Monster Refining System – Chapter 3

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 3 – Conflict

“Ten thousand spirit stones!”

Xia Kuangyun named a price casually.

In the Yaslan Empire, a spirit stone was equivalent to one hundred gold coins, which meant Xia Kuangyun just bid one million gold coins for the Flame Bear!

This was crazily overpriced for a Flame Bear.

Xia Fukun was taken aback by the price too.

He might’ve still been unfamiliar with the Yaslan Empire after just a year, but he was at least aware of how valuable spirit stones were.

Tears glossed Xia Fukun’s eyes as soon as he heard Xia Kuangyun.


This was the first time Xia Fukun meant it when he called Xia Kuangyun father.

He could deeply feel how much Xia Kuangyun loved Xia Fukun, or rather, him.

“Hehe. I said that I’ll get anything Kun’er wants.”

Xia Kuangyun might’ve seemed generous with his wealth, but Xia Fukun was aware that ten thousand spirit stones was equivalent to a year of Xia Kuangyun’s earnings.

Right after Xia Kuangyun named the price, the crowd was in an uproar.

“Ten thousand spirit stones?”

“Who the hell named that price? Do you think spirit stones are made out of rocks?”

“Which wicked man did this? He must have done it on purpose to pull up the price!”

“Ten thousand spirit stones is too much for this Flame Bear! Ten thousand spirit stones is enough to buy a third-grade beast!”

“The rich can do whatever they want indeed….”

Inside the auction house, there was a burst of discussion.

The auctioneer’s eyes shone upon hearing Xia Kuangyun’s price. She put on a seductive smile and spoke with her whiny voice.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I know that all of you are aware of the value of a Flame Bear, but remember, some second-grade beasts have a Neidan. And if this Flame Bear has one…”


As soon as the auctioneer trailed off, there was an uproar once again.

“Was it room number three who named that price?”

“Room number three… isn’t that Mayor Xia’s exclusive private room?”

“Mayor Xia wants to buy it for ten thousand spirit stones, does that mean that the Flame Bear has a Neidan?”

Now, everybody looked at Xia Kuangyun in a different light. All of them believed that Xia Kuangyun had chosen to name such a high price because he knew that the Flame Bear had a Neidan.

A beast’s Neidan was a valuable item. Even ten thousand spirit stones might not be enough to exchange for one.

The crowd turned to Xia Kuangyun, staring at him, green with envy.

“The auctioneer is smart, huh?”

Xia Kuangyun furrowed his eyebrows. He was sure that he would be able to get the Flame Bear with the price he named, but that sneaky snake-waist woman blew up the price once again.

“Eleven thousand spirit stones.” A snicker could be heard coming from room number two, the room next to theirs.

Hearing the auctioneer, Xia Fukun had butterflies in his stomach. He crossed his fingers, hoping that nobody else would bid for the Flame Bear, but unfortunately, Lady Luck wasn’t on his side.

The crowd was left dumbfounded. Ten thousand spirits stones was already highway robbery to them, yet there was somebody who could afford to name an even higher price.

“Who’s using room number two? Where does he get the courage to fight with Mayor Xia?”

“Haish, there’s no way I’ll get the Flame Bear today, but at least I get to watch a show!”

Within no time, the crowd had turned to both rooms in anticipation.


The Flame Bear was not a rare beast in this world. In fact, it was a common beast in other empires. However, it did not inhabit the Yaslan Empire. Xia Fukun wanted the Flame Bear badly since he had spent half a year trying to create a Super Strength Ape.

Since he was given this cheat, Xia Fukun wanted to make good use of it.

And there was a reason why he was dying to create the Super Strength Ape in particular.

It was one of the ingredients for an Asura Puppet – a sixth-grade monster that was stronger than a Warrior Realm martial artist.

The number of Warrior Realm martial artists in the Yaslan Empire could be counted on the fingers of one hand. If he managed to create an Asura Puppet, he would be one of the strongest beings in the Yaslan Empire.

Of course, why would Xia Fukun want to spend his entire life in the Yaslan Empire when there was so much more to this world?


I must create the Super Strength Ape!

Which meant that—

I have to get the Flame Bear!

“Be at ease. Nobody can take anything from Kun’er!”

Xia Kuangyun never expected that there would be somebody who dared to challenge him.

He took a deep breath and pressed the button that was sitting right in front of him.

“Fifteen thousand spirit stones.

“This brother, the Flame Bear is something that my kid really wants. I hope you can let the child have it.”

Xia Kuangyun’s voice boomed across the venue, silencing the crowd. There’s no doubt the Flame Bear will be sold at fifteen thousand spirit stones.

Who would dare to offend the mayor of their city?

“Haha, I’m sorry, but I really like this Flame Bear too, Mayor Xia.

“Twenty thousand spirit stones!”

A chuckle could be heard.

The next minute, the crowd witnessed a teenager in white strolling out of room number two.

“Is he… from Baiyun Mountain?!”

Baiyun Mountain, the tallest mountain in the Yaslan Empire.

It had been said that Mu Yun, the sect leader of the Baiyun Mountain Sect, was going to break through to the Supreme Realm soon.

He was one of the strongest figures in the Yaslan Empire, and nobody dared to offend him.

“Damn it. He’s from Baiyun Mountain…?”

Xia Kuangyun sighed.

He never thought that he would come across such a strong opponent.

“Father, it’s fine if we can’t get it.”

Xia Fukun smiled thinly. Haish, my ape will just have to wait….

Hearing Xia Fukun, Xia Kuangyun narrowed his eyes.

“So what if he’s from Baiyun Mountain? He might not be a direct disciple. Who knows if he’s actually just an outer disciple? I’ll give it another try!”

Xia Kuangyun gritted his teeth and pressed the button in front of him.

“Thirty thousand spirit stones.”


Hearing the price, the Baiyun Mountain disciple’s face fell as he turned to glare at the Xia family members.

“Mayor Xia, are you trying to go against Baiyun Mountain?”

Xia Kuangyun took a glance at the teenager.

“Are you representing the Baiyun Mountain Sect?

“If you aren’t, please step aside.”

With that, Xia Kuangyun walked toward the auctioneer with Xia Fukun, ignoring the Baiyun Mountain disciple.

“Good, let’s see how powerful Mayor Xia is! Summer City will regret going against Baiyun Mountain!”


Xia Kuangyun did not expect to meet such an unreasonable person. He sneered and launched an attack at the disciple.


The teenager was sent flying.

Blood could be seen on the corner of his mouth.

“Mayor Xia, Mu Bai has taken note of your actions today.”

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