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Monster Refining System – Chapter 33 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – Remarkable Talent

A month passed. Qingmu Duan finally returned.

During the past month, Ye Qingwan did not let Xia Fukun cultivate with them for obvious reasons. After the incident at the inn, Ye Qingwan had started feeling uneasy around Xia Fukun. It was a weird feeling, and even she herself did not know the reason for it.

But on the contrary, Qingmu Xuan started looking at Xia Fukun in a different light.

She had the impression that something had happened between Xia Fukun and Ye Qingwan the night back at the inn.

Children could be unpredictable at times due to their cheekiness and wild ideas that went beyond adults’ imagination. Well, Xia Fukun could not be considered an adult yet either. He was still… inexperienced, after all.

Back to the present, inside the palace.

“Did you… go farming?”

Looking at Qingmu Duan standing in front of him, in a total mess, Xia Fukun was puzzled.

“This heartless kid. I would not be in such a state if not for the beast you’re looking for!” Qingmu Duan huffed, glaring at Xia Fukun.

“Where’s the beast?” Xia Fukun was tingling with excitement, but he still maintained a poker face.

“Hold on, let me take a bath first. Chicken nuggets! I even met an eighth-grade beast on my way back. Such luck I have! If not for that, I would not be in this mess!” Qingmu Duan made his way to the bathroom while cursing.

When he returned, Xia Fukun realized that he was still the same old Regent Qingmu Duan. He still had the might of a regent and the aura of an expert. If not for his close relationship with the regent, Xia Fukun would still tense up in his presence.

“These are the beasts you wanted.” Qingmu Duan waved with hands and, with a bang, a pile of beast corpses could be seen lying in front of him.

“You killed them?” Xia Fukun walked up and took a look at the corpses, slightly at a loss for words.

“Nonsense. How else would I bring them back?” Qingmu Duan glared at Xia Fukun once again.

“Whatever. I don’t mind. There’s no difference.”

Xia Fukun had experimented with the Flame Bear and knew that the Monster Refining System only needed the body. Regardless of whether it was alive or dead, it could still be refined.

“You better not have lied to me. It was a lot of trouble to get those beasts,” Qingmu Duan said. “Oh yeah, how’s cultivation with Qingwan going? I heard that you guys flipped the Bu Peng family upside down?”

Hearing Qingmu Duan’s words, Xia Fukun rolled his eyes.

“The Bu Peng family master was duped. A pharmacologist called Yao Duwan tried to use the Blood God’s Blossom to summon a demon, but Ye Qingwan and I took care of it.”

Xia Fukun did not take all the credit, and he was sure that Ye Qingwan would speak up for him too. Qingmu Duan squinted his eyes upon hearing Xia Fukun’s words. Xia Fukun’s words could convince others, but not him, who had such high hopes in Xia Fukun. He was aware that Xia Fukun had many unsaid secrets.

As for Ye Qingwan, Qingmu Duan was sure that he would not be able to get anything out of her.

“You should show that kid Qingmu Xuan some concern too. She levelled up to a third-grade beast trainer during the time when you weren’t around.”

“Third-grade?!” Hearing Xia Fukun’s words, Qingmu Duan was slightly dumbfounded. He then left with Shadow in a hurry.

After Qingmu Duan took his leave, Xia Fukun absorbed all the beast corpses into the Monster Refining System.

“Ding dong! Host has successfully collected the ingredients for the Asura Puppet, do you wish to create an Asura Puppet?”

Hearing the human-like question, Xia Fukun hummed in agreement.

Even though he liked the Mist Fairy more, he needed to take things slowly. I can’t be greedy! I should get the Asura Puppet first, and then I can worry about the rest later.

“The Asura Puppet takes the form of a human, so the host will need to come up with the appearance. Please think of the appearance you would like your Asura Puppet to have.”

“Oh?” Xia Fukun never expected that. Obviously, the Asura Puppet should look… just like Ye Qingwan! I have even thought of a perfect name for the Asura Puppet! It shall be named Xiao Ye!

“Oh, can I customize the sex of the Asura Puppet too?” Xia Fukun asked the Monster Refining System suddenly.

Monster Refining System: “…”

Xia Fukun still did not receive a reply after some time. “Rubbish system!” Xia Fukun cursed, and he immediately got a notification that the Asura Puppet would be ready twelve hours later.

For the remaining time, Xia Fukun knew that all he needed to do was eat, sleep, and wait for death – no, eat, sleep, and wait for a day.

On the other hand, Shadow went up to Qingmu Duan as soon as they left.

“Lord, the demon that Yao Duwan summoned was of the Vanguard Grade, a demon that I’m afraid even you would not be able to deal with, but Xia Fukun managed to do so. Doesn’t that mean-?”

Before Shadow could finish his words, Qingmu Duan waved his hand.

“A month ago, he could not even handle Mu Yun, who was about to break through to the Supreme Realm, but now, he can easily get rid of a demon in the Vanguard Grade. Forget about luck, I believe that he’s able to do so because he’s capable.”

“But that’s too shocking! A month ago, he was a Profound Realm martial artist, and a month later, he’s at the peak of the Supreme Realm!? Moreover, I could not feel a tinge of Supreme Realm aura on him! He seems to still be in the Profound Realm….”

Shadow was filled with queries. He felt like he was full of questions and would not be able to sleep tonight if any of his questions were left unanswered!

“Haish….” Qingmu Duan glared at Shadow.

“Do you remember my words? Only with such a speed of improvement can he be considered a remarkable talent of many ages!”

“If Xia Fukun has the means to go against us, we…”

“You don’t need to worry about that.” Qingmu Duan laughed.

“Firstly, I think that his vision isn’t limited to this small Yaslan Empire. We have treated him sincerely and did all we could to help him. I am sure that he isn’t an ungrateful and heartless person. You need not say more, I know well in my heart.”

“Alright.” Shadow nodded. There was nothing more he could say. But wait, my lord said that he wants to let Xia Fukun take over his position when he returns from Odin Academy, but by then, would Xia Fukun still have eyes for a position as regent?

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