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Monster Refining System – Chapter 20 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – Seventh-Grade Bicephalous Demonic Wolf!

“Master, this Li Qinghe has gone too far, right?”

After Li Qinghe and the Li family’s elites left, the Ye family elders stepped out. All of them were frowning.

“Hmm, then why didn’t you guys utter a word when he was here?” Ye Yuantian glared at them.

Shortly after, he sighed.

“The Li family now has Odin Academy in their hands. We can’t afford to offend them. We have no idea where Chairman Zhu went or if he’s even still around. If this continues, Odin Academy will soon fall into the Li family’s hands completely….”

Ye Yuantian shook his head. The chairman had always been a mysterious man to the world. His full name was unknown to even the higher-ups of Odin Academy. All that was known about him was that he left the academy a few years ago, and back then, he was already a Heaven Realm martial artist.

With his power, he was a preeminent martial artist of the Nine Spiritual Mainland. However, years had passed, yet Chairman Zhu had not returned. As for Li Mu, he was about to break through to the Heaven Realm due to the number of resources he had on hand. Even though he was incomparable to Chairman Zhu, he was still stronger than the Ye family.

“Three months later, Qingwan will be back from the Yaslan Empire. I will tell her by then.” Ye Yuantian sighed. The same went for the elders of the Ye family too.

There was nothing they could do except maybe blame it on Ye Qingwan’s lovely looks?

There was a fair number of geniuses who were after Ye Qingwan. However, they all took a step back after hearing Li Qinghe’s name. In Odin Academy, Li Qinghe was the thing that saved Ye Qingwan from many troubles, but she was unaware that, during her time in the Yaslan Empire, Li Qinghe had run out of patience and gave such an unreasonable request.

Back in the Yaslan Empire, it had been two days since Xia Fukun and the group entered the Misty Swamp.

“Teacher Qingwan, are you sure that the Blood God’s Blossom is here?”

Xia Fukun was feeling slightly puzzled. They were almost reaching the core of the Misty Swamp, and they had slain a number of third-grade and fourth-grade beasts on their way. They had even killed a fifth-grade beast, but the Blood God’s Blossom was still nowhere to be seen.

“It should be here. How would something that costs ten thousand spirit stones be found so easily?” Ye Qingwan responded softly, giving Xia Fukun a glare.

This glare made Xia Fukun’s blood boil. If they weren’t in a dangerous environment, he would’ve definitely stepped forward and pulled Ye Qingwan to the side to have a good chat.

“However, we should be more careful since we’re now at the core. The core of the Misty Swamp is home to many sixth-grade and seventh-grade beasts.”

Hearing Ye Qingwan’s reminder, Xia Fukun’s eyes lit up.

The beasts that they had slain were secretly put into the Monster Refining System to exchange for refinement points by Xia Fukun. Even though they did not bring as many refinement points as the Golden Ray Python did, each and every point mattered. Xia Fukun was happy to hear about the sixth-grade and seventh-grade beasts.

He was now a martial artist at the peak of the Profound Realm. He could take an ordinary fourth-grade beast into his Monster Refining System immediately. He could even do so for a sixth or seventh-grade beast as long as they were weak or injured.

However, Xia Fukun was not sure how many points he would earn with a sixth or seventh-grade beast.

In fact, their group could be considered safe if they came across a sixth-grade beast given their power. It was the seventh-grade beasts they were worried about. However, even in the Misty Swamp’s core, it was not easy to come across a seventh-grade beast. There was at most one or two lurking around the core.

After all, a seventh-grade beast was considered a tough beast no matter where it was.

Seeing wishful thinking written all over Xia Fukun’s face instead of anxiousness after hearing her words, Ye Qingwan was at a loss. What type of opponent is this?

“Let’s go forward more, I believe we will find the flower soon,” Ye Qingwan said.

“Mm.” Xia Fukun nodded and took a glance behind. Under his strong senses, he could feel the three mercenaries that were following them better. It might be because we have now entered the core of the swamp, thus they are afraid that they will lose us.

So, Xia Fukun could sense their power.

One of them had just broken through to the Warrior Realm, and two were at the peak of the Profound Realm!

This lineup was not something that Xia Fukun’s group could take on easily.

Ye Qingwan was currently a sixth-grade beast trainer, which was equivalent to a Warrior Realm martial artist. However, she was no match for mercenaries who were experienced with living such a life. If they ended up in a fight, it would be good enough if she could obstruct the mercenary in the Warrior Realm.

As for the other two mercenaries in the Profound Realm, the trio following us is probably thinking of letting one take me while the other takes Qingmu Xuan, who’s only a second-grade beast trainer. This is the reason why they dare to take us as a target.

“I hope that you aren’t that stupid….” Xia Fukun sighed. After the Monster Rent System was activated, I can basically rule Scarlet Water province.

Of course, there were plenty of superpowers around Scarlet Water province. However, no matter how strong they were, the leaders were only around the Supreme Realm or maybe the Heaven Realm.

So what can you do if I rent a ninth-grade beast to fight you?

I just don’t want to waste my points on trash like you.

Just when the mercenaries were about to take action:


A growl came from somewhere nearby.


Blood drained from Ye Qingwan’s face.

A power that struck terror in her heart.

A sixth-grade beast wouldn’t be able to do so.

Not even an ordinary seventh-grade beast would be able to do so….

There was only one type of beast nearby that possessed such formidable power.

A beast at the peak of the seventh grade!

“Ding dong! Congratulations, host! You have found a Bicephalous Demonic Wolf that has the power of a peak seventh-grade beast.”

Just as Xia Fukun registered the situation, he heard the notification sent by the Monster Refining System to his mind.

He also realized that the Monster Refining System only cared about beasts that were at least seventh-grade. As for ordinary beasts, it did not care about them.


Was it really a good thing to encounter a peak seventh-grade beast in this situation?

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