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Monster Refining System – Chapter 35 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 35

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Note: By mistake we previously posted Chapter 33 as Chapter 34 yesterday, so kindly check the previous chapter and read the real Chapter 34.

Chapter 35 – Desolate Three Fingers

“Great! Great! Grat!” Qingmu Duan said, his face flushed red with excitement, not because he chose to nurture Xia Fukun, but because Xia Fukun did not let down his hopes.

“Next, I’m going to teach you the Desolate Three Fingers.”

“Okay.” Xia Fukun nodded.

“The Desolate Three Fingers, just like its name, the skill consists of three parts, and you will be using three of your fingers.

“Since you’re in the Warrior Realm now, you will be able to carry out the first two skills. The third one might be too intense for you to handle, so I’ll just teach you the first two for now.”

Knowing that Qingmu Duan was doing this for his own good, Xia Fukun remained quiet.

“The first finger is called Crushing Mountains and Rivers.”

“Three Boxes of Paper?” Xia Fukun was slightly shocked. What kind of stupid name is that?

“Shut up!”

Xia Fukun’s mouth was quick to ruin Qingmu Duan’s good impression of him.

“Alright, continue.” Xia Fukun nodded, promising that he would keep his mouth shut.

“Crushing Mountains and Rivers, just like its name, the first skill has the ability to make mountains collapse and slash rivers in half.

“We need to go to the back of the palace for me to show you how it works,” Qingmu Duan said and flew off, leaving Xia Fukun behind. After a short pause, Xia Fukun followed.

When Xia Fukun arrived, he could hear Qingmu Duan shout, “Watch me!”

Under Xia Fukun’s watchful gaze, Qingmu Duan sent all his spiritual energy to his finger and pointed to the air.

“Desolate Three Fingers – First Finger, Crushing Mountains and Rivers!”

As soon as Qingmu Duan did this, energy in the originally peaceful space started to stir up, and energy ripples could be seen forming around Qingmu Duan’s finger.

A strong wave of energy immediately flew out toward the place he was pointing at.


With a loud bang, the mountain peak that Qingmu Duan was aiming at turned into a plain.

“How is that?” Qingmu Duan turned to Xia Fukun proudly.

But before he could say anything more, he saw Xia Fukun pointing at the same mountain peak he was pointing at, and…

“Crushing Mountains and Rivers!”

Xia Fukun pointed to the mountain peak that Qingmu Duan was pointing at, forming a pit that was more than ten meters deep into the ground!

“You…” Qingmu Duan felt like he had seen a ghost!

What on earth? I was just demonstrating!

I haven’t even started to actually teach you and you have already learned it? How am I supposed to feel satisfied now?

“Hurry up, teach me the second part!”

Now, the Desolate Three Fingers had sparked Xia Fukun’s interest.

If the first part could already cause such huge damage, then how powerful would the other parts be?

He was even imagining the scene where he turned the mountain into a plain.

“Monster!” Qingmu Duan cursed.

He was currently filled with regret. Not because he had found Xia Fukun, but because…

He only found him now! How could such a talent stay hidden in Summer City for years?

Of course, if Qingmu Duan actually found Xia Fukun ages ago, then the current story would be different. The Xia Fukun of Earth might not have been able to transmigrate to the Nine Spiritual Mainland, and he might not have the Monster Refining System.

In the end, fate was beyond human control.

The Monster Refining System was the reason why Xia Fukun had the ability to learn the skills that Qingmu Duan was teaching him. On his way here, he found a skill in the Monster Refining System called Photographic Memory.

Like its name suggested, Photographic Memory allowed one to imprint a skill in their mind and use it perfectly. It was a skill that Nine-Tailed Foxes had.

Xia Fukun spent fifty refinement points on Photographic Memory!

My heart hurts so badly!

Luckily, all the skills in the Monster Refining System last forever, or else I would never carry out such an act.

And this was Xia Fukun’s secret that Qingmu Duan would never know about. He only thought that Xia Fukun was gifted.

“The second part is known as Slashing the Sky! Watch!”

With that, Qingmu Duan yelled toward the sky.

“Desolate Three Fingers – Second Finger, Slashing the Sky!”

He pointed at the sky, which turned dark immediately.

Boom! Gray clouds billowed across the sky. From the ground, the sky seemed to have been torn in half, leaving a deep crack.

Qingmu Duan opened his mouth to say something but decided to keep quiet and take a look at Xia Fukun.

Indeed, Xia Fukun was imitating his posture and pointing to the sky.

“Slashing the Sky!”


Gray clouds gathered in the sky once again.

Even though Xia Fukun’s attack might not have been as powerful as his, Qingmu Duan somehow felt that… Xia Fukun seemed to be more skilled than he was.


Am I teaching Xia Fukun or is Xia Fukun teaching me?

“Do you want to try the third part?” Seeing how eager Xia Fukun looked, Qingmu Duan asked, slightly speechless.

“Haha, I’ll give it a try. It should be okay to just give it a little try.”

Xia Fukun had tried two parts, but he felt that he had only used up one tenth of his spiritual energy, which made him uncertain.

Normally, Qingmu Duan would never lie to him. A Warrior Realm martial artist should be exhausted after performing the second part of the skill, but Xia Fukun was still full of energy now. Could it be that the Monster Refining System is giving me energy?

Xia Fukun was utterly puzzled.

Qingmu Duan sighed at Xia Fukun’s response.

“The third finger is called Breaking the Universe.

“The first part is called Crushing Mountains and Rivers, and the second is called Slashing the Sky. The third part involves combining the first two. Even I can perform it only three times a day at most with my power. Now, watch!” Qingmu Duan said.

Immediately, Qingmu Duan gave off an imposing aura.

At this moment, Qingmu Duan seemed like a god to Xia Fukun.

“Dope!” Xia Fukun couldn’t help but let out a yelp.

“Shut up,” Qingmu Duan said and gave Xia Fukun a glare.

The next second…

“Desolate Three Fingers—

“Third Finger, Breaking the Universe!”

A deep growl could be heard.

Xia Fukun could feel the ground shaking violently because of this skill.

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