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Monster Refining System – Chapter 30 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Reliable

“Oh my god. How long has he not washed his hands for?”

Xia Fukun stared at the giant claw that was reaching out of the crack.

If Xia Fukun had to describe the claw instantly, he would say…

Braised chicken claw?

Of course, that wasn’t important.

The claw stuck to the ground tightly.

A roar could be heard, and a giant shadow shot out of the crack.

And indeed, Xia Fukun was right; this giant shadow only had one claw.

“A single-armed demon.” Xia Fukun was flabbergasted. Why does this demon feel more like Yang Guo than the previous guy called Yang Guo? He actually has a trait of the real Yang Guo after all. (Translator notes: As mentioned earlier, Yang Guo is a character in the Return of the Condor Heroes who lost his arm.)

At the same time, the shadow shook its head.

It had an exceptionally long neck, which spanned about one meter from what Xia Fukun could see. In total, it was four meters tall, which meant one fourth of its body consisted of its neck. In addition, the demon’s skin was cracked open like a volcano, and black lava-like fluid with a rotten smell ran down from the cracks.


“Who? Who is the one that got me out of the Abyss?”

The Vanguard Grade demon took a tour around the surroundings and frowned upon realizing that it was in the Nine Spiritual Mainland.

“My lord! It was me!” Yao Duwan shouted to the demon that he had summoned. Even though he did not plan to summon a Vanguard Grade demon, his preparations for a King Grade demon were destroyed by Xia Fukun, so he could only settle for a Vanguard Grade demon.

The demon seemed to only have the ability of a Supreme Realm, but it was actually comparable to a martial artist who was about to break through to the Heaven Realm.

It might have been because of a difference in taste, but the more Yao Duwan looked at the demon, the more fond of it he became.

“Human?” The demon took a glance at Yao Duwan and realized that he was indeed holding a seal.

“Do you wish to sign a deal with me? If you do, you will have to work for the Abyss from today onward.”

Yao Duwan agreed without hesitation.

“My lord vanguard, that is not a problem. Yao Duwan understands this!”

Seeing how straightforward Yao Duwan was, Xia Fukun couldn’t help but frown. I knew he was bad, but it seems like he’s an enemy of mankind. I can’t let such a person live!

“Great, hahaha. It’s been a long time since I visited the Nine Spiritual Mainland.”

The demon stuck out its long and slick tongue, licking away the foul-smelling fluid that was leaking from its cheek. It wore an excited smile on its face.

“However, my lord vanguard, before anything else, I hope you can help me settle a problem,” Yao Duwan said to the demon while pointing at the Fire Python Tiger and Xia Fukun.

“Oh, an eighth-grade beast?”

The demon did not even spare a glance at Xia Fukun. To it, a Profound Realm martial artist was no different from an ant. Its attention was all on the Fire Python Tiger, which had the power of a Supreme Realm martial artist, similar to the Vanguard Grade demon’s power, at least on the surface.

“Let’s retreat now. A Vanguard Grade demon has the power of a Supreme Realm martial artist. It might be weak now, but we’re no competition for it. We should return and get Uncle Qingmu here to solve this problem.”

Ye Qingwan’s reminder made a smile creep up the corner of Xia Fukun’s mouth.

By the time the regent arrives, the demon and Yao Duwan would be nowhere to be seen. And even if he arrives in time, he might not be able to handle a Vanguard Grade demon.

Besides, this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. There’s no reason for me to retreat now!

Xia Fukun stepped forward subconsciously.

“You…!” Ye Qingwan didn’t know Xia Fukun’s plan, but in her mind, Xia Fukun was being too rash. It was best to take a step back in such a situation!

And what happened next got Ye Qingwan’s tongue; Xia Fukun stored the Fire Python Tiger right in front of her!

“Eh?” The demon was flabbergasted to watch the Fire Python Tiger turn into a red ball of light and disappear into Xia Fukun’s body.

“The eighth-grade beast is just a pet?”

It was now that it noticed Xia Fukun, but it furrowed its eyebrows immediately.

Fourth-grade beast trainer?

How could a fourth-grade beast trainer summon an eighth-grade pet?

Perhaps… the Nine Spiritual Mainland has been reformed? It’s no longer the Nine Spiritual Mainland that I know?


Not waiting for the demon to speak, Xia Fukun sneered and pointed at it.

“You ugly thing.”

Demon: “???”

Ye Qingwan: “…”

After a second, the demon regained its senses, and its face twitched.

“Are you speaking to me, you ant?”

“Who else would I be speaking to?” Xia Fukun shrugged.

“Great! It’s been almost a thousand years since I’ve tasted a human! I’m going to fill my belly with you today!”

The demon sneered, and a gale could be felt in the Bu Peng family’s courtyard.

This gale quickly sucked Xia Fukun over.

“Xia Fukun!” There was nothing Ye Qingwan could do but watch Xia Fukun get sucked over. Her body seemed to be frozen. 

“You idiot. How dare you talk to the lord rudely?” Yao Duwan couldn’t help but let out a laugh as he watched Xia Fukun being sucked over and nearly placed in the demon’s mouth.

At the same time though, he saw a sneer at the corner of Xia Fukun’s mouth.

Is this kid mad? He’s about to die! Or is it just a wry smile because he’s helpless?

Before Yao Duwan could finish guessing, Xia Fukun opened his mouth slowly.

“You idiot.”

Yao Duwan: “???”

Isn’t that what I always say to mock somebody else? Why…?

The next second, just when everyone present thought that Xia Fukun would be engulfed by the demon, Xia Fukun placed his hand on the demon’s head.


A ridiculous noise could be heard, and a ridiculous scene unfolded in front of the group.

Xia Fukun absorbed the demon!

“Ding dong! Congratulations host, you have captured a Vanguard Grade demon. Due to the host’s strength, the demon will be converted into fifty refinement points.”


Xia Fukun’s eyes shone. He was currently on cloud nine.

Not only did he find out that he could absorb demons, he also found out that the Vanguard Grade demon earned him fifty refinement points while a Golden Ray Python only earned him a hundred! It seemed like there was a lot of profit to be made.

I must make a trip to the Abyss. I’ll be able to rent as many eighth-grade beasts as I wish with the refinement points I earn there! By then, there would be nobody in the Nine Spiritual Mainland who would look down on me! Xia Fukun thought. He was so proud of himself.

At the same time, Yao Duwan was terror-stricken. He only managed to summon a Vanguard Grade demon after putting in tremendous effort, yet it couldn’t even survive for a single chapter! How can this be!?

Color drained from his face as he turned to Xia Fukun subconsciously.

“You… you…! What sorcery is this? Where’s the lord vanguard?!”

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