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Monster Refining System – Chapter 22 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Give a Reason

“A giant flying snake?”


To be fair, Ye Qingwan had never seen any snake that could fly, other than the snakes of higher grades that had evolved into dragons, which could fly perfectly. However, the giant snake with nine heads that was about twenty meters long that just flew past them did not have a single feature of a dragon! Furthermore, Ye Qingwan saw a blurry figure standing on the fifth head of the snake. Due to the snake moving at a rapid speed, she could not see it clearly though.

“Why does that figure… seem so familiar?” Ye Qingwan squinted her eyes and turned around. I wonder how that Xia Fukun guy is doing. I hope he can escape safely!

On the Hydra, Xia Fukun sneered when he saw the three mercenaries getting closer.

“Run! Let me see how you run! Damn it! I will make sure I get you after spending eleven refinement points!”

The mercenaries who were running for their lives did not hear Xia Fukun’s words, but they could feel the pressure behind them getting larger. They picked up their speed, running with all their might. It might have been the fastest they had ever run in their lives.

However, it was useless….

How could a Profound Realm or Warrior Realm be competition to a Supreme Realm?

Within the blink of an eye, the Hydra flashed by them, blocking their escape route.

“Run. You can continue. Can you still run?”

Xia Fukun sat on the Hydra’s middle head, holding a fruit that he just picked up while staring at the three mercenaries angrily.

“We are doomed….”

Looking at Xia Fukun and the giant Hydra that was blocking their way, the mercenaries had no other course of action but to stop in their tracks.

“Senior… Senior, what are you doing?” The scar-faced man was in an awkward position now. He was hoping that Xia Fukun was unaware of their motive.

To be honest, if they were aware that Xia Fukun could summon an eighth-grade pet, they would never ever have stalked them in their entire lives!

“What am I doing?” Xia Fukun threw the unfinished fruit at the scar-faced man.

The scar-faced man dared not dodge. He stood there, allowing the fruit to land on his face.

“What are you doing? Why were you following us?”

Hearing Xia Fukun’s words, the scar-faced man took a deep breath.

Of course….

The teenager in front of us can summon an eighth-grade beast as and when he likes, so he must be more than a Profound Realm martial artist. It’s not surprising that he managed to sense our presence.

So what nice lie can allow us to escape his hands safely?

I’m called Scarface, and I’m now trembling in fear.

Not only that, but I’m also in deep regret. Why did I not pick up more knowledge when I was in school? I would be able to come up with a better excuse right now if I had!

After a short pause, the scar-faced man took a deep breath.

“Senior, if I say that I am just a passerby, would you believe me?”

Scarface did not know if Xia Fukun’s age was the same as it seemed, but capable people were always respected.

Since Xia Fukun was stronger than them, it was not embarrassing for them to call him Senior. Moreover, their lives were in Xia Fukun’s hands now!

“Would you believe that?”

Xia Fukun side-eyed the scar-faced man before turning to the other mercenaries.

“We… picked up a mission, so we are here at the Misty Swamp…”

This mercenary was smarter than the scar-faced man. However, as soon as he finished his words, Xia Fukun put out his hand.

“Where’s the mission sheet? Show me.”


The mercenary never thought that Xia Fukun would ask for the mission sheet. Why did he not buy my words? Where am I going to get a mission sheet?

Since there was nothing he could do, the mercenary lowered his head.

Xia Fukun felt like laughing. What type of opponents are they? He turned to the last mercenary.

“You’re the entire village- ah, no, their only hope. Think about it, what lie will make me let you off safely?”

Hearing his words, the mercenary hesitated for a while and looked up at Xia Fukun.

“I’m sorry.”

You’re apologizing so naturally?

“Well, I might not know your reason or if you’re speaking the truth about coming to the Misty Swamp to complete your mission, but I know that you have witnessed my secret, so I can’t let you live. Thus, bye bye.” Xia Fukun smiled thinly.

Xia Fukun had a cheerful smile, but it was the smile of death to the mercenaries.

The next second, the Hydra let out a roar.

Three of its heads spat out three fireballs that were so strong they burned the surrounding air.

An attack of a Supreme Realm was definitely something that the mercenaries could not take. Before the trio could even let out a scream, they were turned to ashes.

A golden ring was left on the spot where the scar-faced man was standing. “Eh?” Xia Fukun reached out for it, and the golden ring fell into his hand.

“Ah, it’s a storage ring with ten square feet of space. Nevermind, I’ll just deal with it first. I’ll get the regent to get me a bigger one when I return to the palace.”

Xia Fukun did not check the items in the storage ring because he did not think a Warrior Realm martial artist would have anything worthy. Xia Fukun wore the ring and gave the Hydra an order as they returned to the Misty Swamp.

Somewhere in the swamp, Ye Qingwan had already run about ten kilometers with Qingmu Xuan in her arms. If she wasn’t worried that they’d become the prey of some beast if they flew, she would have already summoned the Flame Sparrow and escaped on it.

Just as she and Qingmu Xuan were resting, they heard noises coming from the bushes in front of them.

“Is that… a beast?”

Ye Qingwan took a deep breath, and her eyes never left the bush.

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