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Monster Refining System – Chapter 32 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – Mist Fairy

“Who is it?”

It’s late at night, who could it be? Xia Fukun frowned.

And his doubt was cleared immediately when a familiar figure stepped into his room.

“Why didn’t you knock on the door?” Xia Fukun stared at the figure that was standing in front of him.

“I did.” Ye Qingwan stared at him blankly. If that wasn’t a door, then what was it?

Oh, alright…. Xia Fukun felt that his brain was a puddle of mush. What was I planning to say?

“You’re here to talk about the eighth-grade beast that I summoned, right?”

I might have forgotten about what I was going to say, but with my extraordinary observation skills that help me see through almost everything in life, I can identify her motive without a sweat. In short, I’m amazing.


“Huh?” Xia Fukun smiled at her awkwardly. Then what is she here for?

“I’m just here to give you a reminder. You might have the ability to summon an eighth-grade beast, but there are many superpowers on the Nine Spiritual Mainland, and there will always be someone stronger. Your secret is safe with me, but beware of doing that in the future. If you’re being watched by people with malicious intentions when you summon an eight-grade beast, the consequences would be too dreadful to think about.”

Ye Qingwan paused before continuing.

“An eighth-grade beast might be strong, but it can only take down a martial artist in the Supreme Realm. There are many martial artists about to break through to the Heaven Realm or already in the Heaven Realm hiding around. If you’re discovered by them…”

“I may be kidnapped and become a lab rat?” Not waiting for Ye Qingwan, Xia Fukun finished her sentence for her.

“Lab rat? What’s that?”

Of course, Ye Qingwan would not understand what a lab rat was, but she could feel Xia Fukun’s breath on her face when he said that as he had leaned toward her. This action caused Ye Qingwan’s face to flush red.

Back in Odin Academy, Ye Qingwan always presented herself as an icy beauty and kept herself away, not even sparing the male talents a glance. This was the first time in her life that she had ever gotten so close to a male.

“Uh, nevermind….”

The fact that Ye Qingwan was unaware of what a lab rat was had already been thrown to the back of Xia Fukun’s mind. He put on a sly grin and looked into Ye Qingwan’s eyes.

“Are you showing me care?”

“No. Don’t be delusional. I’m just afraid that being too striking would bring about trouble for you.”

Xia Fukun felt like a ball of fire to Ye Qingwan, which burned her body as she came into contact with him. Subconsciously, Ye Qingwan moved her eyes away from him.

“Is that so?” Xia Fukun reached out his hand and placed it on the door next to Ye Qingwan, still grinning.

There were many ways to get a girl and her heart.

Xia Fukun had never tried kabedon on Earth, not because he was timid, but because there was no girl who felt attracted to him. Now that he was in the Nine Spiritual Mainland, it was a different story. Xia Fukun felt that he was brimming with charm from top to bottom.

Damn it! What’s wrong with me!? Why do I feel so numb? Did Yao Duwan’s poison get me?

“Move your dirty hand, pervert!” Ye Qingwan chided lightly.

What has happened to me? I hated Xia Fukun at the start, but now it feels weird.

Xia Fukun smiled and kept his hand after hearing Ye Qingwan’s words.

He was looking for a serious relationship, not just one to fulfil his needs and desires.

Of course, Xia Fukun knew that taking things slow was important.

If I forced myself on her today, it would be unfair to her.

And even if I wanted to, I need to have the ability to do so.

“I have said what I need to, I’ll take my leave now.”

Seeing that Xia Fukun did not continue his action, Ye Qingwan heaved a sigh of relief and dashed out of his room. However, she felt weirdly disappointed as well.

“Oh yeah,” Ye Qingwan said, stopping outside the door abruptly. “There’s nothing more for me to teach you on how to be a beast trainer. When we return to the capital tomorrow, I’ll tell Uncle Qingmu about this and you shall learn with him from now on.”

Ye Qingwan then quickly ran off.

Watching Ye Qingwan leave and smelling her perfume scent that was lingering in his room, a smile crept up on Xia Fukun’s mouth.

All of a sudden, an interest in going to Odin Academy was sparked.

The talents there should have tried many ways to get Ye Qingwan, right?

Sadly, that’s going to come to an end.

In the future, if they want to woo Ye Qingwan, they’ll have to ask me if I have anything to say about it.

It was a peaceful night.

The next day, Bu Peng was welcomed by the disaster in his family and a dead Yao Duwan as soon as he woke up. It left him dumbstruck for a moment.

When he regained his senses, he let out a shriek.

“Mercenary guild…!”

He had no idea who the mercenaries were. Even with his status, the mercenary guild would not reveal their identities as it was the mercenary guild’s law to keep their mercenaries’ identities a secret.

To Xia Fukun and the group, Bu Peng and his family were nothing. A parvenu would never be comparable to the Yaslan Empire’s royalty.

Leaving Qingmu Xuan aside, Ye Qingwan’s family background was even stronger than the Yaslan Empire’s royalty. There was no need for her to fear the Bu Peng family.

And for Xia Fukun, well, he didn’t have to worry either. He could just summon an eighth-grade beast to fight Bu Peng if he came for revenge.

So, no matter what Bu Peng had on his mind, there was only one word to describe his outcome—


When they returned to the palace, Qingmu Duan and Shadow were nowhere to be seen.

The group was informed by the guards that the regent was out to hunt for beasts.

So he’s out to get me the beasts I need for the Asura Puppet.

I wonder if he can manage to get them all. Actually, now that I can make use of the rental system, I don’t need the lord’s help anymore. I am able to rent an eighth-grade beast to tackle all the beasts I would need and then absorb them to create my new pet.

However, it’s heartwarming to know how much he cares for me.

It had been some time since Qingmu Duan left the palace, and soon Xia Fukun would be able to create the Asura Puppet and increase his power to the Warrior Realm. By the time he entered Odin Academy, he would be able to take care of himself even without renting high-level beasts.

However, Xia Fukun had currently lost interest in the Asura Puppet. He was more interested in another beast of the Monster Refining System—

The Mist Fairy.

Mist Fairy, a seventh-grade beast that was graceful and light. “Now you see it, now you don’t,” was the best phrase to describe the Mist Fairy. Not only that, its attacking skills were perfect as well.

When Xia Fukun successfully created the Mist Fairy, his power would be equivalent to a Supreme Realm who had just broken through.

In the Monster Refining System, there were a lot of seventh-grade beasts for him to choose from, but he had chosen the Mist Fairy because, among all the seventh-grade beasts in the Monster Refining System, the Mist Fairy was the prettiest. It was as gorgeous as a fairy. Of course, he didn’t have any other intentions….

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