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Monster Refining System – Chapter 24 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – The Bu Peng Family

Under normal circumstances, Xia Fukun and the group could have just made their way to the mercenary guild to declare the completion of the mission.

However, Ye Qingwan mentioned that she was interested in finding out the identity of the man who was looking for the Blood God’s Blossom to make Blood Grain.

Xia Fukun being the way he was, he obviously went with Ye Qingwan’s idea, and Qingmu Xuan was still a child who did not have any judgement of her own.

Two days later, in the capital of the Yaslan Empire, Xia Fukun and the group finally returned. They first went to a bathhouse to clean themselves up. The Misty Swamp is not a place for humans to stay. Xia Fukun smiled bitterly seeing the insect bites all over his body.

When Xia Fukun exited the bathhouse, he saw that Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan were already waiting for him. They had changed into different clothes too.

Xia Fukun did not pay much attention to Qingmu Xuan. What’s there to see? She’s just a child.

But Ye Qingwan had changed out of her white flowy clothes and was now wearing something akin to a kimono. There were pink cherry blossoms sprinkled all over the clothes, and it brought out the shape of her bosom well. Or perhaps it was Ye Qingwan’s hair that was still slightly wet from the bath that made her look so exceptionally alluring and lovely.

“What are you looking at?” Seeing that Xia Fukun had his eyes plastered on her, Ye Qingwan’s face fell, unhappy with his actions.

“Looking at a beauty….”

Being used to Xia “Speaks Without Thinking” Fukun, Ye Qingwan did not pay any more attention to him.

When the group reached the mercenary guild, Ye Qingwan took out three conical hats. She did not miss out on Xia Fukun’s one this time around. Sensing the difference in Ye Qingwan’s attitude, a proud smile could not help but creep up Xia Fukun’s face.

It’s all going in a good direction!

Qingmu Xuan was dragged away by Ye Qingwan, but she turned around to Xia Fukun and gave him a thumbs up secretly.

In fact, after knowing Ye Qingwan for such a long time, she had never seen Ye Qingwan showing any care to any males.

This was a good sign.

When Qingmu Xuan paid a visit to the Ye family, she saw many arrogant young and handsome talents going after Ye Qingwan. Qingmu Xuan didn’t like any of them though. She might have found Xia Fukun annoying, but it was easier to interact with him in comparison to the other known talents.

And that was the reason why she was helping Xia Fukun get Ye Qingwan.

But it was still up to Xia Fukun and Ye Qingwan to make the relationship blossom.

In the VIP room on the second floor of the mercenary guild, after learning from the guild that the mercenaries who picked up the mission requested a face-to-face transaction, the other party did not reject the idea.

They had been waiting for the Blood God’s Blossom for a long time.

Unfortunately, the Blood God’s Blossom could only be found in the Misty Swamp, which was home to many powerful beasts, and that made the mission very difficult.

Originally, the reward for the mission was a thousand spirit stones.

But after many failures, they pushed it up to ten thousand spirit stones.

Very soon, Xia Fukun and the group got to meet the other party.

That’s weird, I can’t see any energy waves on him, which means this person isn’t a martial artist!

Looking at the plump and bald middle-aged man standing in front of him, Xia Fukun took a glance at Ye Qingwan.

But Ye Qingwan seemed to be acting like it was normal.

Xia Fukun may have had the Monster Refining System, but he was not nearly as knowledgeable about the Nine Spiritual Mainland compared to Ye Qingwan.

After the middle-aged man came into the room, the mercenary guild’s worker introduced him to the group.

“Sir and Madame, this man is the one that put up the grade A mission for the Blood God’s Blossom: Sir Bu Peng, who owns the largest gold mine business in the Yaslan Empire.”

Hearing the worker’s introduction, information on Bu Peng appeared in Xia Fukun’s mind immediately.

Bu Peng was the master of the Bu Peng family that was situated in the Yaslan Empire. Their family owned more than five gold mines. Gold coins might be incomparable to spirit stones in value, however, finding a single spirit stone was like finding a needle in a haystack. Gold coins were more widely used compared to spirit stones.

Xia Fukun took a glance at Bu Peng. He’s dressed in gold and silver accessories. His belt is even made of spirit stones. He must be rich.

But why does somebody like him need the Blood God’s Blossom?

Just as Xia Fukun was wondering, Bu Peng walked to them with a smile.

He first shook the hands of Xia Fukun and the group.

“Sir and Madame, thank you so much. I really do not know how to thank you further. The ten thousand spirit stones are just a small gift. The Bu Peng family has many businesses here in the Yaslan Empire. If Sir and Madame have the need, the Bu Peng family business is free for you to use. Of course…”

Bu Peng smiled slightly.

“I hope that Sir and Madame can keep this mission a total secret, as the Blood God’s Blossom is a sensitive item.”

Unlike other treasures of Mother Nature, the Blood God’s Blossom only had one function, which was to manufacture Blood Grain. Bu Peng was sure that Xia Fukun and the other two were smart enough to know about this, so he had to make his words clear.

Xia Fukun was unhappy with Bu Peng’s words. We got you a Blood God’s Blossom with much difficulty and now you’re acting like this?

But before he could say anything, Ye Qingwan chuckled.

“Sir Bu Peng, you may be at ease. The three of us are mercenaries, we are aware of the rules,” Ye Qingwan said, lowering her voice to make her sound less feminine. But it felt weird to Xia Fukun, who had heard her original voice.

“Hehe, very good, very good.”

Bu Peng rushed the workers of the mercenary guild to hurry with the transaction and left after bidding Xia Fukun and the rest goodbye.

Watching Bu Peng leave, Xia Fukun turned to Ye Qingwan, furrowing his brows.

“Now that you know the Blood God’s Blossom is for Bu Peng, what plans do you have? I’m sure he’s one of the richest people in the Yaslan Empire. He’s not going to be easy to deal with.”

Xia Fukun meant his words too. If he did not rent any powerful pets, it would be strenuous to deal with the Bu Peng family.

“Let’s follow him first. I don’t think he needs it himself. I am afraid he’s looking for the Blood God’s Blossom for someone else,” Ye Qingwan answered after some thought.

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