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Monster Refining System – Chapter 28 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – Going Against Yao Duwan

Inside the Bu Peng family, Bu Peng anxiously stared at Yao Duwan, who was standing right in front of him. Yao Duwan was currently performing a ritual, or rather, “making” the Blood Grains for Bu Peng.

There were butterflies in Bu Peng’s stomach. The ten Blood Grains were extremely important to Bu Peng. With them, he could form a suicide squad to snatch all the gold mines in the Yaslan Empire. By then, he would no longer be the largest gold mine business in the Yaslan Empire, but… the only!

There was a difference between the “largest” and the “only.”

At that point, he would have control of the Yaslan Empire’s currency in his hands.

As for the mercenaries that followed him, Bu Peng was not worried about them at all. With Yang Guo, he was sure that the mercenaries would be taken care of. I pay him splendidly! His pay is an unimaginable number for ordinary people!

Just as Bu Peng was watching Yao Duwan carry out his ritual attentively, a voice suddenly rang through his ear.

“Bu Peng, what are you doing?”


Bu Peng was caught by surprise. This is such a familiar voice, where have I heard it?

Moreover, who in this household would address me with my name instead of Master?

Bu Peng turned around, confused, only to see Xia Fukun’s grinning face.


When someone was extremely strained, they would lose their voice.

Just like Bu Peng. Before he could let out a scream, Xia Fukun had already cupped his mouth.

“Shh, I just want to ask you; what are you doing?” Xia Fukun said with an accent. But Bu Peng should still understand me.

“Why are you guys here…? Where’s Sir Yang?”

After Xia Fukun let go of him, Bu Peng stared at him and Ye Qingwan in confusion.

“Sir Yang? Oh, you mean the one that’s great at dirty tricks?”

“Yes, Sir Yang is well-known for his swordsmanship…”

Not wanting to listen to Bu Peng boast about Yang Guo further, Xia Fukun waved his hands and took out Yang Guo’s sword from the storage ring.

“His sword is here with me. Why do you think I’m here?”

“You guys… bribed Sir Yang?” Bu Peng was gobsmacked.


Xia Fukun smacked him in the face.

“Speak human language.”

Xia Fukun glared at Bu Peng and continued.

“Are you sure that this old man is making you Blood Grains?”

Xia Fukun pointed at Yao Duwan, who was working not far away.

“Yes, Sir Yao would not lie to me,” Bu Peng said confidently.

“Can you feel it?” Ignoring Bu Peng, Xia Fukun turned to Ye Qingwan. Bu Peng might just be plain stupid.

“No, but it feels off. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling. The other party might be performing an evil ritual, or he may be trying to summon a demon to make a deal with it.”

“Demon?” Xia Fukun was slightly shocked.

Wow, there are demons in the Nine Spiritual Mainland? Why have I not heard about it?

“The demons are from another world, but some people want to take shortcuts, so they try to connect the two worlds and sign a deal with a demon in order to gain strength from them.”

“Oh.” Xia Fukun nodded. Now, he was curious about what a demon would look like. Do they have horns and pitchforks and a pointed tail?

“But no matter what, we need to stop him. If he makes a deal with a demon, we will be in deep trouble. A few thousand years ago, demons raided the Nine Spiritual Mainland, leaving it in a mess. Later, a martial artist in the Assimilation Realm came and sealed the demons back into their world. However, if a large number of demons make deals with the martial artists in the Nine Spiritual Mainland, the seal will break, and they will return once again.”

Anxiousness could be heard from Ye Qingwan’s voice, making Xia Fukun realize that the problem might not be as easy as he thought. Even though he was interested in what the demon looked like, he knew it was not the time right now.

After all, if what Ye Qingwan says is true, only an Assimilation Realm martial artist can send the demons back to their world. What if this weird old man manages to summon a demon in the Assimilation Realm? At that point, it would be no use even if I summon a ninth-grade beast.

Thinking about this, Xia Fukun immediately spoke, “Watch Bu Peng, I’m going to get rid of that weird old man.”

Before Ye Qingwan could say anything, tears welled up in Bu Peng’s eyes. He had waited forever for this day!

“Stop it! If you dare to disturb Sir Yao Duwan, I’ll declare war on you in the name of the Bu Peng family.”

Xia Fukun immediately gave Bu Peng a knife-hand strike to the neck.


Xia Fukun threw Bu Peng aside randomly, then stood up as he felt a chill running down his spine. He looked toward Yao Duwan and realized that he had been discovered.

“Stupid kid, how dare you to interrupt my ritual?”

A glow could be seen flashing past Yao Duwan’s eyes – a sign that a demon was going to come out.

Just as Xia Fukun took a step forward, a putrid smell flew toward him.

Soon, he felt dizzy.

“Poison!?” Xia Fukun yelled and fell to the ground.

“Did you think I wouldn’t take any precautions? Idiot! There’s nobody who can stop me now! Hahahaha!”

Watching Xia Fukun fall to the ground, Yao Duwan became manic.

His mask suddenly fell to the ground. Ye Qingwan took a glance and saw that the parts of his face that were initially covered with the mask were all rotten meat. How disgusting!

Just when Ye Qingwan was a bundle of nerves and Yao Duwan was getting more and more manic…

Xia Fukun stood up from the ground.

“???” Yao Duwan was taken aback.

The poisons that I make never fail.

Putting aside a Profound Realm martial artist like Xia Fukun, even an ordinary Warrior Realm martial artist would become handicapped if they came across this type of poison.


“How do you like it? Are you surprised? Are you shocked?” Xia Fukun walked to Yao Duwan, looking upset. “Why did you make me spend five refinement points on an antitoxin! I want it all back! Return me my points!”

Yao Duwan did not understand Xia Fukun’s words, but he felt that Xia Fukun seemed to be even crazier than himself….

At the same time, Xia Fukun saw the children’s corpses lying behind Yao Duwan. He was dumbfounded.

“How dare you sacrifice innocent kids to summon a demon!?”

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