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Monster Refining System – Chapter 36 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – Making a Trip Back

“Wow! Dope!” Xia Fukun gasped. There was a terrible rumble from the ground as the landscape that Qingmu Duan was pointing at crumbled into ashes.

A phrase that Xia Fukun frequently saw on Earth suddenly crossed his mind.

“Reading more broadens your vocabulary, so you can say more than ‘Wow’ and ‘Dope’ when you’re impressed.”

Well, it’s awkward, but I really do not have any other adjectives suitable for the scene that’s unfolding in front of me now!

“What do you think? Do you want to give it a try?”

A few hundred meters away from Qingmu Duan, a deep crack could be seen in the ground, containing the ashes of the landscape that had crumbled under Qingmu Duan’s finger. From Xia Fukun’s perspective, all he could see was a crack like a giant dried-up river in the ground.

“The third finger…” Xia Fukun said excitedly.

He was curious if he had the energy to sustain himself to perform the third part of the skill.

A thought crossed his mind. Xia Fukun suddenly floated up in the air, looking extremely imposing.

“This…” Qingmu Duan stared at the scene with an open mouth. He was aware that one would need to gather nearby energy in order to perform the third part.

As for him, he could only gather about twice as much energy as his own.

However, he felt that Xia Fukun…

“Desolate Three Fingers…

“Third Finger…

“Breaking the Universe!”

Accompanied by a growl, Xia Fukun looked up slightly, his eyes painted black and white. His lips could be seen moving slightly as he raised his arms, pointing into the air.


A doughty strength could be felt forming around his finger.

The next second, the space that Xia Fukun was pointing at started to crack, forming a spiderweb-like diagram that started to slowly spread.


“Shattering of space?!”

Xia Fukun had yet to even perform the skill, but the energy he held was so strong that it could cause such a big impact to space. This made Qingmu Duan’s heart beat rapidly.

Shattering of space was a method used by martial artists in the Heaven Realm. Even Qingmu Duan was unable to perform such a skill or he would have already broken through to the Heaven Realm.

Meanwhile, Xia Fukun was only in the Warrior Realm, yet he was able to perform this trick.


“Is this the true Desolate Three Fingers?”

Seeing Xia Fukun perform the Desolate Three Fingers made Qingmu Duan realize the problem he always had when performing the Desolate Three Fingers.

At this moment, Xia Fukun’s actual attack began.


“Be careful!”

Xia Fukun could be seen falling from the air. Qingmu Duan rushed up immediately to hold Xia Fukun in his arms.

“Kiddo, I told you. You would have to be a monster to perform the third part unscathed as a Warrior Realm martial artist,” Qingmu Duan said and turned back to see that the damage caused by Xia Fukun’s attack was much bigger compared to his.

Its effects went on for thousands of meters!

Within the range, the original landscape had turned into a barren land.

This must be the true Desolate Three Fingers! Qingmu Duan shook his head and brought Xia Fukun back to the palace.

He knew that Xia Fukun had mastered the Desolate Three Fingers, and he would not face any problem if he were to compete against any opponent of the same realm.

And he even gained an unexpected lesson from watching Xia Fukun perform the third part.

Qingmu Duan was currently stuck at a bottleneck, unable to increase his power to the peak of the Supreme Realm. But now, he was enlightened.

Chances were something that needed to be seized immediately or they would be gone forever.

“Kiddo, you’re on your own from now on. I will be going into seclusion, and by the time I’m done, you should already be at Odin Academy. I trust that nothing there will stop you from going further in life, but I sincerely hope that you don’t flip the academy over!” Qingmu Duan smiled bitterly and called Shadow over.

“My lord, are you going into seclusion?”

Having to stay next to the regent for ages, Shadow knew the regent’s plan with just one look.

“Yeah, the empire is temporarily yours.

“The seclusion this time around will last for some time. You’ll need to pay special attention to Summer City. That old man Mu Yun won’t come to the capital, but he might attack Summer City.”

“Be at ease, my lord. As long as I’m alive, Summer City and the capital will be safe.”

“That’s great.”

Qingmu Duan gave Shadow a pat on the shoulder and left after taking a glance at Xia Fukun.

He hoped that he could make use of this chance that Xia Fukun brought him to break through to the Heaven Realm. The peak of the Supreme Realm would be good too. When that happened, the Yaslan Empire would become a superpower of the Scarlet Water province.

The Supreme Realm and the Heaven Realm might only be one rank apart, but the difference between them was as huge as the difference between an ordinary man and a Profound Realm martial artist. The former, in the eyes of the latter, was like an ant.

Three days later, Xia Fukun woke up.

The third part of the Desolate Three Fingers drained all his energy, making Xia Fukun weak and lethargic even after taking such a long rest.

“I see that I’ll have to refrain from using the third part.” Xia Fukun took a look at his palm and laughed bitterly.

“You’re awake?”

Just as he woke up, Shadow came to him.

“Where’s the regent?” Xia Fukun asked as he propped himself up.

“Lord has gone into seclusion to break through to the Heaven Realm. Just rest for now. Half a month later, you will be going to Odin Academy with Ye Qingwan and Princess Xuan’er.”

“That’s fast….”

Shadow’s news of the regent going into seclusion did not come as a surprise to Xia Fukun. He could feel that, when he performed the third part of the Desolate Three Fingers, he seemed to be even more experienced than Qingmu Duan. If he was in the Supreme Realm right now, Xia Fukun could’ve aimed the attack at the palace, obliterating at least half of it.

“Yes, Young Master Kun. Everything will eventually come to an end, and Odin Academy is indeed worth the trip. Oh, my lord also says that you can take a trip back to Summer City before you make your way to Odin Academy.”

“Summer City?”

Xia Fukun was slightly shocked.

When he had just transmigrated to the Nine Spiritual Mainland, he was nothing but a muggle. He spent a year to create the Super Strength Ape and increase his power to the Profound Realm. It was a leisurely but happy year for Xia Fukun.

Now, he was in the Warrior Realm, so it was indeed time for him to return to Summer City and bid his “father” and “elder brother” goodbye. Odin Academy was situated quite a distance away from Summer City, so he didn’t know when he would be back.

“Thank you for the trouble,” Xia Fukun said to Shadow weakly, face as pale as a sheet of paper.

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