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Monster Refining System – Chapter 25 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Conspiracy

After exiting the guild, Bu Peng left on a horse carriage.

Other than him, the Bu Peng family’s guest master was sitting inside too.

Just like the bodyguards that the wealthy men on Earth had, the guest master was hired with a huge sum.

The guest master was a martial artist in the Warrior Realm. With the Bu Peng family’s wealth, it was not a big deal to hire him.

“Master, there seems to be a few people trailing after us. Should I get rid of them now?” The guest master sat with his arms folded and a sword in his hands. With his eyes slightly shut, he had the bearing of a strong martial artist.

“A few people?” Bu Peng linked the stalkers to Xia Fukun and the group subconsciously. “Hehe, there’s no need to rush. Let’s return to the family first. This is the capital after all. There are too many eyes here. The lord won’t let you off if you take action against them now. Let’s head back, we can deal with them later on.”


Xia Fukun and Ye Qingwan would never have thought that they would be discovered as soon as they started following Bu Peng.

As for Bu Peng, he did not think of Xia Fukun and the group as anything more than ordinary mercenaries. If he was aware of Ye Qingwan’s and Qingmu Xuan’s identities, he would definitely dare not give such an order.

After all, as a Yaslan Empire citizen, who would wish to offend the strongest man in the Yaslan Empire?

The Bu Peng family was not located far from the capital, so it did not take much time for Bu Peng, as well as Xia Fukun’s group who were trailing behind him, to arrive at the Bu Peng family.

“Should we go in?” Xia Fukun asked Ye Qingwan.

“There’s no rush. Since we’re sure that Bu Peng’s back at his family and the Blood God’s Blossom is there, we can find a place to stay the night first.”

Following Ye Qingwan, the trio came to an inn nearby.

“Tonight, you will come with me to the Bu Peng family to check it out. I feel that the place is filled with yin energy.”

Hearing Ye Qingwan’s words, Xia Fukun nodded. Xia Fukun could sense even better than Ye Qingwan, so if Ye Qingwan could feel the yin energy in the Bu Peng family, he obviously felt it even earlier.

However, he was confused about why such a family was filled with yin energy.

Could it be…?

Inside the Bu Peng family, Bu Peng stood in front of a guest room.

“Sir, this is the Blood God’s Blossom you have asked for. I hope that you can stick to your promise about the ten Blood Grains!” Bu Peng said through the door cautiously.


Evil laughter could be heard coming from the guest room. The next minute, the door flew open, and Bu Peng was sucked into the room.

“Master Bu Peng, be at ease. I won’t go back on my words. However…”

In front of Bu Peng stood an old man who was all skin and bones. He wore a scary mask, and he was so skinny that he appeared to be a walking skeleton. He brought about fear and eeriness.

“Sir, please speak.”

Bu Peng held his breath. Every trip to Yao Duwan made him tremble in fear, but for the ten Blood Grains, he had no other choice but to take the risk!

“It’s not a big deal, actually.” Yao Duwan waved his hands. In no time, the room was filled with the smell of rotten flesh. “It’s just that the boys you have gotten me, I have finished using all of them. Now, the Blood God’s Blossom is here, but there’s no medium. If Master Bu Peng still wants your Blood Grains, then you’ll have to get me ten more boys born at night!”

Yao Duwan’s words made Bu Peng’s eyes twitch.

Someone like him should have been used to life and death and merciless when it came to benefits, but this was the first time he saw someone like Yao Duwan, who took the hearts of boys. Just the sound of it gave Bu Peng goosebumps.

These days, there had been a number of bizarre disappearance cases of boys in Paulo City, which is where the Bu Peng family was located. The number had accumulated to a degree such that the ordinary citizens who lost their kids were about to form a group to lodge a complaint at the capital.

If Yao Duwan had said everything to him before the start of this, then Bu Peng would never have started this journey. However, there was no turning back now.

Bu Peng took a deep breath and turned to Yao Duwan.

“Sir Yao, be at ease. Bu Peng will prepare all the things you need.”

“That’s great. It’s a full moon tonight, which is quite suitable for making Blood Grains. Get the boys ready by tonight, and I’ll make you the pills.”

When Bu Peng exited Yao Duwan’s room, he was drenched with cold sweat.

At this point, he didn’t know if Yao Duwan was a human or a demon!

How could there be such a brutal person!?

Bu Peng shook his head and went to get his servants to find him the boys Yao Duwan needed.

Night fell. When Xia Fukun and Ye Qingwan settled Qingmu Xuan in, they slowly walked toward the Bu Peng family.

From far away, they could already feel the yin energy that was filling the sky of the Bu Peng family.

“It doesn’t feel like they are making Blood Grains. Blood Grains alone would not generate such a strong yin energy. What is the Bu Peng family trying to do?” Ye Qingwan took a deep breath. She had a feeling that things were beyond her expectations.

As for Xia Fukun, he was prepared to rent a beast at any time if something went wrong.

Of course, Xia Fukun would only rent a beast if he really needed to. The rental system was like credit cards on Earth; one would get addicted to it easily if they used it too much. What if I get into trouble and am unable to summon a high-grade beast in the future?

Xia Fukun followed behind Ye Qingwan silently.

In the night, two figures could be seen sneaking into the Bu Peng family slowly.

Inside the Bu Peng family, Yao Duwan walked out of the guest room.

He took a look at the full moon that was hanging in the sky. A huge evil smile crept up his mouth.

The Blood Grains were just an excuse for the Bu Peng family.

Why would he spend so much effort on making Blood Grains for the Bu Peng family?

His true motive was to make use of today, which was the perfect time to make a deal with a demon….

Once he did, his ability would immediately be increased by two grades. This meant that he, a sixth-grade pharmacologist, would become an eighth-grade pharmacologist.

An eighth-grade pharmacologist was comparable to a strong Supreme Realm martial artist. eighth-grade pharmacologists could hardly be found in the entire Scarlet Water province!

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