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Monster Refining System – Chapter 21 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – The Giant Flying Snake

“It’s a Bicephalous Demonic Wolf.” Xia Fukun laughed bitterly. I have indeed hit the jackpot, huh?

With our lineup, there’s no way we can defeat a Bicephalous Demonic Wolf unless I rent an eighth-grade beast!

“Hmm?” Ye Qingwan was slightly shocked. By right, she had a greater ability than Xia Fukun, but Xia Fukun managed to identify the beast before she did! However, she was somehow used to it by now after seeing the many unique tricks that Xia Fukun pulled off.

As soon as Xia Fukun finished his words, a roar could be heard coming from behind a tree.

A dim glow of black energy appeared. A gigantic two-headed demonic wolf walked out of the foliage and stood in front of the group.

“I guess that we’re in their region now.” Ye Qingwan took a deep breath. After she confirmed that the beast was a Bicephalous Demonic Wolf, Ye Qingwan started to retreat slowly. She held onto Qingmu Xuan more tightly too, fearing that Qingmu Xuan would fall behind.

Behind them:

“Lao Da, they are so unlucky! It’s a Bicephalous Demonic Wolf! If we were to meet such a beast, there’s nothing we could do but run away! It seems like their mission is about to fail.”

Hearing his servant’s words, the scar-faced man squinted his eyes. He took a look at the front, realizing that Ye Qingwan had indeed retreated but not Xia Fukun. He stood on the spot, looking fearless.

“Let’s wait and see.” The scar-faced man waved his hands. He turned around and hid in the bushes with his servants.

“Let’s retreat. The Bicephalous Demonic Wolf might be fierce, but it can’t stop us if we are determined to leave.” Ye Qingwan took a deep breath and turned to Xia Fukun.

Retreat? So the hard work and blood lost to the mosquitos for the past two days all goes to waste?

Seeing Xia Fukun hesitating, Ye Qingwan sighed.

“That’s just how a mercenary mission is sometimes. We aren’t guaranteed to complete the mission with one try. At least we know where the wolf stays now so we can avoid this path the next time we come.”

“You leave with Qingmu Xuan first. I’ll protect you guys from the back.” After some hesitation, Xia Fukun told Ye Qingwan.

Thinking that Xia Fukun was getting ready to retreat, Ye Qingwan nodded and ran off with Qingmu Xuan in her arms.

The Bicephalous Demonic Wolf growled angrily upon seeing Ye Qingwan leave. It spit out a lusterless black energy ball that went for Ye Qingwan.

“Bastard, I’m your opponent!” Xia Fukun went up, his palms shining brightly with white light. After taking the attack from the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf, he was sent flying, banging into a tree.

“Damn it!”

Xia Fukun vomited blood. Seeing that Ye Qingwan had already moved quite far, Xia Fukun stared at the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf angrily.

“How dare you beat up your grandfather!?”

As soon as Xia Fukun said that, a thought flashed past his mind, and he heard the notification instantly.

“Host has chosen to rent an eighth-grade Hydra. Subtracting ten refinement points.”

Straight away, a white light flashed around Xia Fukun, and a beast that was about ten times the size of the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf appeared right in front of him.


As soon as the Hydra appeared, it smacked the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf with one of its heads.


The Bicephalous Demonic Wolf never thought that an eighth-grade beast would appear out of nowhere.

Fearful, the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf ran off subconsciously.

However, Xia Fukun had spent his refinement points on an eighth-grade beast, so how could he let the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf off so easily? His points would go to waste if that happened!

“Kill it!”

Xia Fukun stood on the middle head of the Hydra and pointed at the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf. The Hydra pounced at the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf immediately.

“Oh my god, Da Ge…. This…!”

The three mercenaries, who were hiding near Xia Fukun, were dumbfounded upon seeing the Hydra.

“I never would’ve thought that that kid was pretending to be a pig to prey on a tiger! He’s not just a martial artist but also a beast trainer who has an eighth-grade beast as a pet!”

The scar-faced man was thrown off his feet. After realizing what was going on, he immediately gave an order to retreat.

Xia Fukun, still standing on the Hydra’s head, took a glance backward with a sneer.

Why would I only deal with the wolf after renting a Hydra? You need to make use of your resources efficiently.

The Bicephalous Demonic Wolf might have been a peak seventh-grade beast, but no matter what, a seventh-grade beast would never be stronger than an eighth-grade beast.

Very soon, the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf was dead.

“You have wasted ten of my refinement points, you better pay me back!”

Xia Fukun jumped down from the Hydra’s head and waved his hands at the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf’s corpse, transferring it into the Monster Refining System.

Seeing that it added ten refinement points, Xia Fukun heaved a sigh of relief. Phew! At least I didn’t suffer a loss.

Those third and fourth-grade beasts only gave one point to me. A few scattered points isn’t my style. Luckily, the wolf earned me more points.

After dealing with the wolf, Xia Fukun jumped onto the Hydra’s head again and went after the three mercenaries.

The scar-faced man and his servants might’ve moved fast, but they were no match for an eighth-grade beast.

After all, an eighth-grade beast’s power was equivalent to a Supreme Realm martial artist!

But what left the scar-faced man and his servants in despair was…

Ordinary snakes could only slither on the ground. They may be extremely fast, but their target would be safe if they flew.

But this nine-headed snake could fly?

Even if you’re an eighth-grade beast, you can’t just go against the laws of nature like this!

Xia Fukun sneered.

“I spent an extra refinement point to add the ability to fly to my Hydra. You think I can’t catch you?”

Elsewhere, Ye Qingwan had been escaping with Qingmu Xuan when suddenly, a shadow flew past them, making the duo look up.

“Teacher Qingwan… what is that…?”

Ye Qingwan had never seen such a beast in her life. There was a big difference between the beasts in Xia Fukun’s Monster Refining System and the beasts in the Nine Spiritual Mainland.

After a short pause, Ye Qingwan answered hesitantly, “A giant flying snake?”

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