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Monster Refining System – Chapter 37 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – Unfair!

“Ah? Of course.”

Having to stay next to Qingmu Duan for such a long time, Shadow was used to the way that Xia Fukun and Qingmu Duan communicated. He was slightly taken aback by Xia Fukun’s sudden politeness.

Xia Fukun was set to return to Summer City three days later.

During his rest that lasted for three days, Xia Fukun did not see Ye Qingwan or Qingmu Xuan anywhere in the palace. He then heard from Shadow that they had gone out for a learning trip.

Initially, Xia Fukun was upset that they left him out, but he soon understood why they chose to do so. If they went with him, given that he had the ability to summon eighth-grade beasts whenever he felt like it, it would defeat the purpose of the learning journey for them, which was to train and improve as beast trainers.

Ye Qingwan was here in the Yaslan Empire to teach Qingmu Xuan, to allow her to get into the inner school as soon as she went to Odin Academy. If Xia Fukun went with them, Qingmu Xuan would not get to try new things and she would not learn anything.

Knowing the reason, it made Xia Fukun feel much better, and proud.

Well, it’s not my fault that I’m too powerful!

When I first arrived at the Nine Spiritual Mainland, I felt that the Monster Refining System was somehow dubious and not as good as those systems that I read about in novels back on Earth, where they could give birth to diamonds and gold, but it’s not bad. If I got a system that gave me money for free, I would have already died in Summer City.

Three days later, Shadow brought Xia Fukun back to Summer City.

This made Xia Fukun worry about the safety at the capital. If he’s here with me, who’s going to guard the palace? But he was soon reminded that the eighth-grade Onyx Dragon was still guarding the capital.

Upon returning to Summer City, Xia Fukun heard a piece of depressing news.

The Red Maple Chamber of Commerce had returned!

What the hell, didn’t you run for your lives? Why are you back now when we have defeated Baiyun Mountain?

But his doubts were cleared as soon as he saw Xia Kuangyun.

Per Xia Kuangyun’s words:

“Master Ni Gu gave me a hundred thousand spirit stones in the name of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce.”

Great. At least now I know why I am so money hungry, I guess.

“Kun’er, I heard that you’re now in the Warrior Realm?” Xia Kuangyun asked Xia Fukun, who was in a dark mood. Xia Kuangyun was obviously surprised.

“Yeah.” Xia Fukun raised his hands, and the energy of a Warrior Realm martial artist could be felt.

Xia Kuangyun was nearly suffocated by his energy.

“Kun’er! Stop that! Hurry!”

“Hehe.” Xia Fukun chuckled wryly and kept his energy.

“The regent is indeed powerful! He made my Kun’er a Warrior Realm martial artist within such a short time!

“You’re stronger than me now, but you should still keep your guard up! The Yaslan Empire is just a small country in the Scarlet Water province, and the Scarlet Water province is just a small part of the Nine Spiritual Mainland. As the saying goes, there’s no mountain that stands tallest….”

(And we shall skip Xia Kuangyun’s lecture that takes up more than ten thousand words)

“Is Elder Brother alright?” After listening to Xia Kuangyun’s lecture patiently, Xia Fukun asked.

“He’s alright now, but not as good as you!”

As soon as Xia Kuangyun said this, Xia Fuqian walked over.

“Is Younger Brother back?”

Seeing Xia Fuqian stride over, Xia Fukun stood up and gave him a tight hug.

“Younger Brother, the Flame Bear’s skeleton…”

What the hell, why does he still have that on his mind?

Xia Fukun chuckled awkwardly and changed the topic.

“Elder Brother, during a trip, I found a nice armor for you. It’s made of the sphenoid bone of a fifth-grade War Pterosaur,” Xia Fukun said and pulled out an armor set from the storage ring he had gotten from the scar-faced man previously.

“Wow! A storage ring!” Xia Fuqian gasped.

Hehe… your focus is really…

Xia Fukun was left speechless.

After being surprised by the ring, Xia Fuqian noticed the armor. It was silver in color and shining brightly. It caught Xia Fuqian’s eye immediately.

Looking at how Xia Fuqian was looking at it with heart eyes, Xia Fukun smiled thinly. He was about to say something when Xia Fuqian cut him off.

“Younger Brother, I heard that you’re in the Warrior Realm now. Can you show me what a Warrior Realm is like? Your Elder Brother has never seen one before!”

Hearing Xia Fuqian, Xia Fukun smiled awkwardly and let out his energy.

“Younger Brother, stop, please!”

Xia Fuqian felt that he was going to suffocate. The energy was completely unlike any Profound Realm martial artist!

“This unfilial kid!” Xia Kuangyun gave Xia Fuqian a kick. I have already experienced it, why did I have to experience it again?

“Father, I have prepared a gift for you too,” Xia Fukun said and gave him the storage ring that belonged to the scar-faced man.

“This is a storage ring that has ten square meters of storage space. There are still some items left by the previous owner, I hope that this gift will be useful to you, Father.”

Hearing Xia Fukun’s words, Xia Kuangyun was extremely touched.

Indeed my son!

On the other hand, Xia Fuqian was at a loss.

Why does Father get a storage ring that contains so much while I only get a single piece of armor?

Xia Fukun, am I even your brother?

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