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Monster Refining System – Chapter 34 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – Stance

Being a regent? Xia Fukun wasn’t interested in it. I would be unable to pick up different girls if I were the regent!

Wait… that’s wrong. I would be able to have all the girls in the Yaslan Empire if I was the regent. But that’s not the point.

I have transmigrated here after much difficulty. I don’t want to stay in the Yaslan Empire, such a small place, forever.

The Nine Spiritual Mainland is vast, and there are so many places that I have yet to visit!

I hope that I can be like the main characters of the transmigration novels that I’ve read – dominating the world, not just becoming a regent and enjoying life.

Xia Fukun had never told the regent such things, but they had a tacit understanding, which was why Qingmu Duan was aware of it despite Xia Fukun never voicing his thoughts.

The next day, the regent came to Xia Fukun again.

He was struck dumb when he saw that Xia Fukun was now in the Warrior Realm.

Previously, when Qingmu Duan heard from Xia Fukun that he would be able to upgrade to the Warrior Realm when he acquired the beasts, Qingmu Duan thought he was exaggerating even though he trusted Xia Fukun with all his heart.

Qingmu Duan spent three years to get to the Warrior Realm!

And Xia Fukun…

Only took a month?

“This kiddo, you’re absolutely surprising,” the regent said to Xia Fukun.

“A pleasant surprise or a bad one?” Xia Fukun chuckled.

After breaking through to the Warrior Realm, he was able to sense many things that he wasn’t able to when he was in the Profound Realm. Xia Fukun could even see traces of the wind with his bare eyes.

This was what made being in the Warrior Realm amazing!

If a Warrior Realm was equipped with such a great ability, how powerful would a Supreme Realm be?

Because of this, Xia Fukun started to look forward to breaking through to the Supreme Realm.

Qingmu Duan did not waste any time either. He was aware that Xia Fukun would be taking his leave to Odin Academy with Ye Qingwan in a month’s time.

Even if Xia Fukun was considered an excellent martial artist in the Yaslan Empire, if he were put in Odin Academy, then he could only be considered ordinary.

Odin Academy was filled with talents of the Warrior Realm, as well as talents in the Supreme Realm.

If Xia Fukun went without anything else, he would surely not have the upper hand.

“I heard from Qingwan that you’re quite skilled in beast training already?”

“Hehe, lowkey, lowkey.” Xia Fukun chuckled and bowed.

However, Qingmu Duan gave him a smack on his head before he could even finish his words.

“I praised you just a little bit, but you seem to be pretty arrogant now, huh?”

“Erm.” Xia Fukun fell into silence.

“When you were in the Profound Realm, there were many things that I couldn’t teach you, but since you’re now in the Warrior Realm and going to Odin Academy very soon, there are more things I can teach you as a martial artist. I heard from Qingwan that you do not seem to know any skills in martial arts, right?”

Xia Fukun nodded.

Indeed, Xia Fukun did not know much about martial arts. He could equip skills by exchanging them from certain beasts with refinement points through the Monster Refining System, and their skills weren’t inferior to human skills, but…

There were martial artists who could spit fire at every turn.

Thus, Xia Fukun had to learn a few tricks no matter what. He was still pondering on how he should pick them up, but since Qingmu Duan mentioned it, he would learn from him gladly.

“You will be at a disadvantage if you, as a martial artist, do not have any secret tricks. I know you have some extraordinary skills that are beyond my imagination, but you should use them as little as possible.”

“Please cut your words short. What are you going to teach me?” Xia Fukun said, slightly annoyed.

If we continue the conversation like this, the readers will suspect me of adding filler just to increase the word count! Just jump straight to the point!


After being the regent for such a long time, this was the first time that Qingmu Duan had to listen to a junior, but he was aware that this was Xia Fukun’s character.

“I’m going to teach you a skill called Desolate Three Fingers.”

“Desolate Three Fingers?”

Hearing Qingmu Duan’s words, Xia Fukun stretched out his right-hand subconsciously, raising three fingers.

“Do you mean we use three fingers to perform this trick?”

“…shut up! Can you just listen to me?”

Qingmu Duan rarely lost his temper in front of anyone, but he tended to be unable to remain calm when he was facing Xia Fukun.

Xia Fukun seemed to have the magic to make anyone that talked to him lose their cool.

“Fine, fine, fine, you do the talking.”

“Desolate Three Fingers.” Qingmu Duan coughed, fearful that Xia Fukun would cut him off. Seeing that Xia Fukun kept his mouth shut, he continued.

“Desolate Three Fingers is a Heaven-grade skill passed down to me by the previous regent. You might be unaware, but martial skills in the Nine Spiritual Mainland are classified into four grades: Human, Earth, Heaven, and Deity.

“Legend says that only an Assimilation Realm martial artist has the ability to create a Deity-grade skill, so you won’t see anybody with one in the Nine Spiritual Mainland. Thus, Heaven-grade skills can be considered the strongest grade of skills in the Nine Spiritual Mainland.”

“Are you… Wang Po? Boasting about your own melons?”

Xia Fukun was at a loss for words. Just admit that it’s not a Deity-grade skill! What’s the point of saying that Heaven-grade skills are the best in the world?

“What’s wrong with Wang Po?” Qingmu Duan asked, slightly dumbfounded. He had never heard of this saying.

“Nothing, he’s dead. But…” Xia Fukun hesitated slightly. “You said that this skill was passed down to you by the previous regent? Then this must be the secret skill of the Yaslan Empire! Since you’re passing it down to me…”

Xia Fukun covered his chest with his arms subconsciously.

“My lord, don’t tell me, you have your eyes on me? I’m straight! Or perhaps…? Qingmu Xuan is too young! I don’t like nurturing simulation games!”

“Get lost, you idiot!” Qingmu Duan had no idea why he had such a strong urge to curse.

“I’m aware of your thoughts. I only hope that, when you become a giant among men and stand atop the Nine Spiritual Mainland, you can remember that you’re from the Yaslan Empire and lend a helping hand when it’s in need.”

Suddenly, the atmosphere turned serious.

Xia Fukun put on a serious face too.

He could suddenly feel the burden and responsibilities on the regent’s shoulder, as well as his high hopes for him.

Xia Fukun couldn’t help but give him a thin smile.

“If anything happens, I, Xia Fukun, will stand in front of the empire.”

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