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Monster Refining System – Chapter 23 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Crazy Collecting

“Hey! Surprise!”

The bushes rustled ferociously. Right before Ye Qingwan summoned her Flame Sparrow for an attack, a familiar figure leaped out of the bush.

Ye Qingwan: “???”

Qingmu Xuan: “???”

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you surprised to see me?”

Xia Fukun rubbed his nose.

Ye Qingwan took a deep breath, holding in the urge to shout at Xia Fukun.

“What about the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf? How did you escape from it? It’s a beast at the peak of the seventh grade!”

“Escape? Why would I need to do that?” Xia Fukun gave her a wide smile.

“I’m not sure if you saw it, but there was a gigantic eighth-grade beast that appeared out of nowhere, and it swallowed the wolf in an instant. It went that direction afterwards,” Xia Fukun said, pointing toward a direction.

Seeing the direction that Xia Fukun was pointing, Ye Qingwan turned to Qingmu Xuan.

That was indeed the direction that they saw the Hydra flying toward, however…

It still doesn’t make sense!

So, an eighth-grade beast appeared out of nowhere.

It ate the seventh-grade beast.

And left you, this piece of trash, alive?

Ye Qingwan shook her head.

“So, what you mean is that the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf is already dead, and we can carry on with our mission?” Ye Qingwan asked.

By right, if not for the appearance of the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf, Ye Qingwan would not have put a stop to this mission. Other than coming across the Bicephalous Demonic Wolf, it was a smooth mission for them. And if they left now, they wouldn’t know what they might meet with when they came again.

“Mm, but I’m not sure whether the eighth-grade beast will return or not.”

Xia Fukun’s words made Ye Qingwan frown.

When she first saw the Hydra, Xia Fukun never crossed her mind. But now… she was sure that the figure was none other than Xia Fukun!

However, she was unable to believe that.

Ye Qingwan was clear on Xia Fukun’s power. He’s a martial artist at the peak of the Profound Realm and a fourth-grade beast trainer!

Even though Xia Fukun was unlike any other, it was too far-fetched to link him to an eighth-grade beast. Thus, Ye Qingwan could only buy Xia Fukun’s story.

“However, I think I found the Blood God’s Blossom on my way here,” Xia Fukun told Ye Qingwan.

“Oh?” Ye Qingwan took a deep breath. Is this guy really so lucky?

Of course, Xia Fukun wouldn’t be totally honest. Not only did he find the flower, he also got the Hydra to get rid of the sixth-grade beast that was guarding the flower.

“Where is it?” Ye Qingwan asked Xia Fukun.


Xia Fukun took the flower out of his pocket. He stored it in the storage ring originally, but he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to explain where he got the storage ring, thus he put it in his pocket on his way here.

Taking the Blood God’s Blossom, Ye Qingwan held her breath.

“It’s indeed the Blood God’s Blossom, and it’s grown nicely.”

Under normal circumstances, a gem like the Blood God’s Blossom would have a guardian beast protecting it. However, Xia Fukun did not come across the beast…?

Did that eighth-grade beast eat the guardian of the Blood God’s Blossom too?

Ye Qingwan realized that, ever since she met Xia Fukun, much common knowledge of hers was proven wrong, and Xia Fukun was getting more and more mysterious.

Suddenly, she grew interested in Xia Fukun. The kind of interest where she wanted to know all about Xia Fukun.

“Goddess, the look in your eyes makes me fearful….” Xia Fukun took two steps back.

Seeing Xia Fukun’s annoying expression, Ye Qingwan did not know if she should get angry with him or laugh.


No matter how many secrets he has, I don’t think Xia Fukun has any malicious intentions against me.

Since the group had gotten the Blood God’s Blossom, they did not plan to stay at the Misty Swamp any longer.

Right after the trio left the Misty Swamp, the Hydra could be seen wiggling around the Misty Swamp.

Soon, it reached the deepest area of the Misty Swamp.

According to Xia Fukun’s plan, since he spent eleven refinement points to rent the Hydra, he should make use of it to the best of its ability.

And the smart Xia Fukun did.

Martial artists rarely broke through to the deepest area of the Misty Swamp, as it was home to a beast at the peak of the eighth grade.

This kind of beast was something any ordinary martial artist would not wish to offend. Even someone with the power to fight it would not want to be on its bad side.

However, it was a different story for the Hydra. It would only be around for an hour, and it would soon disappear. But before that happens, it did a detailed search around the Misty Swamp for Xia Fukun.

Thus, a Hydra could be seen searching around the Misty Swamp insanely.

Deep in the Misty Swamp, a creature with a man’s head and a bear’s body was currently nesting in its cave.

However, the Hydra right outside was so pressuring that it made the bear creature fearful of resisting and also utterly confused.

Who… have I offended?

The Great Victory Bear was utterly depressed. It was hoping for the Hydra to leave this place as soon as possible.

Luckily for the bear creature, the Hydra disappeared after an hour. After an hour passed, it brought back its gains to the Monster Refining System in Xia Fukun’s body.

Upon receiving the gains, Xia Fukun was in a good mood.

It only took a while for the Hydra to bring back tons of precious treasure and refinement points for Xia Fukun. It had killed about thirty refinement points worth of beasts. Renting the Hydra was extremely worth it!

Hmm. If I’m ever in such a situation again, I’ll rent an even stronger beast!

Looking at Ye Qingwan on her Flame Sparrow right in front of him, a smile crept up Xia Fukun’s mouth.

From the regent’s words, Xia Fukun was aware that Ye Qingwan’s background was stronger than the Yaslan Empire. But with the Monster Refining System, even if Ye Qingwan’s family did not approve of their relationship, they had no choice. Approval was the only choice.

But of course, that was only on the condition that Xia Fukun managed to get Ye Qingwan’s heart.


Xia Fukun, you can do it! He cheered himself on secretly.

As someone who was single through his entire life on Earth, Xia Fukun did not wish for this to happen again in the Nine Spiritual Mainland. Moreover, he had already met a goddess like Ye Qingwan that had stolen his heart.

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