price.

Gold coins – a currency in the Yaslan Empire. They might not be as valuable as spirit stones, but ten thousand gold coins was enough to last a commoner for ten years.

The Flame Bear might’ve been a rare beast in the Yaslan Empire, but ten thousand gold coins was too much for a mere second-grade beast.

Silence took over the venue as soon as the man bid.

The auctioneer raised her eyebrow at the crowd’s reaction.

Ten thousand gold coins might’ve been a reasonable price for a Flame Bear, but that’s not what the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce wanted to see.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this Flame Bear might already be dead, but the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce guarantees that this Flame Bear is of the best quality. The bones that are as strong as steel aren’t the only thing that’s valuable, every part of its body is, considering how well preserved the body is!”

Other than being seductive, there was something else that the woman was good at – enlivening the atmosphere.

As expected, bidding started after she finished speaking.

“Fifteen thousand gold coins!”

But within no time, somebody next to him bid for the Flame Bear at a higher price.

“Twenty thousand gold coins!”

“Twenty-five thousand gold coins!”

And this continued on.

Hearing the continuous bidding, Xia Fukun was like a cat on hot bricks. He turned to Xia Kuangyun, only to see him watching the scene with a smirk while lying back on his chair.

“Be at ease, Kun’er. If Father says that this Flame Bear is yours, it will be yours.

“Let’s see who the king of Summer City is!”

With that, Xia Kuangyun pressed the button that was right in front of him.

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