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Monster Refining System – Chapter 26 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – Grade Eight Fire Python Tiger!

“Hahaha! The Bu Peng family is really stupid. I wonder why they still think I’m going to make them Blood Grains.”

Having the thought that he’d be able to make his deal with the demon so effortlessly, Yao Duwan was giddy with excitement.

At the same time, Xia Fukun and Ye Qingwan managed to sneak into the Bu Peng family.

“Where are we going?” After entering the Bu Peng family, Xia Fukun asked Ye Qingwan.

“To the place where the yin energy is strongest,” Ye Qingwan said after some thought.

The yin energy in the Bu Peng family was unlike how it should be when one made Blood Grain. It was so strong that it was as if a demon was going to make an appearance.

“Okay.” Xia Fukun nodded.

He had no opinions anyway. Thus, he followed Ye Qingwan closely.

As long as it’s not a Heaven Realm martial artist, I should be able to handle anyone, as long as I’m not killed before I can summon a beast.

Just as both of them were prepared to make a move, a figure came to them under the moonlight.

“Greetings. May I know your reason for trailing after us?”

It was none other than the Bu Peng family’s guest master.

Bu Peng ordered for him to be here to prevent Yao Duwan from being disturbed during the crucial moment.

“A Warrior Realm….” Feeling the energy waves from the man, Ye Qingwan’s face fell.

She might have been a sixth-grade beast trainer who possessed power equivalent to a Warrior Realm, but she was not experienced as a combat beast trainer, so it might be hard for her to win in a battle like this.

“Are you the dog of the Bu Peng family?”

Before Ye Qingwan could say anything, Xia Fukun stepped out. He was similarly aware that the man was in the Warrior Realm. However, unlike Ye Qingwan, he was not bothered by it.

“How rude!” the guest master rebuked angrily and pulled out his sword. Under the moonlight, the sword shined brightly.

“A martial artist who has a sword as a weapon….” Ye Qingwan’s face fell again.

There were differences between martial artists of the same realm. Most martial artists fought with only their skills; normally, only a martial artist who had reached the Supreme Realm would make use of a weapon. Since the martial artist in front of them had a sword as a weapon, then he would probably be much more difficult to deal with compared to ordinary Warrior Realm martial artists!

“Don’t play around with him, let’s get rid of him right away.” Having a stronger sense than Ye Qingwan, Xia Fukun could feel that the yin energy was getting stronger, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

After saying that to Ye Qingwan, he summoned out his Super Strength Ape.

The Super Strength Ape might have only been a fourth-grade beast, which was equivalent to a martial artist at the peak of the Profound realm, but its body was extremely solid, which meant it could give an ordinary Warrior Realm martial artist a hard time.

Seeing the Super Strength Ape that Xia Fukun summoned, the guest master was slightly shocked.

“So you’re a beast trainer, no wonder you’re so arrogant. However, that doesn’t mean you can behave so atrociously.

“I never kill an unnamed person. I’m called Yang Guo.” (Translator notes: Yang Guo is the name of the protagonist of the famous wuxia novel, the Return of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong.)

Hearing the guest master’s words, Xia Fukun was slightly surprised.

“Yang Guo? Didn’t he lose his arm? How can you still use a sword!? I’m going to get rid of you, pirated version!” (Translator notes: In the Return of the Condor Heroes, Yang Guo lost his arm.)

After Xia Fukun finished speaking, the Super Strength Ape went up to attack, and Xia Fukun jumped over too.

“Xia Fukun!”

Ye Qingwan never thought that Xia Fukun would make the first move in a battle. I’m not even ready, and yet you have made a move?

Thus, Ye Qingwan drew a seal with her finger.

With a cry, the Flame Sparrow appeared in the group’s sight.

“Two beast trainers?!”

Seeing this, Yang Guo dared not let down his guard.

The juniors in front of him might have seemed weaker than him, but if the power behind them could cultivate two beast trainers… the power supporting them might be too strong for him to handle.

No, I cannot let them live!

Thinking about this, Yang Guo was even more determined to kill them.

Seeing Yang Guo fighting more and more fiercely, Xia Fukun was secretly cursing in his heart.

He never expected Yang Guo to be this strong. I guess he must be at the peak of the Warrior Realm!

The yin energy in the Bu Peng family was getting stronger and stronger. Fearing that the Bu Peng family would come out with something bad, Xia Fukun took a deep breath and turned to Ye Qingwan.

“Erm, I can trust you, right?”

“Huh?” Ye Qingwan was confused by Xia Fukun’s words that were out of the blue.

“I hope you can keep what you see later a secret. It’s my important secret,” Xia Fukun said and turned toward Yang Guo.

“Erm, can I ask you something?”

Hearing Xia Fukun’s words, Yang Guo, who was busy fighting the Super Strength Ape, was slightly surprised and stopped in his tracks.

“Spill it. I’ll hear your last words.”

“Do you have anything valuable on you?” Xia Fukun asked.

“Damn it!”

Thinking that Xia Fukun was provoking him, Yang Guo cursed and dashed toward Xia Fukun.

“I see…. Another poor guy.” Xia Fukun shrugged.

The next second, the Monster Refining System’s noise rang in his head.

“Ding dong! Host has chosen to rent an eighth-grade Fire Python Tiger for an hour. Subtracting ten refinement points.”

The voice rang in Xia Fukun’s head.

Immediately, the place that the trio was fighting heated up crazily all of a sudden.

“This…” Yang Guo took a deep breath.

He stared at the gigantic tiger that was covered in a blazing flame standing in front of him.

“Eighth… eighth-grade beast!?”

Am I seeing things? Or have I mistaken it?

He rubbed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes…

The Fire Python Tiger roared and pounced at him.

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